Saturday, December 29, 2012

We're Moving

InshaAllah starting 2013. I will be blogging from my new blog. Guna wordpress lah lepas ni as I think it is more manageable. Blog ni I won't close..Kenangan kan? Maybe I'll put up some links for dua ratus lima puluh enam series. Yes, I will continue 256 series in my new blog.. Don't worry :-) elehhh macam lah ada orang nak worry sangat pun kan.

2012 was amazing! I love every bits of it - YES, hardships included :-) Hopefully 2013 will be even better! My exam will be on next Sunday & Monday.

I've been blogging on onebonez for like what... 6 years now? wow. how time flies! 6 years... dah pernah delete blog ni...blogging balik.. orang banyak cakap ni memang kena ada jugak outlet untuk brrrrrrrr tot tet tot tet kan..

So my 2013 projects

  1. Blogging from my new blog which will focus on weight loss.
  2. Finish my dua ratus lima puluh enam series. speaking of which, we're already on day 105... so.. 151 days to go... :-(
  3. My 30 Day Shred Group - I started the January group. We'll kickoff on january 1st, insha Allah.. I hope to have 12 groups through out 2013.. Like January, February and all the way to December.
  4. get on the dean's list? 
Whoooosh.todiaaa.. semangat sangat kan? Takpe, aim for the star. I can do it, you can do it. We all can! Yeaaa..So, last lah ni entry untuk tahun 2012... Jumpa lagi ya nanti dekat blog baru.. Jeng Jeng Jeng...

tak berapa iap lagi..header pun huduh sebab..hmmm.. takpelah lepas exam I touch up, ok?
thank you for reading. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day 92 Obs & Gynae

mashaAllah.. cepat sungguh masa berlalu. tahu-tahu dah 92 hari berlalu... 4 rotation minor, sekarang I'm doing my Major rotation Obstetric & Gynaecology. Total buku yang dibeli : 3 buah sebab bukunya saling melengkapi. ZzzzZZZ... member 6th year pulak pesan,

"Ko baca 10 teachers tu untuk Osce, mini Osce... tapi Hackers ko kena baca untuk final pulak".

Obviously, as you can see OnG is not that exciting for me. which explains the 38 days gap of my dua ratus lima puluh enam series update. Of course in OnG you learn to appreciate your mother more. I myself was born at 4.32 am in the morning, C-section due to fetal distress. Well, I bet having to deliver at such wee hour and going under the knife - that, itself was highly risky for my mom ok. not that I want to bring up the issue la that my birthday is coming in almost 3 months time ^_^ oi...makin hari makin tua.. i'll be 24 omg.. (even had to pause a bit to count my age. wattaaa??) no idea lah what to request... Maybe this year I'll just ask for cash from my siblings. senang kan. bagi duit je. emas sekilo ke..muehehehehe...

Just some points I think worth-mentioning.

  • I have met a patient who thinks LMP means the last EXPECTED menses.. Let's say real LMP 1/11/2012, suspected next menses 1/12/2012 (for illustrative purpose). This patient thinks LMP is 1/12/2012 and did pregnancy test like few weeks later - positive for pregnancy. Wrong gestational age = wrong management.
  • Today was my first day in military hospital. I was amazed with their uniform. I even have the thought of joining the army forces after I graduate - just because of the uniform, of course. Unfortunately today my patient was quite difficult to understand. I asked her for how many years did she BF-ed her son, 1 year... 2 years..? She answered me with "Aa..ya3ni...1 year...2 years...". When did you go for booking visiti? " I go to the clinic every day". We nearly burst into laughter in front of this particular patient. 
  • Your local colleague doesn't always understand the patient history. One day we shared a patient with some students and once we stepped out of the room they tells us they don't understand the history. Patient was an Arab too. Also they claim that the patient was annoying and wanting to punch her in the face. and I was like ??????
of course there are happy days in OnG department. Like seeing the look on your patient's face who just got married in her late 30s, primigravida seeing her baby on the ultrasound device, exclaiming "Oh, My baby....". And some mommies who are very excited to deliver their first child, supportive husbands and stuff. And your hormone goes crazy from all these emotion roller-coasters... 

and last but not least. the screaming! traumatizing. enough said!

BTW I'm back on 30 day shred - again! Tapi susah laaaaa takde support group.. So if you want to lose weight, but don't want to spend money on H****L***, gym membership, diet and protein shake.. Come and join me lah. Kita exercise and eat healthily je.. I promise no calorie counting. No product. No nothing. Just a huge amount of your willpower and some imagination. ;-)

Till next time. Toodles!

Monday, November 19, 2012

4th year : internal medicine osce

Hola gorgeous!

Sebelum kita mulakan sesi hari ini, I would like to invite you readers to take a moment to pause and think reaaaally hard on what can we do to help our Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza.

Harini akak nak share pasal osce internal med. sempat lagi ni you still have around 1 month kan untuk exam. So, what you should do, during bed side teaching.. Ask the doctor to show you (if you haven't seen) to do PE for

- abdominal
- chest (anterior)
- chest (posterior)
- precordium

and then, like I always tell you, VOLUNTEER to perform PE under your attending's supervision. Then, you keep doing it on your patient. During my exam, all I was asked to do was "Palpate the abdomen". Yes, your exam question COULD be that focused. 

When I was in Basma, my second last day.. Ada seorang doc ni, I forgot his name and he taught us how to do PE for OSCE. Suddenly PE become amaaaaazingly teratur dan not that difficult. So, whenever possible, ask the doctor what examiners are looking for masa PE.

You know, kadang-kadang basic things macam WIPE la...ape la... Ok, to make it even easier, once you know apa point2 penting, you number them. And when you practice on your patient, you just ikut flow yang you dah susun, and voila! You will not be missing a thing. Systematic is key here.

e.g. : Regarding precordium - know where to put you staethoscope, and whether to use bell or diaphragm. Do you have to know how murmur sounds like? NOPE. you wont be losing marks for not being able to diagnose or to recognize a murmur. ingat ye, fourth year is all about APPROACH, taking GOOD history and executing a systematic PE.

reference : Mac Leod's and not to forget what your doctors teach you in rounds.

As for OSCE - it would be good if you know the relevance of the question you asked. sebab it will prevent you from asking soalan merapu during OSCE. And, if you're not so lucky examiner might even ask you about why you ask such question. I regret sangat habit suka pilih case. You know, I go to the nurse station, ok harini nak tengok case unstabl angina, room 7,12,15. I go patient shopping. I'd say you'll benefit better if you don't know what's wrong and stick through one patient until you figure out what's his or her problem.

OK selamat maju jaya for your first OSCE :-)

p.s : inshaAllah kalau sempat untuk paeds akan menyusul
p.p.s : as always, brothers and sisters, you are most welcomed to share your thoughts. :-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ini bukan iklan produk

Biasa tak bila bukak newsfeed facebook tengok kawan you post "Lose weight now, ask me how!" hehe.

I personally tak percaya in whatsoever product yang ada di pasaran. And I have doubts about their safety actually. TBH, protein shake pun I tak berani minum so I replace it with chocolate milk - the closest substitute to protein shake you could get, but go easy on it sebab gulaaaaaa...

Ok, this year alone, I've tried few things. One that has been tested and proven is Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred Programme. Mind you I just did the workout with no specific meal plan. My weight did not go down, but I did lost inches!

Then, due to poor planning, I went off track. I was going to do beachbody series, but their system is quite complicated and not as fun as jillian's.

Few months later, I tried Paul Mc Kenna's hypnosis and..hmmm... I believed it worked! Lost 7kgs but the weight comes back fairly quick because lepas raya I have this eat-all-I-can policy... hehe.. also I got lazy to listen to the audio.and I'm back to eating depan PC, which i super duper unhealthy...

Then I read Kevin Zhari's book... Just to get the idea of his method. It was kinda ok la... cuma nak kira-kira, catat-catat ni, paham-paham je la kan... So, I think combination from Mc Kenna's book and Kevin's might work wonders!

Ok, purpose of this post is that...I would like to share with you that I am not on my week 2 doing Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30. It was difficult, sebab before ni kita buat with support group from US kan... now buat sorang je. So, I teringin nak buat same support group untuk kita-kita aje. ewah..

we'll motivate each other, share knowledge, experience and tips. strictly working out + healthy eating. NO shoercuts allowed! All workout is available for download, and kalau malas download, I am more than happy to welcome you to my house to copy them. After all, winter-winter dan keadaan kurang aman ni, susah kan nak keluar pergi gym or jogging2... SO, please spread the word, if interested bolehlah message I kat facebook!

disclaimer : I belum ada significant loss lagi, I just nak cari kawan je..hehe

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day 54

now, where were we? day 54! kejap je kan dah dekat dua bulan dah... cuti banyak pulak tu in between... hehe.. Alhamdulillah sekarang ni I dah start rotation Anaesthesiology.

memang best ye sebab kalau dah dari kecik cita-cita nak jadi surgeon dapat masuk OT tu rasa macam budak dapat pergi zoo or playground..hehe.. tapi dah duduk dalam OT terus tukar cita-cita? Our day start as early as 8 a.m.. kalau sampai OT around 8.15 usually part anaes dah berlalu pun, so tunggu la untuk next surgery pulak... group I around 9.30 akan start seminar. Lepas seminar boleh balik, and you can also hang around in the OT and see other surgery. Best kannnnn!

