Saturday, October 30, 2010

if you want it bad enough

dengan susah i came up with this entry. few days back, my mr.desktop, now it's a she sebab i nearly name her as "cupipi" (as cupipi from dooodolls tu) -comey tak?- was not functioning well. it's all my fault. i even try linux OS on him, dan, i think i'll still need windows.

waheyyyy. mmg susah ye nak bina konsistensi once you skip things. even Dr.J's first crush story didn't manage to get me back to blogging. (sekarang kena tulis Dr.J sebab i notice people arrived here searching for his name). life's good so far, alhamdulillah. =)

If You Want It Bad Enough.

I'm halfway through reading "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. the book is so freaking good, i felt like crying when i first read it. The wordings struck my heart like lightning. and definitely changed my perspective of life and it's components.

so, in one of the chapter, Pausch tells us about how he gets to win Jai's (pronounced as Jay) heart. she's his wife. the chapter was named, "romancing the brick wall". He mentioned (well, the book is based on the lecture he gaved, so he actually said these thigs) "...The brick walls are there to stop people who don't want it badly enough. They're there to stop the other people". And his last lines in the chapter was, "Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us chance to show how badly we want something". 

then after few bouts of thinking, i come to realize that he's right about the brick walls. regardless of what awaits behind them. career, someone you love, success, wealth, ANYTHING. if you want something bad enough you'll make it happen. and after an incident of my encounter with another human being, if you really want something, you'll make time for achieving them. you'll make the time to get through the brick walls. 

so, it hit me hard, of things i said i wanted to have, but i didn't worked as much as i should, i didn't spend time as much as i'm supposed to, to make them come into realization. so i pondered, do i really want this??? it is at  time like this, i realize that one can never make "i don't have enough time" as an excuse. that is way too lame. if you want it bad enough, you'll make time for it. you'll make it happen.

this is the video of the last lecture, i recommend watching them AFTER you finish the book. either way it's good for you anyway. it touched my heart, and perhaps my life. hope it works wonders in yours too.

wajah baru cik cupipi. (cupipi is the cute doll with pink umbrella by the way)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 10.10

i'm back.

after few failure attempts, im finally blogging. ade je aral melintang setiap kali nak menulis. so, bersempena dengan angka yang so-called sekali setiap 100 years ni, amik la sedikit momentum to begin blogging.  /wahaha

okie dokie. i guess i'ma have to work harder lah this new semester /sweat .. tak sabar nak start class this wednesday. oh ye, thanks for everybody's concern, but i'm doing great. and i think people are worrying a lil bit too much than they should. thank God people who knows me well didn't. haha

see you guys soon. /bye