Saturday, July 31, 2010

that is so.........................

so, sometimes i do stupid things. okay, maybe most of the time. and i wonder how many times people are actually annoyed by things i do/did/done. because, i am easily annoyed by things people do. contohnya macam cara menaip yang so-called ranggi, hip, hype, make-me-hypertensive pun ade. contohnye. oih tak boleh la bagi contoh. nanti backfire kot.

lagi, bila tengok orang dress-up macam ........................ erm, pelik-pelik sikit. okey, itu tidaklah annoying, cuma level make me scratch my head saje. bayanglah, aku pergi sekolah pakai baju warna kelabu dan tudung abstrak (bak kata orang rumah) aku. jadi most of the time aku memang rasa aneh tengok orang dressing canggih-canggih ni. this time, it's my bad lah, bukan orang tu. lagi satu aku pelik bila melayu nak dress-up macam arab sangat, sebab pakcik teksi selalu puji orang melayu kat jordan, sebab pakai elok, tapi orang melayu nak jugak pakai macam arab. jadi, aku sekali lagi pelik. ceh, padehal aku pun kadang-kadang sama naik je, wannabe sangat.

orang comel pose macam mana pun boleh. set-set kita ni, tangkap gambar "bajet-cute" satu, print dan pos pada mak, lalu mak pun kata, "ape kenanye ghope(rupa,macam) ini gambo budak ni???"'. urgh. tak payah ulas lanjut lah. 

kesimpulannya. (sebenarnya aku nak taip pendek je tadi, well it happens all the time, i always drag my entry). ramai-ramai dan macam-macam yang retarded di mata aku, adalah sangat normal di mata orang lain. dan normal di mata aku, mungkin retarded di mata orang lain. so, it's okay, we can both start calling names. or not calling names. haha. dan bila search image for retarded or retardation, mesti keluar gamba syndrome down, man, i find it offensive lah. sebab aku rasa kadang-kadang normal people are even waaaaaay retarded dari people with mental retardation. tapi, pada scale aku lah kan, scale aku.

berbalik pada ayat pembuka kita tadi. sometimes (i do mean most of the time) i do stupid things. and usually aware of how stupid it is. or maybe lama-lama baru sedar it's stupid. kadang-kadang we do things as a mechanism of defense, unconsciously, we just dont want to hurt ourself. i wonder if that, again, is considered as stupid jugak. living in denial, while u already knew it. and it's a pity kan, most of the time, we just lose our judgement. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

devoid of professional conduct?

grabbed from group df3at 2007 on facebook

out of hundreds of lectures we attend each year, for three semesters, there are lectures that rock you to sleep after 5 minutes (or even less). the ones that you can't-stop-looking-at-your-watch-every-30-secs. the ones that you spent reading something else, or daydreaming on what's for dinner tonight and so on. well, i know I DO have those lectures.

and of course there will also be lectures that really get into us. the ones that make us stop, and ponder upon things. the ones that pass by without us knowing that it's been 45 minutes of attentive listening. the ones that inspire us to shape our future planning. one of mine was today. (besides another lecture last year that got me into tears simply for the phrase "treat your patient like your family". at this point, i realize im very sensitive about the patient. haih)

"...out of 300 students, only 60 of you were here (well, im sure it's even less than that). that is why, we have many students who achieved very high grades in the USMLE, step-1, step-2 but those students failed in communication skills. those who didn't come to the lecture, are devoid of professional conduct.." or so, said my clinical psychology professor. i finished my coffee and move to front row. man, this is going to be a great lecture.

we talked (well, HE talked) about 20 rules of physician-patient relationship. well, i guess it's undeniable that patient is the essential of medicine. there's no need for physician, unless there is a patient. and upon completing quarter of the rules i was already like "crap, rules are really meant to be broken, because i dont think i've ever met a physician who abide this rule 100%". yet, i think i  should post this somewhere i can see and meng-sebati-kannya in my life. 

