Thursday, December 29, 2011

you never know what you posted on facebook could do


Alhamdulillah dah selesai Mini OSCE & OSCE untuk rotation Surgery... Jumpa lagi di final nanti, i will update on it inshaAllah..

So, few days ago, I encountered this video on facebook. Unfortunately I couldn't recall the person who posted the video.

Basically, the message was very simple about not to membazir makanan kan... I was so touched by this video that after watching this, I always finish food on my plate when I eat out - I ordered according to my ability to finish them - and when food falls and it is still clean and safe to eat I would pick it up. And every time I eat I would think of this video.

Another video I watched was about how easy it is today to share good things with people. Yelah, kalau ada 800 friends on facebook, hopefully one of them would benefit from things you posted kan. Tapi yang ni I tak berjaya nak laksanakan lagi. hehe.. And I really love this program, lau kaana bainana. In malaysia it is aired on TV Hijrah with subtitle, before this I only watched on youtube je, so lucky you Malaysian that it is now on TV.. Ok, till next time, selamat menonton! 

p.s : And keep sharing!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Katakan TAK NAK!!

Ok, entry sempena nuffnang Katakan #TAKNAK photo contest.

Azam's taknak face =)

Being a medical student, of all people, we are the ones who know the most how bad smoking could be. I wish I could list down all the risks that comes with smoking. Well, actually I did.

Unfortunately, even people who knows these risks very well still doesn't have the willpower to quit smoking. It is devastating that the ones who were to advise the patient to quit smoking, is a smoker himself. My dad is not a smoker, and I thank God for that, at least I didn't have to grow up as a passive smoker. Too bad, here in Jordan, we have all become a passive smoker even in the hospital compound! I swear sometimes I wish the water sprinkler would go off in the ladies so that the smoker would get soaked in water for smoking in hospital's toilet.

One day on my way to the hospital, a taxi driver told me he's coughing black sputum. I was alarmed, but then some research and he himself told me that it's normal for people who quit smoking to experience that. Because his lung, is clearing up! How amazing! I asked if it was hard for him to quit smoking, he said yes, in the beginning, but then it's ok and not that hard. 

So smokers, all you need is the first step. And I wish you all the best =) Check out this link on gayahidupsihat

And this ad, is heart breaking.

Ok, that's all for today, mana tau ada rezeki kan, dapat duit free.. heee heee. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homosexuality: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Disclaimer : writing this doesn't make me homosexual in any perspective available. I'm trying to share my opinion and suggest some improvisation for our society. Thank you.

So let us begin with what is homosexuality?

Homosexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior between members of the same sex or gender. As a sexual orientation, homosexuality refers to "an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectional, or romantic attractions" primarily or exclusively to people of the same sex; "it also refers to an individual's sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and membership in a community of others who share them

Is homosexuality a choice?

Based on this video, we're saying that homosexuality is NOT A A CHOICE. Ok now, here's where the real discussion should begin. Is it really not a choice? Researches had associated a person's sexual orientation with  genes, prenatal hormones and brain structure. (source)  So we encounter people who claims God has created us this way, it is not our fault, and we don't become homosexuals because we choose to. No you didn't darling, you didn't choose to be homosexual, instead, you wanted to be. Now you're starting to hate me for saying that.

Because, it was said that "no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors. Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles; most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation." source.

Homosexuality and Islam.

Is it sinful to have feelings for a person of your same gender? Nope. Feelings is not something you're responsible for. You don't get to choose whom you fall in love with, but you get to choose how you conduct your feeling. Having feelings for people of your same gender does not make a person such a weirdo, it makes you human. Take it as a challenge, this is God's way of testing your iman. You CURB your desire. You don't nourish your feelings and let it overtakes you. You are the driver of your life, you choose what you want to do. You can choose either to pursue your feelings or go the other way around.

It's not the feelings that is sinful, it's the way you conduct it. If you're a homosexual, I suggest don't get alone with an attractive man/woman, always be in the company of others, don't get involved in deep / personal discussions with any person that you may think will trigger your homosexual feeling. Stay away from any other people who have similar feelings. Don't even think in such an idea of this subject, keep yourself busy in different useful thing, and stay away of anything that remind you of homosexuality. Keep a POSITIVE thinking in your mind and keep saying to yourself that you can do something about it. Don't ever say I can't. Remember with every step you are taking toward getting rid of this habit you are getting help and reward from Allah (S.W.T) and you are annoying the shaytan. Not doing something you can do, for fear of Allah, you'll be rewarded. -source-

What had we done wrong as society?

We become haters. We call them fags, sutun, kepit and what not. We think our hatred are making them weaker, no we're wrong. We help them grew stronger. We triggered them to stick together because they had become so vulnerable. I'm not saying we should welcome them with arms wide open. But we should provide them with support-system to help them with the issue. They won't recover, because they're not sick. But they will triumph because this is their battle. We help them CURB their feelings. We have association that help drug addicts, ibu muda and so on, but the homosexuals? We gave them condoms and remind them to use it so they don't catch AIDS. Ironic.

Prevention is better than cure

A child don't become homosexual overnight, it's a build up process that might take years to complete. The problem is that during the process no one was there to guide them the right way. Our kids get their information from the internet, and hardly people will google for "Homosexuality and Islam". So, all they are going to find are sites that tell them that it is OK to be different.

Rainbow and unicorn would never appear harmful or even wrong to these kids. Had we have a better system in a family, where discussion with parents are a little bit more eased, we might be able to prevent a kid from choosing the 'colorful' paths. Tell those kids, "Your feelings is not wrong, but it's not permissible in Islam, this is a challenge for you from Allah and we'll help you get through this test." But what usually happens, parents would freak out, kick those kids out from home, putus saudara and so on. Then the viscous cycle started where they start to find people who understands them and treat them nice. And family is no longer providing them with that.