First and second day, I was in Gynae, then Urology... Harini I duduk dekat general surgery, so I saw 2 laparoscopic cholecystectomy + hernia repair... tapi hernia tu tak tengok habis sebab I was exhausted berdiri lama... 1st case tu acute cholecystitis, start around 8.15, 9.40 I pergi seminar... 11 am I balik OT tu still tak habis lagi oi! And that team have one patient after another...

First day and second day tak ada drama sangat lagi... Harini baru ada drama sikit, most probably sebab muqim general surgery? And I witnessed consultant anaes yelled at the residence, technician. I pun kena buli dengan consultant tu.. Suruh cakap arab ammi kampung.... The whole OT were laughing at me sebab not only doc tu suruh cakap, siap suruh buat gaya... mommyyyyyyy... worse than kena marah tau perasaan dia!

Tapi takpe la, belajar banyak... I also learnt a lot from technician.. technician laparoscopy and technician anaes. Technician ni bukan tahu mesen je, dengan anatomy semua tau sekali. Siap bagi opinion pulak dekat attending. (?)

Sabar je la, round radio minat radio...round anaes minat anaes.!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

winter hair care :-)


assalamualaikum all you gorgeous girlsssss!!!

amboi lama ye akak tak update siri dua ratus lima puluh enam. Harapnya lepas start rotation anaesthesiology nanti adalah update balik. Sekarang ni tengah cuti la uols... Kita santai-santai je gitu...

OK... Menjelang musim sejuk ni, antara masalah paling tak best untuk most of us ialah, kelemumur... So, I nak share lah kan products yang tested and proven to control dandruff ni.

Antifungal shampoo.

Sounds so nasty kan... bagaikan ada fungus pulak kat kepala tu... Sebenarnya memang antara indication antifungal shampoo ni untuk dandruff tau. Awal-awal ni pakai 2 kali seminggu, lepas tu pakai seminggu sekali je. Hari biasa boleh pakai shampoo favorite masing-masing. Bukan apa, kalau Head & Shoulders I perasan kalau you stop pakai, dandruff pun ada balik kan. Kalau antifungal ni just guna je sekali seminggu, and voila! memang terbukti no more dandruff...

Antifungal shampoo ni contohnya Nicozal, Kenazole. Boleh beli dekat farmasi. Guardian, Watson pun ada.

Selsun Blue anti dandruff shampoo

Ok...Selsun Blue ni akak beli kat Malaysia haritu. Memang Bagus jugak, cuma tak jumpa je dekat sini. Sama macam Antifungal shampoo, guna sekali seminggu dah memadai. 

Boleh beli di Watson, Guardian.


Masalahnya, kedua-dua antifungal and selsun blue ni buat rambut rasa kasar... So, lepas guna tu you bolehlah guna shampoo biasa dan condition your hair... Speaking of which, I've found the best conditioner EVER masa balik cuti hari tu... Herbal Essence Hello Hydration atau dalam bahasa arab bye bye jafaf? haha.. alhamdulillah la jumpa pun dekat jordan ni after sebulan mencari.. Very moisturizing.

Hair Supplement.

Ini just nak share je la, takde kena mengena dengan dandruff... Untuk rambut lembut feeling-feeling baru balik salon, lepas basuh rambut bolehlah letak hair vitamin macam ni. Ellips ni best gilaaaaa. Too bad I only have two boxes, each box ada 12 capsule je :-(. It's fairly cheap, RM 2 je rasanya sekotak ni.. (Walhal dekat salon kak leha dia charge RM2 satu capsule, sabar je la...) I beli dekat Giant ha.. Memang lembut la rambut, dah shampoo balik the next day pun still rasa lembut lagi..

One more thing yang murah tapi berkesan is Jefan Hair Treatment Mask... 2.5JD je dekat Shouha Center berhampiran duwwar jamiah. Kalau dekat tempat lain biasanye 4 JD... tapi yang ni leceh sikit sebab mask kan, so kena leave on your hair few minutes then rinse... And it's veeeeery sticky..Susah nak rinse off. Tapi, result memang amazing. :-)

Ok lah, selamat mencuba! Just because you wear tudung, doesn't mean you can take your hair care regiment for granted. Apa-apapun yang penting nak rajin je... Product elok pun kalau dah malas tak jadi jugak, kan?


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam day 31/32


I am currently in radiology rotation... Menangisi knowledge anatomy yang hambar... Adoi... Yes, I have tortora on my desk now, just because the 3rd year resident loooooves anatomy so much. Tapi bagus la, rasa macam kena buat flash card pulak untuk jangka masa panjang. cewah.

Ok, sebenarnya harini punya post nak cakap pasal rotation Surgery untuk 4th year... What I know now, that I wish I knew then.. 

Reference :

Stick to one reference - whatever book you find comfortable reading.
For the purpose of history : Browse's.
Physical exam? - what your attending tells you in round.

The Round.

Ok, for me, paling horror sekali last year was Paeds. Surgery was quite ok, except ada Dr. T yang so allergic with our group A5 for being so incompetent in Anatomy. Heheheh... 

What doctors love to ask about during rounds?

- History. - if it's not your case, and your colleague screw up his history, most likely he will ask you what should've been asked, and why.
- PE findings

Then he discusses the topic with you. So, he will ask about signs, causes, risk factor, any cardinal/hallmark stuff about the condition, and also investigation. Very rarely he will ask about treatment to fourth year student. If you read from a textbook, most likely you will be able to answer his question. Now that you know what he's going to ask, you'll find it easier to choose from the massive amount of information in your textbook.

How to benefit from your rounds?

Ok, let me be clear that for OSCE exam we have 3 stations, 2 history + 1 Physical Examination. I will now share with you the secret to being extra calm on your OSCE day, and the night before. READ CAREFULLY and share with your friends later.

1 . Take history DAILY. Before that, go back to Browse's and understand what are you trying to achieve from asking that particular question.

2. Find OSCE checklist - books available in library, or past year mock OSCE files and see which point you should stress upon for each condition. Patient will be presented with chief complain and all you will have to do is analyze that. Of course, to come up with Ddx + Investigation.

So, whenever you have extra time - practice that focused history taking skills. With friends, or patient.

3. When your attending ask for volunteer to do PE - volunteer. Even if you have done it yesterday, volunteer again and again. This was my biggest regret. I wish our group had requested more PE during our surgery round. Kalau groupmate mengata korang poyo pun takpe, sebab only when you do PE depan specialist you will learn to do it correctly. 

Kalau tak ada doc, kadang-kadang patient agak reluctant jugak nak bagi you perform PE on him/her. Plus, with the doctor's presence, you yourself will feel more confident untuk buat PE. Tapi, here's the catch, most people, even myself tak volunteer sangat untuk buat PE sebab tak tahu how to do it.

So, go back to macleod's and youtube and see how they do PE. Or, you can ask a senior to teach you how to do PE. Then, bila doc mintak volunteer, you volunteer and be assured that you're doing it right. After few times, you will be good at PE, now start doing it like a pro with your patient during your history taking.

The thing is, masa nak osce nanti. You'll be nervous gila kalau mmg pernah buat PE beberapa kali sahaja dekat patient. Because that's not a mannequin ye, that's a real person. HUMAN. It's alive, talks back to you and you will have to touch him without excuse! The only way to overcome that nervousness, is of course by practice. Ala, bila nak buat PE mula2 ni mesti ada palpitation kan... So, buat PE sampai korang dah tak nervous bila pegang patient.

ok? clear? Round surgery ni selain dari untuk kutip maklumat ialah untuk berlatih PE. PE. PE. history tak apa, you can practice dan ada rujukan nak tengok if you hit the point or not. tapi PE? Hanya jauhari yang kenal manikam...tak gitu? Senior-senior ni boleh la tolong tunjukkan macam mana nak buat, tp untuk pengesahan, korang MESTI buat depan doc, baru boleh betul...

Ok, now you take good history, and you're amazing at PE. Bila round pun tak segan nak present case or perform PE. Kan bahagia hidup camtu? kan? kan?

The exam.