you can most probably google the rules or refer KAPLAN textbook. but what hit me the most is how attending lectures is important in your life in medical school. it MOULDS you into the kind of physician you want to be. you don't attend the lectures simply to gain knowledge - which you can get some of them from the book or recorded-and-then-written-lectures (which gives you 95% accuracy of the actual lecture, or perhaps even much better organized). but the most important of all, is that you spend an hour with a physician who posses a great range of knowledge and experience. those are the thing that enriches your life as a med students. 

well, at least now i know why some lectures appears super boring to me (basically because the professor only talks about the material, and just that). but there are also professors who give a dash of his inspirations, hopes and expectations towards us, which are most of the time, NOT INSERTED in the written lectures. because they never come up as a question in the exam, but they are super duper important in our life later on. medicine doesn't make you any better than other people just because of the knowledge. it makes you a better person, because you understand human a lot more, you learn the needs  of another human being.

well, i'm sorry for people who're not happy being in JUST medical school, because i know i'm enjoying every second of it. admiring my professors, though there are more of them, whom i've not met and given chance to adore. but again it's up to you, wether to keep whining for the whole 6 precious years, or make the best out of it. 

i nearly changed my interest to psychiatry this morning for the sake of "i am sooooo going to tell other med students these stuffs". then i was like, if it's psychology or ethics, perhaps i'll end up just like my professors. students just wont come (i mean those who're supposed to be lectured on this). well, i guess i'll just pursue my american-dream. eh tak tak. i'll pursue my dream then teach. because as for now, im just a medical student who writes in her blog while people read and question my performance in med school. but that day will come, when im all superior to those med students, make their life hell, and give them worth-remembering taste of their own medicine. baru 3rd year dah pandai kan!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

pictures, with love.

the video quality worsen after upload on youtube. the one on facebook much better. and the one that azam jatuh cannot upload. rugi...rugi...

YB Muaz Mohamed Akmal dengan pesen baju kancing smpai atas.

Muaz trying tu cubit pipi azam dan memuji beliau "comeinyeeeee"


what happened when he cannot get to naik kereta dengan azam. ganas. ganas.

heyyyyyy sweetie pie maksu!!!
janggut abah. always a favorite 

azam's favorite pose : the geram

sekarang maksu plak geram tengok azam

a maksu wannabe, pose menonggeng

spotted : azam muka happy, mungkin die nampak ayam. muaz is still trying very hard nak buat "peace" symbol. dan yang gem gem sebelah tu adelah abah die yang gem.

p/s: jumpa nanti sayang, maksu has 37 days to go ;-) insyaAllah.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

adakah atiqah dahalan seorang yang sombong?

poyo betul tajuk entry ni.

tapi, it kinda makes me think over and over lah kan.
because i've heard of it for quite a few times. by that i mean, people tell me that they think im sombong. bukan dengar2 duduk dalam bas pastu dengar orang mengata tu kan. bukan. 

kalau setakat kawan2 sekolah rendah tu, logik la jugak kan, satu darjah ada 6 kelas, mestilah aku tak kenal semua orang. kalau budak taayah batch aku mostly akan kata, one masa form one NAMPAK sombong gile. tp earlier this sem dengarnye ade jugak orang buat komentar one NAMPAK pilih kawan. tapi orang kata kawan memang kena pilih? eh tak tak. 

mintak maaf lah kat semua orang yang pernah rasa aku sombong. aku mana ade sombong lah. cuma aku lambat sket mesra dgn orang. tapi lepas tu aku okey biasenye. walaupun kadang-kadang (or most of the time) aku.....ermm tak taulah.

damn lah, susah betul kan ada konsep first impression. tak tahulah berapa ramai je yang first impression nye dekat aku "friendly, easy going". aku sikit punya talkative sampai orang tak larat nak dengar, ape yg sombong entah.

Monday, July 19, 2010

amok dan histeria???