Don't get me wrong, I just think if we understand them a little bit more, they might actually open up to us and accept the help we're offering. Don't judge. Don't put label on them. Help them instead.

Just my 2 cents.

and again I'm not homosexual or anyway near it.

tips perantau #2 : doing laundry

okay, i seriously need to jot down my thoughts whenever i'm having them because this morning i have an idea on what to write, but when i got home i went totally blank! urghhh.

so, i did this post earlier and set it on auto publish =)

one weird thing i tried and proven to work recently is removing oil stain effectively from your clothes. one day i was preparing dinner and the oil splashed on my favorite PJs and guess what I did - I wash them with the dish detergent. is that what is it called. i meant sabun basuh pinggan. and as if nothing ever happens. hihi

FOR OIL STAIN ON YOUR CLOTHES : PRE-WASH THEM WITH SABUN BASUH PINGGAN, they work on the dishes, why not on out clothes kan! 

so, kalau balik dari gotong royong kenduri  tu, baju gets dirty, boleh lah cuba ya.

in winter, I prefer doing my laundry with shower gel. for two reasons, because I like the matching scents and they clean perfectly. Plus, they don't make my baju too soapy, they clean better than normal detergent, and doesn't clog my washing machine. and you know in winter kadang-kadang baju susah nak kering and they have this disturbing smell, well - DOESN'T happen with shower gels. hee hee. and there's no need for fabric softener afterwards.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

how life changes since the internet : Music


malam semalam i was reminded of how technology have changed our lifestyle. for tonight, I'm gonna write about music, and my big sister.


hihi. I don't remember having a proper lyrics book but my sister had TWO of them, log book kot! and it would be so cool when I get to take them to school with me and show off to my friends - of course I didn't steal the creadit - she had her name on the book. Her handwriting was sooooo pretty - well that, I could never have. and she would cut lyrics from the weekend newspaper or she would write the lyrics by ears.

well, i've seen her did it so often. PLAY. PAUSE. REWIND. PLAY. PAUSE. over and over until she finishes the whole song. sometimes she uses her earphones, sometimes she didn't. and you wanna make much noise when she's on her "song re-writing" session. hihi.

I don't really do that unless it's a song I like and she doesn't. maybe once or twice. but after that it's all Yahoo! Search. Google was not in the highlight at that time. nowadays, when I hear a nice song on Glee I would google those few words I could catch and tadaaaa, the title, singer, lyrics, mp3 and the videos are all there.


we don't really get to buy original cassettes back then. (yang pirated pun jarang2). So what my sister would do, we make our own mix tape. you push the record button (the play button will follow) and pause altogether. so then when the DJ announces what's playing next, she would run to the radio and get ready to release the push button, and you're not allowed to sing along or talk during the recording. she would give the keep quiet sign and i'd read her lips saying "akak tengah record". hihi. and then we play the recording, if it's good, we'll set them back to the standby position, so we could record the next song. =)

nowadays, I'd google " Sedetik Lebih Anuar Zain 4shared", and download the song right away.

Music Videos.

yea, early in the morning during school holidays, we don't really wake up late (now we're talking zaman sekolah) because my sister would wake me up and help her with the house chores. she would clean the floor, wash the dishes, clean the living room and stuff. i got the minor jobs like susun kasut, cabut rumput dalam pasu, and my favorite, sapu rumput selepas abah mesen rumput. so, it's either she'll turn on the radio or she'll switch on the TV, pagi-pagi dulu-dulu kan ada MTV.. then the same thing, ready kan video tape, and then bila ada interesting MV we would record it - now, we usually don't re-watch thing we record except N SYNC Tour - I love that a lot!   

ok lah folks! till then, selamat belajar rajin-rajin n do share how's internet changed your life =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

what happen when you eat too much "clam"

I meant "lala" actually, and I'm not even sure if lala is translated into English as clam or not. When I was in Malaysia it's a must to eat things I love but I can't get in Jordan. Kalau setakat laksa tu dah boleh buat sendiri, I pun tak adalah heran sangat nak makan kat malaysia kan....

One of them was my mom's lala. I was going to blog about this actually back when I was in Malaysia with the recipe - but unfortunately I've forgotten them. I was having difficulty in telling either this lala was cooked by mama or me, but analyzing the background sayur beralaskan salad layu and the enormous slices of ginger in the lala dish, and the smudges on the bowl I'm pretty sure this is my job.

Well, long story short, for the recipe : tumis normal and add some susu sejat. that's all =)

The thing is that my mom had fed too much lala and kerang, of course during last holiday. We would go to Pasar Besar Ipoh and buy the clams there, sebab in pasar besar the lala and kerang was like besar gila, regardless bulan penuh ke, bulan separuh ke. And even at 3pm you can still get lala - in pasar Tanjung Rambutan, 11 am pun dah habis semua lala tau! I remember one time before going back to Parit Buntar my mom was like, "Atiqah, esok masak benda lain, kerang tu simpan dulu... Hari-hari makan kerang, lala, ketam ni tak elok untuk kesihatan..." hehe..and one day after I failed my first JPJ test i went to greentown mall with abah for phone-hunting preceded with 2 bowls of kerang bakar..

A few days before I went back to Jordan we stopped by near pasar besar and my mom asked "Do you want to eat lala some more?" and I suddenly felt nauseous. "No ma, please... Even the thought of it makes me nauseous". My mom replied, "Alhamdulillah...means you have eaten enough, balik next year baru makan lagi, tak adalah nanti balik sana dok teringin2 lagi dah".

Well she was right. Today I saw a picture of Pasar Besar Ipoh.
I'm already nauseous.