Wednesday, January 25, 2017



My first day in Gerik was not so bad. Abah tailed me all the way from home, being patient with my sub-par driving skill.. (Last week on my way home, while attempting to overtake a lorry, I nearly crashed into a car from opposing direction - so today every time I'm overtaking a lorry, I would have palpitation.. aiyoh)

Menyedari pergantungan hanya pada Allah.

Sampai je di bilik sewa, tuan rumah pun dimaklumkan yang kami ni hanya akan menyewa untuk sebulan sebab dah dapat rumah sewa di taman berhampiran. Lepas tu tuan rumah pun bukak cerita kejadian pecah masuk kat kawasan tu.. Disusuli pesanan-pesanan orang tua, kawan-kawan orang tua berkenaan perkara-perkara yang kena berjaga-jaga kat Gerik ni..

I know mom is very worried - we both cried during our goodbyes. This transfer is very hard for me, mommy and my husband I guess. But we have all asked Allah to arrange for the best for us, and slowly we are accepting that THIS IS the best for us.

During dinner, Nad's father reminded us to amalkan doa-doa untuk keselamatan..

أعوذ بكلمات الله التامات من شر ما خلق

بسم الله الذي لا يضر مع اسمه شيء في الأرض ولا في السماء وهو السميع العليم

Doa abu Darda'

At which I realized here, I only have Allah as my guardian and companion.
(Alhamdulillah ade jugak Nad sebagai kawan susah senang for god-knows-how-many-months). Something I have long forgotten sebab di rumah, selalunya rasa secure... Bila dah berjauhan macam ni memang terasa sangat kebergantungan tu hanya pada Allah SWT. Sepatutnya kat rumah pun kena ingat, Allah tu satu-satunya tempat bergantung..huhu... Alhamdulillah Allah bagi peluang nak beringat..

Mama pesan, take this hardship as an opportunity to become a better person as a whole. I am very positive at this moment (sad that Im away from my beloved ones but at the same time, optimistic of the goodness that are about to come my way, inshaAllah).

Today I was also reminded of what an amazing support system I have - my family and my CSI family. I told everyone about how upset I was about this transfer and they did nothing but sending good vibes and prayers for me. God bless these amazing souls, and if ever comes the time they need me, I wish I could be as great support as they were to me today. Thank you guys.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Spa in Ipoh : My Pre-Wedding Preparation : A retrospective entry!

Okay skip to the pre-wedding part yang sepatutnya kita mention hujung-hujung sebab I feel like writing about it!

DISCLAIMER : Gambar semuanya I ambik from facebook Ombak Day Spa sebab camera ku tak berkualiti... Amik gambo nampak gelap jer bilik treatment nya.. Post ini bukan sponsored yer, ikhlas dari hati.. Ikutkan hati nak simpan sorang je spa ni...tapi tak baik kedekut kannnnn,

I went for my Seri Pengantin pakej in Ombak Day Spa (Opposite Kinta City Jaya Jusco). The reason is basically because I memang always go there for my monthly massage. So I am very comfortable with the masseuse-cum-owner Kak Was - She always give me good advice, she's a friend and also a caring sister. Not to mention, lepas massage kat ombak day spa ni I never feel like going for massage dekat spa hotel on vacation dah.. Sekali massage kat hotel tu boleh 4 kali massage lagi kat Ombak ni.. and my personal preference sebab dah selesa dengan Kak Was ni.. On and off rindu jugak balinese and thai massage lipat2 kaki kan.. kahkahkah...

Anywhoooooo, I love the ambience, it's no lavish but cozy.. Since you have to have an appointment for your treatment, you wont be facing a crowd ke... takde waiting time... memang datang, get things done and balik.. (oh how I wish kalau balik dari massage tak payah drive...boleh terus zzzzzz). Nak set appointment ? can contact Kak Was 0185744914 okay!

The Seri Pengantin Package comprises steam bath, facial, full body scrub, full body massage and mandi bunga naik seri. But since I do my facial somewhere else, I only did scrub, massage and mandi bunga here. I don't know how it is with other place, but at Ombak Day Spa the mandi bunga is very straight forward... Flowers and limau.. No jampi-jampi. Yet only GOD knows how amazing it feels. Wedding preparation can be very stressful and tiring.. Nak pulak kita houseman ni semedangggg aje oncall berjaga malam... (nak jugak mention walaupun kita oncall kat hbuk boleh tidur malam). The moment I stepped into the bath all I could feel was regret - THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY END OF POSTING RITUAL!. The feeling is just.... heavenly!