AMOK : seen in south east asia, the (native malayan) as abrupt onset of unprovoked, uncontrolled rage, killing people/animals. 

mcm tu lah catatan dalam slides culture & health harini. wow, semester ni, classes were interesting, but i didnt get to jot much about them. so... when the professor mentioned relation of certain psych behavior with culture, and adding to it, stress factor, one thing that bothers me today in the hall is histeria. 

orang melayu suka lah histeria ni. siap buat movie kot. ha.. we might heard before, that histeria ni mungkin jugak disebabkan stress. well, agak make sense lah sebab it only happens in boarding school kan. and mostly among girls lah. okey, i dont have any experience dealing with histeria (alhamdulillah) just some stories been passed from generations. possession cases, paling dekat pun within 20 meters kot, because im among those who are "penakut", so when things happen, my friends would advise me not to get anywhere near the possessed student, sebab "hantu boleh tau kalau ko takut". ha... ok boleh ketawa jugak kalau nak.

hihi. so, i addressed this histeria matter to the professor after the lecture. is it possible that stress has cause the phenomena, and can stress causes hallucinations? considering some people claim of encountering paranormal activity ni kan, in term of hearing sounds or actually seeing the so-called ghost. the answer is NO. hallucinations is something up here (pointing to the head, indicating brain). what MIGHT be happening is that stress can cause illusions. the subject may MISINTERPRET things. the example given by my professor was, if you're anxious, waiting for someone, your brother, your father, or your husband, (mesti sebab i pompuan dy bagi contoh2 ni), you're under stress, of waiting. so, when you hear something, even just the wind, you think that, that's him coming. but hallucination on the other hand, might happen even without stimulus. so, in this case it's the misinterpretation, or illusion. and not hallucination.

wow. so i came to another possibility. mungkin sebab tu, "orang yang takut hantu lagi senang kena kacau." cuz she/he will be under a lot of stress being afraid of the hantu, so, everything is interpreted as presence of the entity. wah. best kan belaja psychology. belum lagi aku citer aku punye interpretation terhadap "butterflies in my tummy" selepas belajar psychology. tapi cik rokoiah kate, tak semestinye camtu.. sorry that one cannot share kat blog. kot2 nanti satu hari aku bleh menang nobel prize ke kan. wekkkkk.

okie dokie. esok exam food. 
ni lah dorm i mase form 2 dulu. yang............ tragis.
amik dari blog sue ya. aku tak mintak izin, tau ko tak berkira.

Friday, July 16, 2010

calon pilihan Pilihanraya PERMAI 2010 : Part ii

ye. telah terlewat untuk berkempen.

jadi tidak adalah part ii untuk siri ini.

sekian harap maaf.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Calon Pilihan Pilihanraya PERMAI 2010 : Part i


sebelum kita bermula, jom kita flashback apa yang dibebelkan cik tam onebonez di ruang kecilnya ini setahun yang lalu, untuk occassion yang sama di sini. (baca dengan discussion dekat komen2 die skali)jadi sekarang aku ada bukti mengatakan, aku dari dulu lagi pun mintak perkara yang sama saja. tidak lebih. tidak kurang.

mengapa sehelai kertas itu berharga?

metaphorically speaking, kertas lah. tapi, zaman dah canggih ni, mungkin saja manifesto itu dihebahkan melalui blog-blog berkempen, note-note di facebook wa imma video-video di youtube sekalipun. kepentingan pewartaan manifesto calon ini sangat penting bagi pengundi seperti aku, yang mengidamkan calon, yang bertanding kerana dia tahu apa yang ingin dia bawakan dalam PERMAI. 