Ok...dah osce, mini osce pulak kan... inshaAllah kheir... focus je la dalam lecture dan balik rumah study. Gila cliche kan, tapi nak buat macam mana...dah memang cenggitu kaedahnya...

Past year, maybe keluar maybe tak keluar - tapi for OSCE I highly recommend you practice SEMUA soalan yang pernah keluar.. untuk final, past year tu boleh dijadikan guide je sebagai apa benda yang penting untuk you tahu... 

Ok cukuplah sampai di sini...esok ade lecture dengan doc muqim tahun 3 tu...wuwuwuwuwuw...
apa-apa pun feel free to ask, add suggestion ye, adik-adik, kakak-kakak dan abang-abang.

Lots of Love.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Islamization of Fashion Vs. Fashion In Islam


So I've been caught up with my "dua ratus lima puluh enam" series I rarely blog about anything else but my 256 days journey in my 5th year of medical school. Today these fashion thingy popped up somehow, out of nowhere in my mind.

Let's define Islamization of Fashion.

Islamization (also spelt Islamisation, see spelling differencesArabicأسلمة‎ aslamah) or Islamification (pejorative Muhammadization) has been used to describe the process of a society's conversion to the religion of Islam. - wikipedia.

In my POV, Islamization of Fashion ni, is when you mash something up from your closet and try as much as possible to make it in accordance to the "dress code" in Islam. What about fashion in Islam? 

Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture. "Fashion" refers to a distinctive; however, often-habitual trend in a look and dress up of a person, as well as to prevailing styles in behavior.-wikipedia

I supposed that would make fashion in Islam as style, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories yada yada yada of a Muslim. But we can't use the word "popular" because what's popular among Muslimaat these days are not really what was promoted in the Quran and the Hadith.

Dalam bahasa ibundanya, Islamisasi Fesyen ni, bila kita cuba untuk masih menggayakan fesyen popular semasa, tapi dalam keadaan kita ikut garis panduan berpakaian dalam Islam. Manakala Fesyen dalam Islam, SEPATUTNYA mengikut yang telah ditetapkan dalam alquran dan sunnah.

Masalahnya sekarang yang menyebabkan timbul post ni adalah, I once tried Islamization of Fashion ni. When I go shopping for things to wear - I'll go find something huge supaya longgar, tak mengikut bentuk badan, tak jarang dan tak begitu menarik perhatian. I even like the idea so much, I once thought of having my own vintage-muslimah collection tau!Sammmpailah satu hari, I bought this blouse, labuhnya sampai ke betis, memang longgar tak nampak bentuk badan. To me, this is OK dah lah kan. Then my dad was like, "Betul, memang labuh dan longgar, tapi you jangan lupa konsep menutup aurat dalam Islam. Baju tu nampak macam baju orang nak bergaya. Nak cantik-cantik nak bagi siapa tengok?" jeng jeng jeng... Ok, siapa nak tolong jawap?

I guess, with that, kita pun dapatlah simpulkan cara-cara beli baju mengikut piawaian abah masing-masing ye. I have baju kurung yang tak lepas that pre-requisite I swear - on the part yang tak menarik perhatian (tabarruj bahasa orang sini).

Yang dianjurkan Islam senang je guideline dia, Longgar, Labuh, Menutup Semua bahagian kecuali muka dan tapak tangan, serta tak menarik perhatian. Berkenaan aksesori pun sekarang banyak jugak orang pakai rantai dekat luar tudung, I don't know la about you, but I pegang dengan pendapat aksesori yang boleh dinampakkan adalah cincin. Gelang? I'm not sure.

Tapi, kalau dah colour-blocking pulak kan kaedahnyerr, macam mana nak menepati ciri-ciri tak menarik perhatian tu. Kalau longgar dan labuh memang tak susah dah nak cari, insyaAllah. Even vintage dresses sekarang memang banyak yang menepati piawaian tu. Tapi memang masalah negara untuk orang perempuan cari baju tak menarik perhatian. Kenapa?

Fitrah serta Ruang dan Peluang.

Memang fitrah wanita tu suka berhias. Perempuan yang cakap tak suka berhias tu besar kemungkinannya malas. Semua perempuan suka bila dipuji cantik. Sebab tu bila beli baju, we always ask people yang teman kita shopping tu, "wei, cantik tak?". Tapi yang silapnya bila kita bercantik-cantik di luar, untuk yang tak halal bagi kita tapi pakai baju paling buruk di rumah. Kadang-kadang bibik pun pakai lagi cantik dari Mem kat rumah. 

I memang suka kalau dekat Irbid ni duduk dekat salon. Sebab I learnt that Arabs memang ada budaya berhias di rumah. Walaupun I disagree on few things tentang ni,dari segi terlalu menjolok mata dirumah dsb. tapi pokoknya I memang rasa kita kena belajar dari arab budaya bercantik-cantik di rumah. Kadang-kadang dia di luar pakai jubah hitam tudung hitam tu lah, tapi bila di salon - sini salon perempuan tak ada pekerja lelaki dan kawasan tertutup - memang cantik-cantik semuanya. Datang buat rambut, facial, manicuree, pedicure.. In fact I pernah jumpa makcik yang in 50s pun datang lagi ke salon buat rambut ok.. kelas kau jahh..

Ok, bab ni kita boleh belajar dari arab. Tapi, BUKAN SEMUA YANG ARAB PAKAI TU KITA BOLEH PAKAI. When I first came to Jordan, I describe cara berpakaian arab ni - very westernized, but without bare skin. Yelah, dia pakai semua yang western culture pakai only they wear tights inside to wrap the skin. Yang malangnya, kita dekat Malaysia ni, asal arab pakai, kita nak pakai. Arab hisap shisha kita pun nak shisha. Arab makan nasi mandy, kita pun nak makan nasi mandy - tapi takpela sebab mandy memang sedap dan halal kan :-) 

Berapa ramai kita yang pakai baju cantik di rumah, maybe some makeup tapi bila nak keluar wipe it all off and change to something less attractive. Biasanya kita dekat rumah selekeh, pakai baju buruk dan sejam sebelum nak keluar kita pun mula tepek segala mak nenek makeup dekat muka dan pakai baju paaaaling cantik untuk tatapan entah siapa yang kita nak jumpa di luar. What usually happens, keluar rumah pakai kaftan, makeup guna MAC, balik rumah pakai baju kelawar buruk bedak sejuk bertepek-tepek..

Jadi kita kena ada give and take. Di rumah pakai cantik-cantik, and make it exclusive - untuk suami sahaja. As for me, I believe di rumah walaupun abang dan ayah tu adalah mahram, masih kena bersopan dalam berpakaian. Jangan la ketat-ketat singkat-singkat. Then bila nak keluar rumah cukuplah kita bersih, kemas dan presentable. Ha... speaking of presentable, kalau kita nak menyebarkan syiar Islam dengan pakaian yang dianjurkan Islam, pastikanlah kemas dan bersih. Kalau pakai pun comot-comot,pasola herot... Sedih!

Ladies night. Pun satu alternatif yang baik jugak, bagi can la orang perempuan nak lawa-lawa sama-sama dia kan... Tapi, susah nak achieve ladies night yang terpelihara ni. Ada jugak berlaku namanya ladies night, baju pun dah vogue the vazz tapi ada jugak terselit mat-mat tiga empat kerat, tetap tak boleh gak tu kak..

Eh,ok lah karang panjang-panjang uols jugak tak larat nak baca kan. I know I pun tak sempurna lagi tutup aurat. Tapi kita sama-sama usaha kan. :-) Kalau you sayang abah you and abang-abang you, peliharalah aurat dengan sempurna. Mudah-mudahan kita jadi tiket mereka ke syurga, bukan ke neraka.

Monday, October 8, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day 23


Actually I technically finished forensic rotation on Thursay... 5 days only in forensic. Minggu ni cuti la seminggu. If interested we're still allowed to go to the teaching center. Tapi kalau dah cuti tu, faham-faham je la.. so, minggu ni pergi uruskan iqamah je..

Ok, untuk forensic.. kesimpulannya, rotation yang menarik tapi rasa sekejap benor la 5 hari kan.. Yang penting group korang jangan cari pasal dengan doc..InshaAllah berjaya cemerlang dalam exam.

Yang penting jangan lupa, ambil peluang untuk muhasabah, dan mengingatkan kita kepada mati...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day 17


"cukuplah maut itu sebagai peringatan"

Semalam, pada hari kedua rotation forensik, I dah syak dah kemungkinan nak tengok autopsy disebabkan sampai-sampai je pagi tu terdengar alunan ayat suci alquran entah dari mana. Orang ofis kot pasang. Dan bau kemenyan arab or setanggi. (This is my theory, sebab on Sunday, and today Tuesday tak ada pun, dan tak ada kes for us to see). Also when we walk pass one of the rooms nampak macam ada ramai-ramai orang pakai kot putih tengah duduk semeja macam morning report je kan.