Ulang lagi sekali, perhatian : best gila mandi bunga okay... tak payah tunggu nak kahwin baru mandi bunga.. agak-agak stress tu boleh dah datang berendam kat sini.. 

If there is one thing I did not survey prior to my wedding - this is it lah. And if you're a lazy bride, malas nak survey-survey, I can guarantee you, you won't regret going to Ombak Day Spa for your big day. 

Bila nak kena pergi spa serta facial?

I went for the seri pengantin package 2 days before my solemnization. Reason being - too near to the wedding most likely orang tak bagi dah you keluar rumah kan... And also by this time usually most of the things dah settle and peak stress pun dah berlalu... Gitu... Barula retreat namanya kan! As for facial I did mine 2 weeks earlier sebab, you never know what might go wrong after the facial. So  kononnya pergi 2 minggu sebelum, and do another one the week of my wedding, but what happened to me was that my skin got a bit dry after the facial (gatal pergi try new treatment) so, the whole two weeks I focus on hydrating my skin kat rumah je using various caudalie mask. lol! Lucky la I went 2 weeks earlier ... if 3 days earlier, merah2 macam ikan bakar je la muka time kawen... 

Okay ladies... That's about it.. I wish you a stress-free weekenend

Ombak Day Spa
tel no : 05-5426 811
buss hour : 11 am to 7 pm ( or at the arranged time )
no 35, jalan tempua, ipoh garden south 31400 ipoh perak.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Wedding : A Retrospective Entry Part 1 : The Essential : Free Wedding Checklist

Hello beloved friends and family!

It has been soooooo long since I last updated my blog - I honestly think no one reads blog post anymore nowadays and if people do, I thought no one would read mine, anyway! But eventually I guess there's no harm putting up some notes here to help my fellow bride to be! 

My wedding preparation started as early as I could remember - before I even met my husband - I've been daydreaming and also pinning on Pinterest - and looking back and my boards - ewwwwww what was I thinking!!! 

Long story short, we planned to take it further and got engaged in December 2015.. Nothing fancy, I basically bought white baskets and flowers from Kaison with some ribbons and net clothing, and tadaaaa.. Settle our hantaran for bertunang which consist of food, food and more food. Pelamin pun takde... susun-susun bantal tekat perak je... Baju pun recycle baju konvo tahun 2014 je.. Very the jimat kan !!

exclusive ni uolz... kat fb takde sebab masa tu kan baru bertunang..

Ultimately it all starts with picking a date for the wedding - so that during engagement boleh la kita bagi anggaran tempoh pertunangan - we chose 16 September 2016 because I'm a houseman tak ada kemewahan nak bercuti kahwin, it's a long weekend and I cannot wait until after I finish housemanship sebab I need to submit my MO-ship placement form in August and I don't want to be thrown to Sabah Sarawak for being single.. :')

Then comes my wedding planner - or  actually my wedding checklist. I divide them into 4 sections, event details, checklist by item, timeline checklist - to make sure I'm on track, and list of vendors and expenditures to keep track of the payment and budgeting.

Tapi dalam dok pakai checklist tu, sampai sehari sebelum majlis checklist pun tak sempat nak tengok lagi dah.. Jadi I suggest better pengantin passover checklist masing-masing dalam sehari dua sebelum majlis.

The legal stuff fun fact :

  • Your sijil kursus kahwin is valid forever - lepas SPM terus nak pergi kursus pun takpe diknon.
  • HIV test - may be done as early as 6 months prior to your wedding.
    • Mesti buat di Klinik Kesihatan 
    • Bawa sendiri borang - print dari website SPPIM bagi bakal penganting dari negeri-negeri yang terlibat dengan SPPIM.
    • Jangan pergi Klinik Kesihatan berlenggang kangkung lepas tu mengamuk kenapa tak tahu kena bawak borang sendiri
  • Negeri yang terlibat dengan SPPIM : Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Perlis, Perak & Melaka.
  • Meanwhile Selangor pulak permohonan online dibuat menerusi JAIS NCR
  • Pengantin lelaki mesti selesaikan dulu urusan permohonan kebenaran kahwin, lepas tu pengantin perempuan. Siapkan semua borang, bagi pada naib kadi untuk proses seterusnya.
    • sekarang ni saksi kena cari siap-siap orang yang confirm hadir, then bagi terus salinan IC pada naib kadi, sebab sijil nikah terus dapat lepas akad nikah.
Okay.. sampai sini dulu lah kot... to be continued...