 Then Dr. datang bagitau pagi ni kita ada dua kes, satu RTA, satu cardiac arrest. Dua-dua umur 27 tahun, one male, one female. Bila kita rotation forensic ni, autopsy is priority. Kalau tak ada autopsy, kita proceed dengan seminar, kalau ada kita turun pergi tengok dulu, then only kita sambung dengan seminar. Sebab bukan every morning ada kes kan. So, we were told to leave our stuff, and took barang penting je untuk turun. No laughing and smiling allowed. So, kalau excited pun jangan nak buat muka excited eh.

Nervous jugak la kan, tapi tak de la takut rasa nak pengsan macam first time masuk morgue dulu. Rasanya semua orang pun ada perasaan yang bercampur baur pagi tu. Kita teruja nak belajar, at the same time kita tak tahu what to expect, dan perasaan ingat mati pun datang menyapa jugak sekali sekala. Lepas tu kita pun masuk dan mayat tu masih berbalut dengan cadar dia, lepas tu Dr. suruh kita keluar dan panggil staff untuk prep kan mayat tu untuk autopsy. Remove her clothes and basuh-basuh skit kan.

Lepas tu masuk balik, dan proceed lah dengan teaching. Tengok hypostasis, primary rigor mortis and stuff like that. As for me, I do have this feeling takut bila tengok mayat yang mayat. (ha?). Kalau tengok movie pun, mayat, especially yang berkapan, berselubung ke, muka pucat lesi tu, I memang tak berani - I blame it on the fact that I jarang ikut pergi ziarah orang meninggal - well vicious cycle of fear. Once the Dr. cut her open, rasa takut memang hilang sebab I detach from the fact it's a mayat sebab I dah focus dekat the anatomical details of her internal organs. Ok now I sounded creepy - tapi kalau benda fresh memang I rasa macam tu. Fresh blood is OK for me, even kalau banyak pun, tapi kalau darah kering dekat dressing luka, or cadar I memang tak berapa selesa nak tengok. I have to admit, memang jaaaaauh beza tengok organ waktu autopsy dengan organ dalam lab anatomy kita tu. Walaupun dalam lab kita pegang-pegang kan, tetap tak sama. 

Walaupun I was hoping to see more autopsies masa first day of forensic, after that one autopsy rasa macam hmmmm... cukup lah kot dulu. Sebab post-traumatic distress syndrome dia...Ha.. sampai ke malam nak mengenangkan. Sampai balik rumah, dah nak masuk tidur pun dok terbau-bau lagi ye. Selama ni what I perceived as bau mayat is actually bau kapur barus. Abah kata sepatutnya tangan tu siap-siap sapu belacan, so that bila dah masuk dalam bilik mayat, agak-agak nak bau tak best, just bau je belacan kat tangan sendiri. Malam tu before abah n mama tidur masing-masing pesan supaya tidur je dan jangan ingat-ingat dah pasal autopsy t - heh, ye la tuuu.

We didn't get to stay sampai habis autopsy doc dah suruh keluar for some medical reason - which doesn't really make sense. Tapi kiranya masa tu heart, lung, spleen, liver, kidney, uterus semua dah bawak keluar for investigation. Besar jugak kidney ye rupanya. Isi perut pun doc amik sikit specimen. 

Terkedu jugak ye lepas tu. Laki ke perempuan ke semua sama je. 

Itulah, mati tu tak mengenal usia kan. Mama kata actually ini semua rezeki. Sebab ada jugak mama pernah jumpa doktor yang tak pernah tengok autopsy dari sejak belajar sampai dah 25 tahun kerja pun. Ha.. ada tau. Bak kata along pulak yang  moleknya kalau peluang tu kita guna untuk mengingatkan diri kita tentang kematian. 

One more interesting thing tentang morgue ni, adalah cara dia susun tempat tu. We won't bump into family members. I don't think people will be comfortable knowing 20+ med students are there to see the autopsy. Kalau kat sebuah hospital di Malaysia tu, mayat masuk ikut situ, family pun tunggu situ, student masuk ikut situ, pekerja masuk ikut situ. Ada ka patut... Apapun semoga Allah ganjari lah si mati dan keluarga dengan balasan yang setimpal, kita ni dapat ilmu pulak dari dia kan.. 

Yang sayunya tu sebab muda lagi kan. Lepas tu, bila doc bukak tu, aku terfikir pulak. Mintak-mintak bila aku mati nanti tak ada kena autopsy, nak-nak orang arab yang buat, kasar nampak gayanya.. Takde beradun macam ko tengok dalam CSI tu...tipu daya je semua tu... Dan terasa sangat nak jaga kesihatan sebab malu rasanya kalau mati, memulangkan barang pinjaman dengan keadaan tak sempurna.. 

Sekian.. renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam day 15 : forensic


alhamdulillah we finished orthopaedics rotation... final nya inshaAllah pada 16 Mei 2013.. Today we started our Forensic rotation di "'Iyadah Tibb Syar3iyy lit taalim" dekat belakang Princess Rahma Teaching Hospital.   Disebabkan harini tak ada belajar or tengok mayat lagi, tak adalah apa sangat nak dikongsi.. 

Cuma nak dikenang-kenang dulu masa sekolah, selalu dengar orang cakap kalau jadi doktor nanti kena tidur bilik mayat. Sabar je lah...dah lah kita ni memang serreeemmmz je kan kalau pasal mayat-mayat ni. I went into the morgue setakat ni baru 2 kali, dekat Malaysia. First time masuk sebab ada sedara yang meninggal dunia and needed autopsy. memandangkan the next few days tu I was scheduled to attend JPA's program pendedahan kerjaya, Mama thinks I should try the atmosphere. mama kata takut nanti karang you pitam pulak kat morgue hospital ipoh kan. jom masuk dengan mama dulu, try..

Second time pergi sebab pendedahan kerjaya JPA...tengok la 2-3 mayat lagi dalam peti ais.

I don't like to see mayat dalam freezer tu. I feel suffocated, what if I'm the one who has to be in that tiny box. Itu peti ais, kalau dalam kubur mesti lagi takut kan?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day 10, i supposed?


Ok ladies and gentleman. post kita pada hari ini adalah berpaksikan kata kunci " Orthopaedic, bidang kepakaran untuk insan penuh kesabaran ". You see, kalau you tak penyabar, it will not be good for both you and your patient. Eleh, dah tak sabar tu memang bukan sifat yang murni kan..

The vast majority of treatment in orthopaedic - is no treatment. Kadang-kadang just suruh rest... kadang-kadang suruh "'ilaj tabii" a.k.a physiotherapy... even kalau you initiate treatment pun, you still kena wait and see. bukan wait and see sekejap pulak tu. you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait and see. haa.. gitu...

walaupun you orthopaedic surgeon... you try as best as possible to avoid or at least delay the need for surgery. jadi kalau you jenis gila nak cut someone open je, pergi nun duduk department jarahah dengan Dr.T bukan nama sebenar... suspect je appendicitis terus operate kan... 

i heard one of the resident, trying to impress attending pagi tadi, quoting that he read from a text book that says "You spend five years to learn how to do surgery, and another fifty years on how NOT to do surgery". as for me, I tak sesuai lah di department ortho ni, sebab I ni kurang sabar bab menunggu. I'm very bad at waiting. If I want to know something, I want it quickly. If I want something, I want it right away. teruk betul perangai... 

also, today we have this conference on neurosurgery... our group attended the first talk about new surgical technique to treat spondylosis. DTRAX facet namanya... very interesting you know..I terus call rumah la balik tu tanya abah what was his condition yang doctor bagitau, and  yes he had spondylosis... memang kesian sebab tangan asik kebas-kebas je tidor pun dah bertahun-tahun tak lena... sob3.. tapi disebabkan before ni surgery untuk spondylosis ni very risky - major surgery... biasanya dah teruk baru doc akan bincang option untuk surgery..

tinggi lah cita-cita saya supaya one day abah pun boleh buat DTRAX ni and tidor lena di malam hari..ok, mungkin mmg dtrax ni bagus, ataupun mungkin Medi Rep tadi tu je yang pandai sangat kempen...hehe

till then, toodles!

Monday, September 24, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day 9


Hola gorgeous ladies and non-ladies.... :-) nothing new about orthopaedics except for the fact today we were asked to take history and present our cases. OMG.. dah 5 bulan kau tak amik history, baru la nak ek uk ok ha kan depan patient... component of history pun hilang melayang...rasa macam budak tadika je hihi.. nak-nak pulak time present attending (baca : akhisso', pakar, specialist) suruh ko explain about the x-ray... 

So, harini our patient is a Syrian revolutionist, blast injury to the knee. Muda lagi tau, baru 25 tahun, anak isteri still in Syria.. Semoga cepatlah selesai kekecohan di syria ni, May Allah bless the Syrians. 

yesterday i kena present pasal bone of the tumor...sabar je la...makan 2 hari buat slides nye sebab buat kerja tak tumpu...alih-alih ade la dalam 5 slide je yang kena present.. So, kepada yang bakal rotation Ortho, my advice kalau nak buat presentation : JUST PUT PICTURES and know your material very well... lepas tu, TEMBAK audience with questions - make sure you know the asnwers la..camtu la kaedahnya... tapi takpe la, belajar dari kesilapan..berjela-jela salin dari APley's tu, doc taknak tengok pun slide fakta, die suruh bukak gambar, explain gambar dan tanya kat audience kita soalan berkenaan fakta penting untuk tumor tu.

4th Year Intro

wokey.... as promised la ek, since my day in Ortho is not that interesting. *ops terlupa,ok xpe2 taip kat atas*   nak berkongsi petua ewah2 petua lak kau kan... dengan adik-adik kesayangan lah batch 4th year ni.. ni dah minggu ketiga kan korang intro... next week last, pastu exam.. yang syabab mahupun akhaat masing-masing seronok tangkap gambo OOTD lagi... tau ke OOTD dik non? 

anyway... kalau by this week korang rasa bahasa arab korang tunggang langgang lagi, tak teratur lagi amik history, don't worry... you still have a long way to go.. ape yang penting sekarang ni, kena la dah start study untuk exam.. ko cakap arab berabuk sekali pun di bulan intro ni, means nothing kalau exam tak terjawap dek kerana tak habis study... aku la tu jenis intro pun menggelabah adeeee jugak tak habis baca. kata kuncinya - STICK TO ONE SOURCE. source yang mana? tepuk dada tanya selera... kalau nak pakai lecture notes mmg bagus, sebab itulah bendanya nak keluar exam, cuma yang tak bagusnya, dikhuatiri ada kesilapan... jadi, buatla fact check..

past year questions penting tak? penting... tak rugi pun buat...kalau tak keluar exam pun, at least dia bantu kita untuk tahu what's going to be asked in the exam.. so, susun la strategi...sehari buat 10 soalan pun, kalau ada 14 hari dah 140...tak gitu dik non?

regarding bahasa arab tu... ni boleh la korang nak buat sama ada sekarang, or bila dah start rotation betul nanti... ade kan, list soalan dalam bahasa arab tu? so you practice la one day one section... hari ni bagi terer patient profile..esok, GIT... begitu lah seterusnya... inshaAllah kalau istiqamah, dalam masa 2 minggu boleh tanya soalan dengan baik... nak faham dengan baik? itu rahsianya pada banyak amik history, dan fahamkan kaedah pembentukkan kata.. you learn the most from your patient, diorang pun akan bantu kita faham sebenarnya... for me, kalau malas amik history baru amik dengan budak arab..awal-awal seminggu ok, ikut diorang, just to get the common words patient say.. lepas tu, pergi la sama-sama melayu...for me, I rasa orang melayu punya history dari segi teknikal mmg lagi kemas dan tersusun, tanya soalan bersistematik.. then, you will encounter some words you don't know - if it's urgent, find your arab friend and tanya apa maksudnya. kalau tak urgent, tulis la dulu lepas tu tanya... 

how did I do during intro course?  I'm not proud of my effort yang tak semenggah... but above everything I'm thankful as it could've been worse. So, don't worry...kalau you go all out, mesti you puas hati.. :-)
one of my regret is tak hafal betul-betul milestone in paeds... yup, it was asked in the exam. jadi, you better start memorizing those things. apa-apa pun ingatlah pergantungan kita pada Allah, rezeki masing-masing...yang penting, kita usaha, tak gitu? 

ok selamat berchentaaa lah you all dengan Mc Leod. tee hee hee.. 

nantikan part seterusnya...i tell you pasal rotation pulak. ewah gaya2 abernathy's secret pulak.. onebonez's secret gitu...

p.s : dipersilakan abang-abang dan kakak-kakak untuk menambah nota kaki... adik-adik pun boleh jgn segan-segan.

Friday, September 21, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day 6


it's our first weekend. phewwww one week went by so quickly! I find Ortho rotation very interesting. The doctors are half medical professional, half a carpenter and a dash of engineering and physics master. Yes, I saw one of the attending doctors use a ruler with protractor (jangka sudut).

After a week, what to expect in your Ortho rotation?

Waiting, waiting and more waiting. Okay, memang itu lah bab paling tak best sekali untuk group A1 sepanjang minggu first ni. Kejap melangut dekat department, kejap dekat lecture hall, kejap dekat klinik, ditendang ke kiri dan kanan ibarat pola dalam permainan. ewah! ok la i'm being over dramatic. Tapi, bayangkanlah, we waited for one and a half hour for resident to came and teach us shoulder examination which lasted for about 20 minutes only. And most of us end up zzZzzZZ je pun during the clinical teaching.

We complained to coordinator about it, and still the next day we waited for half an hour pulak. Ok waiting time tu tak termasuk gap sedia ada ye. I find it disturbing bila deparment mintak kita be punctual but ends up they didn't walk the talk. So my advice - get your notes ready, make them interesting so that during those dreadful waiting session - you have something beneficial to do.

In the clinics...urghhh... I though we'd learn more in the clinics, but not really. I prefer ward round personally. Or ikut resident in the clinic. the problem bukan pada tenaga pengajarnya but the fact that they don't assign students accordingly. So, please push ketua kumpulan masing-masing untuk lebih proaktif, and yea I miss my 4th year CR..... 

Interesting quote of the week... "You are medical students, the best students in the Kingdom". OMG. and you wonder why budak-budak medic ni ramai besar kepala and disrespectful to others. Memotong barisan dekat mujamma3, kafe dan tak hormat jururawat. 

I busy tau weekend ni sebab nak study dan siapkan power point untuk presentation on Sunday... now I know la kenapa orang asyik pakai presentation lama sebab memang susah nak buat tau... gather information and nak pilih which one to put in your slides... jadi, hargailah lecturer anda yang bersusah payah siapkan presentation for the lectures ye adik-adik... :-)

ok lah. till then. toodles!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day three


Ok so today dah masuk hari ketiga kitorg dekat department Ortho... Residents and Specialist semua baik-baik je so far.. A little bit spoon feeding method of teaching nye..

Today our seminar was on "The Spine". Tiap-tiap tahun, tiap-tiap group pakai je slide lama yang dulu-dulu punya... I hope I can make my own lah nanti... My presentation nanti on Sunday on Tumor of the Bones... Kalau pakai slide lama ni, very risky...Kalau tak kena gaya pemahaman kita tu, boleh makan diri tau!

I enjoy Ortho so far. Every case has a story behind it, all the way from sad story, funny and severely depressing. A 20 y/o female pt. was found to have malignant tumor in her knee + metastasized to her rib :-( kebetulan je tahu sebab ada jatuh waktu tengah bermain..Eloklah dia jatuh at least tahu ada tumor...Ada orang langsung tak tahu, tahu-tahu dah metastasized.. Lagi sian kan...

And then there's war trauma patient. Lagi depressing! Kesian tau... one of our patient yesterday (we attempted to take history) was mentally traumatized - he was tortured back in Syria. Harini pun ada jugak.. Kena baling grenade masa tengah duduk depan rumah. Yang kelakar pun ada... Jatuh waktu panjat tembok sekolah..hehehe... macam-macam lah you all...

Ok.. nanti inshaAllah kalau ada masa lapang I will post something for junior 4th year... Things I know now, I wish I knew then gitu... ewah..!

OK lah tatatititutu

Sunday, September 16, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day one Orthopaedics


Alhamdulillah hari ni hari pertama untuk tahun akademik 2012/13. Bila kita masuk alam klinikal di JUST ni, cuti mula tak mengenal semester, tahu-tahu dah habis setahun je nanti. Mulai hari ini nak menuju ke hari terakhir tahun 5, ada 256 hari yang perlu dilalui dan kita akan mengakhiri journey to the final year ni pada 30 Mei 2013, inshaAllah... Lepas tu, ada rezeki inshaAllah ke final year lah kita ye rakan-rakan dan adik-adikku sekelian..

I group A1, so I start dengan rotation Ortho. The thing is, bila dah tahun 5 ni, mana ada back to school dah kan. (Eleh, macam la pegi pun kalau ada kan). But I did ask around la regarding 5th year to my friends. Tapi, mostly tak berapa ingat dah pun sebab diorang pun dah melalui 11 rotation, mana nak ingat satu-satu kan. So, I berniat nak tulis lah setakat termampu, supaya bila orang tanya next year, I can recall or, kalau I malas I cakap, ok, adik boleh tengok blog akak ye..ada tulis semua.. 

tapi tak la tiap-tiap hari pulak nak tulis kan...karang ada la orang mengata I ni duduk Jordan belajar ke blogging je?


""L'Orthopedie, ou l'art de prevenir et de corriger dans les enfans, les difformites du corp"
Translated as - "Orthopedia: or the Art of Correcting and Preventing Deformities in Children "

Tempoh rotation : 2 weeks only. tapi, 8 days je yang kita akan berpeluang belajar dari patient. First day ni, intro je dulu. So, 4 hari minggu ni, and another 4 hari minggu depan because on Thursday dah exam MCQ. 

Textbook : Apley's Conscise System of Orthopaedics and Fractures. (15jd kedai buku bayan)
Supplement : Toronto notes (as suggested by seniors).
Mid exam : MCQ

My group of 21 people akan dibahagikan kepada 3, A,B,C.. Setiap hari 2 group round dekat ward, 1 group dekat klinik. As for today ada 58 cases admitted to KAUH in ortho's dept, so... hopefully tak ada masalah nak ambil history and perform PE.

Pasal ward, nanti tunggu I dah round, I'll share with you guys ok... InshaAllah siri "duaratuslimapuluhenam" ni I akan buat at least awal round, and post-mid term lah plus anything interesting in between. Dah tau otak kita ni limited capacity, hendaklah ditulis ya catatan-catatan sebegini...

Routine : Pagi-pagi attend morning report.. dengar resident bentang kes.. Sambil tergamam tengok specialist tanya muscle insertion and origin sambil terkenang Dr. Rashid kan... haha.. lepas tu day one usually lectures, lepas tu balik.. esok start morning report + round + seminar  lah inshaAllah.

Ok lah, till next time :-)

p.s : teringat ada my friend marah because i don't know that "#" stands for fracture...kih3...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

OST 7 Ramadhan : Tika Aku Menangis


I tak la follow sangat 7 Ramadhan ni.. sebab hati ni tak lalu la tengok tahap kederhakaan anak Cik Sufiah si Dhani tu...Mengurut dada sambil beristighfar dibuatnya kalau tengok cerita ni...

Dengar soundtrack dia pun, Allah... sayu rasa hati ni.. yang menyentuh hati sekali, bila Dhani tu tak sempat mintak ampun dekat mak dia, mak dia dah meninggal dunia. Tapi, kita pun faham, ibu-ibu ni biasanya memang sangat pemaaf kan.. Dekat hujung cerita tu ada tulis, "ada derhaka dalam setiap diri kita". Allah... tertampar rasanya...

Kita kena la berusaha jadi anak yang taat pada ibubapa... hai seram rasanya memikirkan kalau tergores hati mak kan... Kadang-kadang kita tak tahu benda kecik yang kita buat tapi buat mak kita sedih ke kan.. Semoga Allah bimbing kita untuk jadi anak yang soleh/solehah dan dapat masuk syurga dengan bakti kita terhadap ibubapa.Amin.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

oatmeal mask to the rescue!

Assalamualaikum all!

Sepanjang cuti beberapa minggu di Malaysia ni, I was asked about my skincare because my skin had improved a bit then the last time most people see me last year. So, I've been telling them my penyelamat which is : oatmeal! 

The thing is, most of the time I cleanse my face with oatmeal. Yes, the one you had for breakfast, bukan skincare product made of oatmeal, tapi oatmeal makan. hee hee. I think I've already talked about that previously, but here's another tip I've been telling people to try, oatmeal mask.

Bahan-bahannya sangat simple dan boleh didapati di pasaraya berhampiran.

This is the first time I tried yogurt dutch lady ni. Biasanya pakai yogurt arab kan, and personally I just love the consistency. yogurt arab macam berketul-ketul sikit. Got my facial brush from sasa and i just loooooove the brush - even better than skinfood brush i bought on ebay. RM4.90 je pulak tu! Sayangnya hilang berus tu, then semalam I bought a new one sebab I suka sangat berus dia. Kalau tak ada berus facial ni, you can just use any old brush or just your bare fingers. No problem.


Secara ringkas ye benefits of the three ingredients.


  1. reduce pigmentation and discoloration - fades away your scars!
  2. exfoliate your skin justeru membuang kulit-kulit mati di wajah. ewah!
  3. heals acne and prevent future break out. 
tapi, jangan pulak pegi tenyeh lemon kat muka tu... ada sesetengah orang kulit sensitif terhadap lemon ni, so always always always try dulu sikit, ok? I usually add few drops of lemon je to the mask. And I've also tried using lemon as toner - work wonders for the blackheads! tapi kena rajin la...kalau Malas apa pun tak jadi kan..


  1. soothing to the skin. apa-apa masalah kulit dermatitis, psoriasis, skin rash semua pun boleh lega dengan oatmeal ni.. korang nak mandi berendam dengan oatmeal pun boleh!
  2. dead skin exfoliation - macam biasalah, exfoliate, kulit bersih, pori tak tersumbat - less breakout, and radiant skin.
  3. great cleanser - kalau kulit sensitif terhadap sabun pencuci muka , boleh try oatmeal. I noticed my skin feels thoroughly cleansed everytime I wash my face with oatmeal except kalau hari yang pakai bedak or sunscreen I would double cleanse starting with yogurt - then, I pakai oatmeal. tapi sekarang dah ada laneige multi cleanser I pakai oatmeal bila rajin je.. 


  1. Moisturizing. OMG - this one I cannot tell you with words. Lepas ni, terus beli yogurt dan sapu kat muka as masker - just yogurt with nothing else. Tunggu 15-20 minutes then basuh. Rasa macam kulit baru lepas minum air tau! I loooooove this during the hot summer - at the same time helps wash off the sunscreen off my skin. 
  2. Acne care - because of the high content of zinc in yogurt. helps to shrink pores and clears blemishes.
  3. exfoliate skin.
ok before that, if you try yogurt... sometimes it causes you to have more breakouts. from my research on the internet. actually that is not breaking out - that's purging. Whiteheads ataupun jerawat yang biasa terhasil di muka kita tu, took 2 months to form. so, bila dah exfoliate skin tu, lagi cepat whitehead tu muncul di permukaan kulit. Same thing happens when you change skin care product. If it causes breakout - it works! tapi kalau 2-3 bulan masih break out lagi - you might have bought the wrong product.

Back to our mask.

1 tbsp oatmeal
1 tbsp yogurt
few drops of lemon

stir stir stir them well. and apply on your face for 20 minutes or until it dries. Bila dah kering, pat some water on the mask to soften it, and massage softly on your skin. then rinse off. lepas tu, boleh pakai moisturizer. 

senang kan? instantly kulit rasa lebih lembut. long time effect - kulit bersih dari blemishes dan scar will fade. 

kata kuncinya : rajin dan istiqamahlah!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Malaysia Negara Malas?

Pagi ni dekat radio ERA ada bincang isu Malaysia negara malas as published by Lancet Medical Journal, where Malaysia berada di tangga ke-10, dan Saudi Arabia di tangga ke-3. 

So, tengok dekat discussion on facebook ramai jugak yang tak setuju... tapi, marilah kita tengok balik how they define inactivity in the research ..

The study defines inactivity as not performing any of the following three sorts of activities: 30 minutes of moderate activity such as brisk walking at least five times a week; 20 minutes of vigorous activity at least three times a week; or an equivalent combination of the two said activities. Inactivity has largely been blamed on wrong social trends, such as spending more time in cars and in front of computers.

Haaaa... Memang betul la tu... I pun jarang-jarang buat any of the indicator.. (tu pasal la ehemmm). Try cari dekat Lancet Journal tak jumpa pulak artikel ni...tapi, to state the obvious, memang ramai yang komen tak setuju tu without even doing some homework into the, not only malas physically orang Malaysia ni, intellectually also.. oops!

Apa-apa pun, no need to freak out or melatah, you can change this :-)

Eh, post ni pun tulis macam orang malas!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cita-Cita Ramadan

Ramadan bukan bulan membodek pertama kali dengar ni waktu 2009, sekelip mata je dah 3 kali Ramadan berlalu. For me, a good way untuk analogikan beribadah di bulan Ramadan ni, kita kena jadi macam shopaholic. Shopaholic ni, memang kerja dia shoppinggggg je, sale ke, tak sale ke, dia memang nak membeli aje... Tapi, bila time ada SALE, lagi la bagai nak gila kan dia bershopping.

Macam tu lah jugak kita sepatutnya. Bulan lain kita kena beribadah secara tegar, tapi bila Ramadan kita LEVEL-UP sebab tengah ada SALE kan? Sesungguhnya tidak ada jual beli yang lebih menguntungkan berbanding dengan Allah SWT.

Bulan puasa ni jugak tempat untuk kita retreat. Setelah 11 bulan bermujahadah dengan syaitan, nafsu sebulan yang ini kita balik ke retreat camp masing-masing, bina semula kekuatan untuk menempuh 11 bulan mendatang. 

Ok, untuk tahun ni I have a mission in Ramadan in terms of isu kemasyarakatan. Ewah. Yang pertamanya just popped up this morning in my head, ramai orang sekarang suka sebut pasal bila dah bernikah semuanya pahala; masak pahala, tengok muka pasangan pahala, yada yada yada. TAPI, apakah kita lupa, sebelum masuk ke era itu, ruang kita mencari pahala tu adalah dengan berkhidmat untuk ibu bapa? Tengok muka ibu bapa pun pahala, masak untuk mak pun pahala, tolong buat kerja rumah pun pahala, cakap dengan lemah lembut pun pahala.. (ewah, dah nak masuk ramadan mula la pahala-oriented sangat bahasa kan, lol).

So, I decided to do my best untuk berbakti, berkhidmat to my beloved mommy and daddy :-) at the same time nak encourage supaya benda ni jadi kebiasaan Bukanlah benda ni tak biasa orang buat, but I think nowadays people dah off-track sikit sampai lupa antara benda paling penting dalam hidup ni, untuk berbuat baik kepada kedua ibu bapa. Kita ni jadi suri orang belum tentu, tapi sah sah je kita dah memang anak mak ayah kita kita kan...

Secondly, this year I wanted to help people to quit smoking. Alhamdulillah, in my small family memang dah tak ada smoker. But I have friends who are smoking and I hope sangat this year I could help at least ONE person to quit smoking.. Reading about cancers was so depressing tau, and I don't think anyone should lose someone they love to cigarette. The problem is, masyarakat kita kurang support group. And most smokers ni pun tak study berkenaan nak berhenti merokok. So, I wanted to help orang yang nak berhenti merokok and also orang yang nak tolong orang lain berhenti merokok. 

Tak ada masa yang lebih baik untuk buang habit-habit buruk melainkan Ramadan. Especially kalau smoking kan, sebab time bulan puasa, siang dah memang tak boleh hisap rokok. Sama lah apa-apa habit pun. Kalau you all perasan, usually bulan puasa ni, hati kita lembut sikit, ada soft-spot yang easily-reachable. So, semoga Allah beri kekuatan dan hidayah untuk kita semua untuk achieve kebaikan di bulan Ramadan nanti..

Till next time, Ramadan Kareem :-)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

online shopping in Jordan

Let's just stick to ebay. They have never disappointed me. All items arrived safely, if you ship from the UK and Korea it's super fast.

Guess why is that? Because they have quality control - seller gets rated and people leave feedback for both seller and buyer. I don't usually buy from seller who were rated below 99%. And I always read the negative feedbacks about the Seller to see if the items were authentic, the communication and stuff.

Unlike some local online shopping site - there's no need to mention names, who have been disappointing me over and over again.

I usually forgive people once and give them a second chance. But when you screwed the second time, I'm not that forgiving especially when it comes to purchase. We all know which online shopping site I'm talking about. I'm thinking of quitting online shopping from them and I want to give a try to - who claims to ship after 3 days. If I find something cheap and interesting there I'll definitely share with you :-)

till then, toodles! registration

Langit Menangis : OST Dejavu Di Kinabalu

tee hee hee...
haritu my sister suruh tengok Dejavu Di Kinabalu - everyone in the family I minat sangat dekat aqasha... we reached our download limit so I refrained myself from watching la...this month baru tengok...

and I got super duper sangkut dekat this song in the series...I seriously thought it was from Indonesia (selalu kan lagu kalau best, mesti from seberang...)

seluas angkasa ku hampar cinta
luhur hati bagi mu saja
bagai udara tuk ku bernyawa
kau bercahaya
penyuluh jalan gelita

Jenuh cari tak jumpa ni...finally I found it... "Langit Menangis - Nazim Othman"

TAPI.... lagunya seminit je yang dah release... sob3... kejam made me go hysterical bila jumpa lagu ni, jantung palpitation sikit... tengok2 eh...? sekerat je?

takpe la..kite sabarkan aje la tunggu release lagu penuh kan..
till then, toodles!


I geram sangat tak jumpa-jumpa yang full version, so I record je pakai PC time tengok Dejavu Di Kinabalu.. Masa buat ni pun dah 1 am, so ade sangkut2 sikit....and I malas nak buat balik... so enjoy lah mana yang ade ye...huhu...tak sekonoh (sekolah + senonoh) punya kerja...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

summer treat : your own spa :-)

Hello gorgeous!

Summer is hot, hot, hot!! Walking in those blazing sun is just tiresome. You know what will be great? Pampering yourself - an hour is more than enough! Tapi, tau je la dekat Irbid ni, sometime kalau nak pegi tu setengah-setengah tempat kena buat appointment. SO, what if you penat sangat and tak sanggup tunggu? Pamper yourself at home lah!

Thank God, in Irbid ni senang nak cari bahan-bahan for self pampering. Here's some ideas you can try out.

1. Get a cosy chair - or your own bed for that matter. Lazy chair memang sesuai. I got a pretty chair from a friend yang dah balik Malaysia - it was perfect for self-treat.

2. Your own pedicure.Buy some bath salt. You can get it for 2.5jd/pack in Natural Care. I use it only to soak my feet, so it should last up to 3 session :-) And also got myself a plastic container/basin from Honj Konj for 3jd. If you looooove foot massage : go for the electronic one at 45 jd. You'll also need pumice stone : boleh didapati in any kedai yang jual aksesori, ctown pun ada. Foot cream, and nail clipper too, don't forget!

3. Scented oil and oil burner : for soothing effect.

4. Dim the light if you're doing this in the day light. Kalau buat malam, get a night lamp.

5. Download some relaxation music. My choice : caklempong...feeling-feeling bali gitu...

6. Facial mask - you can buy sheet mask or just mix something from your kitchen, and tadaaa! Go all the way from cucumber + yogurt + milk or oatmeal + yogurt.

Some notes :

- Have yourself refreshed , take a long bath, do some exfoliation. Smell good :-)
- Make sure you have everything ready - this YOUR spa - no staff to cater your needs.
- Let your friends know you're having some time for yourself.

Soak your feet with warm salt water for twenty minutes - just nice to get the goodness of your facial mask absorbed into your skin. Then dry them. After soaking your feet in the water, it's easier to trim your nail and remove the calluses with pumice stone. When you finish, massage your feet with foot cream or essential oil.

Ok lah, have a great summer !

Monday, July 2, 2012

summer essential : sunscreens

Hello pretty girls :-) It's summer and to my surprise I got some messages asking about the use of sunscreen in this season. 

So, if you ask me, is it necessary to use sunscreen? My answer would be absolutely yes! As much as we need the sun to survive, the thinning of the ozone layer has caused the harmful UV ray to be able to reach us. My main concern is definitely pigmentation or lebih common lagi, berbelak/berbelang and of course : skin cancer. With the amount of exposure (time) I have daily -sunburn is not one of my concern.

How to pick a good sunscreen?

Over this 5 years, I have tried from Neutrogena, Clinique, L'oreal and also Dermacol sunscreen. L'oreal sunscreen turns out to be too oily and therefore is not suitable for oily skin like mine. Clinique's sunscreen was not that great given the fact that it hurts your pocket! So, Neutrogena and Dermacol has my vote. 

What do I look for in a sunscreen ? 
1. Non comedogenic - what's the use of not having pigmentation but ends up breaking out like craaaaazy.
2. Not too drying for my skin.
3. Amount of SPF.
4. Smell - for two reason : products that contains perfume is more likely to cause break out and - I memang tak suka bau kuat sangat for skin products.

How much SPF is needed?

For me, I don't go for more than 50. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 45 is good, and for Dermacol I bought the SPF 50. Is SPF 15 enough? Well, for me, I personally don't want to risk getting pigmentation because not having enough protection. But do you have to go above SPF 50 all the way to 100?? Absolutely NO! Here's why :

SPF 15 product blocks about 94% of UVB rays, an SPF 30 product blocks 97% of UVB rays, and an SPF 45 product blocks about 98% of rays. Source

Is it enough to wear moisturizer that already contain SPF? Nope. Because the amount is too little to provide you with protection. 

When do you have to apply the sunscreen? 15-20 minutes before you expose yourself to the sun. I don't wear sunscreen if I know I'll be home before 10 am, because morning sun is good for your skin - for Vitamin D and stuff. And if I have to go out in the evening I usually wait until the sun is not so intense, but if I really really really have to, I'd just apply the sunscreen. 

Do I use sunscreen in Malaysia : I do, but I'm not sure if it' necessary. Remember L'oreal sunscreen? Once I brought it back to Ipoh and just as I squeeze the bottle : the oil was separated from the cream. How horrifying!

Okay.. now we go to the most important thing we often overlooked. How about removing the sunscreen? Is water or facial wash enough?

I didn't know this until last year. The lady from Clinique booth in Kinta City told me "You Have To Remove Your Sunscreen Just Like Any Other Makeup". Some people opt for makeup remover, but for me I just don't want to be using much products on my skin. I minimize my use of products to the occasional facial cleansing gel, and moisturizer. I skipped the toner - turns out it is not that beneficial for your skin, and I wash my face with oatmeals. So, I remove my sunscreen with yoghurt. Or when I'm lazy I use Shaneeneh hehe. 

Yoghurt Mask : Yoghurt is simply amazing for your skin - will talk about this later. I loooooove putting plain yoghurt on my face when I get home in the afternoon. I'd lay down for 15-20 minutes and then rinse the yoghurt.

Shaneeneh : Just pour the shneeneh on cotton pads and wipe away the sunscreen. Easy!

My current sunscreen 

Ok, I think that's it for today. Till we meet again!

Melanoma awareness video.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bridal Makeup Story

So, I have a bunch of weddings I have to attend this coming summer break and also a lot more weddings I'm gonna miss at the end of the year. 

You know sometime you look through people's wedding albums (nowadays so easy on facebook, dulu-dulu bila kita pergi rumah family pengantin few months later kita tanya, nak tengok gambar kenduri!). Every girl wants to look pretty on their big day, but the question is, how pretty?

I don't wear makeup much when I go out, but I loooooove watching tutorials on youtube. My first makeup set is because I did the makeup for Malaysian Day mock wedding ceremony for the bride. Haha. comot-comot je masa tu.. It was my childhood ambition to work as hair-stylist ( Yes, I do hair for girls too - to be exact, I do hair rebonding, buat house-call pun pernah diknon :-) ). Of course that was one ambition I didn't pursue seriously but I enjoy sitting in salons and see how the stylist work. 

In Irbid, if you go to their beauty parlor, you'll see how Arab women take care of themselves. They wear the hijab and abaya but they dress amazingly inside the abaya and take good care of their hair and skin. Jangan kau mentang-mentang pakai tudung, rambut bila dekat rumah, Cik Kuntilanak pun kalah! That's the beauty of Islam that they practice, I guess - berhias di rumah, tidak di luar. Tak dinafikan, yang over dekat luar pun ramai, tapi still, dia jaga penampilan di rumah.

Okay back to bridal makeup issue kan.. Sementara ingat ni.. Actually, the science behind bridal makeup is too look more radiant than you usually does. Well, that's easy sebab pengantin memang ada seri pengantin kan from the excitement, and nervousness. So, just to cover some skin problems, and highlighting some of your underappreciated features is good enough. Not to look like a totally different person!

Pernah tak tengok gambar before and after and you was like - gile lah makeup die sampai jadi macam artist. Ye la, dah dia pakai makeup artist kan.. Oh ya, just to share with you tahukah anda mak andam and makeup artist is different? Makeup artist ni dia buat makeup you je, tapi mak andam dia mengandam la.. Dari baju, makeup, and lain-lain lah ye. 

So, the secret is... hari biasa, korang tak payah la makeup sangat, supaya bila on your wedding nanti, makeup sikit pun dah nampak meletopz dah.. Kalau lebih rajin, why not you practice and practice and practice, and do your own bridal makeup. Aku ni cakap banyak-banyak pasal wedding, balik mau kena bash ni..haha.. 
my dream bridal makeup. as if no makeup!

And, do you notice, culture mana yang ada makeup lebih-lebih ni? Indians, Arabs, Pakistan... Chinese and the western usually go for very earthy and natural look (google Bridal makeup for proof). Kalau bahasa orang kampung kita tu, makeup nye udah rupe burung jampuk.. Kalau daily makeup macam burung jampuk - on wedding day, nak makeup macam mana lah pulak.. Kalau I jadi makeup artist I punnnn fenings you..

Baru semalam I saw a lady nak pergi his brother's wedding - makeup and rambut dia macam dia pulak yang kahwin kan, tapi dah culture diorang berhias time wedding.. Kita tengok je la kan..

Ok lah, akhir kata... Selamat jaga kecantikan kulit! Usaha tangga jaya.. Kalau terigin nak merasa rebonding, boleh calling-calling.. nak iklan kat ruang iklan segan kan...  :-p

Thursday, June 28, 2012

threat : to educate or to create an ideal environment

I have been working on this post for few days but I still can't get a way to put it out nicely. This is the best I can do. For now.

Personally, I think the way students are handled in islamic schools are ridiculous. Allow me to provide you with some example.

Larangan mendengar radio selain IKIM.FM dan memasang lagu selain bergenre nasyid.

Seriously? I remember masa dalam satu usrah wajib di sebuah institusi pengajian tertiari di Malaysia, my naqibah bagi contoh benda yang kita kena tegur kawan kita ialah "contohnya, kawan kita dengar radio ERA". What is so wrong about dengar radio selain nasyid? Masa sekolah pun, in my school you can only play nasyid - I got nauseous setiap kali they put In-Team song on. I wish I could tell you how anti-nasyid I was in school. The only nasyid I can tolerate at that time was Raihan and Saujana. Others were too disturbing. Come on, I can name you few other songs of other genre that has better messages than C.U.D.I.P.T, insan bernama kekasih yada yada yada.

The thing is, you can do that but then comes weekend when we can go home and do whatever we want. Dalam kereta, naik je terus tukar Hitz.FM. So, what's the point?

I went to girl school, so we get all the privacy and freedom we need in the school. But at that particular institution, the girls have to buy their food from the canteen's back door. That is just too unacceptable. Adakah budak-budak dekat situ too vulnerable that they can't even handle to be in the same room with the opposing gender to buy food? Then what happens during the pasar malam? Boleh pulak nak berjual beli dekat same stall sebelah-sebelah berdiri tunggu order?

So what message are we trying to convey?

Bagi saya, orang yang buat peraturan macam ni, hanya fikir masa pendek. Berapa ramai budak keluaran sekolah agama yang pakai tudung labuh dalam sekolah, balik hujung minggu pakai tudung pendek. I didn't get to be consistent with my tudung labuh as well. Betul, bila kita pakai tutup aurat, kita rasa sangat secure dan selesa, tapi bukan semua orang mampu rasa macam tu. Some people need explanation of why do they have to do so. In my school, tudung standard mesti bawah siku, in that institution tudung mesti sampai pergelangan tangan from lateral view.

Majalah dan surat khabar went through penapisan, no internet, laptops not allowed. That was in year 2007. So if we want to use friendster masa tu, we have to go outing la. (even my high school allowed friendster! lol). Ingat dia balik rumah dia tak boleh bukak ke?

I am sorry if I offend anyone with this entry, but I need to make it a point - THAT is not how we deal with threats.

We educate. We teach them how to choose. Tidak dengar benda lagha disebabkan tak dibenarkan, dengan tak dengar benda lagha because you choose not to - is a huge different. Tak mencuri sebab takutkan Allah berbeza dengan tak mencuri sebab tak ada peluang mencuri. Tak couple sebab tak ada orang ajak couple berbeza dengan tak couple meskipun ramai yang masuk line. Jangan rasa kita sempurna, padahal ujian belum datang pada kita.

Berilah kefahaman. Tutup aurat itu sempurnanya bagaimana. Begini setidak-tidaknya, tapi yang lebih baiknya begini. And we let them choose. Kalau tidak, kita akan menghasilkan produk-produk bertudung labuh kerana peraturan sekolah/kolej tapi bukan dengan ikhlas, rela hati sebagai ibadah. Rugi?

Didiklah orang supaya professional dalam berurusan, bukan lari seberang jalan bila nampak lelaki Melayu tapi lebih flirtatious dari biasa bila berada dengan lelaki bukan Melayu. Macam budak Taayah tak bercakap dengan budak Izzudin, tapi kalau budak sekolah harian, budak STAR, budak St Michael, tak apa. haha.

Jangan ambil jalan singkat. Kesannya nanti - cultural shock yang tak terbendung. Mulalah semua nak merasa sebab masa dulu tak boleh semuanya. Bukan semua orang akan terdidik dengan cara macam tu. Ramainya perlu pada kefahaman. Hentikanlah melahirkan produk yang tidak berjiwa dalam perlakuannya.