itu yang pertama. yang keduanya. marilah kita sama-sama berfikir sejenak. aku kategorikan pemimpin dalam masyarakat PERMAI ada tiga. yang pertama, yang apabila terpilih, ia menyedari itu ketentuan Allah, maka atas sebab itu, dia perlu melakukan sehabis baiknya, menunaikan amanah dan yakin, Tuhan tidak membebani hambaNya dengan apa yang tidak mampu hambanya tanggungi. yang kedua, juga menyedari ketentuan Allah, dan yakin,Tuhan tidak membebani hambaNya dengan apa yang tidak mampu hambanya tanggungi, tetapi terlupa pada bahagian "maka atas sebab itu, dia perlu melakukan sehabis baiknya, menunaikan amanah". kedua-dua kategori ini wujud. aku katakan DALAM MASYARAKAT PERMAI, bukan dalam Majlis Mesyuarat PERMAI sahaja, sebab dalam jawatankuasa gerak kerja yang kecil2 pun berlaku juga senario yang sama. bahkan, i admit, i myself sometimes, bila buat kerja untuk permai pun termasuk dalam golongan kedua juga.

Calon Pilihan

dan kita juga ada golongan yang ketiga, yang kita impi dan idam-idamkan. yang bertanding kerana mahu membawa perubahan dalam PERMAI, kalau tidak banyak, maka sedikit penambahbaikan. yang berharap, jika layak untuknya bergelar pemimpin, maka mudah-mudahan Allah mengurniakannya kemenangan. yang tahu, kalau bukan dia, siapa lagi, kalau bukan sekarang bila lagi. maka inilah calon pilihan saya, yang kalau ada, mintalah dikhabarkan yang mana satu calonnya.

kalau perlu, apa salahnya kalau kita adakan speaker's corner, mendengar dari calon-calon kita sendiri, ke mana hala tuju PERMAI kalau dia menjadi terajunya. apa yang ingin ditawarkan, apa benefitnya untuk pengundi, setelah meluangkan sedikit masa untuk mengundi, bahkan mungkin juga yang turut sama berkempen. 

tempoh berkempen ini patut dimanfaatkan secara optimum oleh calon, memberi sedikit bayangan tentang masa hadapan PERMAI, what to expect, what not to expect. kalau tahun lepas kita ada kempen yang tertumpu pada biodata/profil calon, tahun ini nampaknya ada sedikit perubahan bila ada testimonial dari figure-figure tempatan. tapi, musykil juga bila bahagian "harapan calon" persis ucapan pasca kemenangan. nanti dulu, hari ini, khabarkanlah pada saya, mengapa perlu mengundi anda, hujung minggu nanti baru boleh anda nyatakan expectation anda pula kepada insan-insan yang telah mengundi anda. nak mintak kerja bersama-sama anda ke...kerja untuk anda ke..

saya seorang pengundi. saya tidak minta sistem keselamatan baru di kawasan perumahan saya. saya tidak minta disediakan perkhidmatan bas dari jamiah ke kawasan penempatan. saya tidak minta kain batik atau kain pelikat cap gajah duduk. saya cuma mahu tahu yang calon yang akan saya undi itu, benar-benar MAHUKAN undi saya itu. 

saya pilih untuk mengundi, tolong yakinkan saya undi saya itu bermakna.

Jadi Calon Pilahan Pilihanraya PERMAI 2010 : Part ii nanti baru dinyatakan calon-calon personal choice onebonez. kalau ada lah yang bagi manifesto pilihanrayanya. 

satu usaha yang baik dari penyokong calon ketua helwi : klik sini 
lagi usaha yang baik dari penyokong calon presiden : klik sini

lagi-lagi cerita makanan.

sejak kebelakangan ini, semakin ramai pihak telah mengesan, menyedari dan mengetahui cerita cik tam yang semakin menggemuk. your concern is highly appreciated. tak dilupakan juga nasihat-nasihat berguna dari semua. ececececeh...

tapi itulah kan. saya cuma mahu makan. dan kekal kurus. is that really THAT impossible? siapa kata hidup ini tak adil? adil lah tu, siapa suka makan, tanggung lah balasannya.mwahahahaha.

yaaaaaa...inilah sup MIFC yang telah memenangi acara calories commander bersempena
Medico in Futuro Campeggiare haritu...kalau tak menang, nescaya tak kuar blog nih.

bahan - bahan

ayam potong kiub
bawang merah dan bawang putih
grated carrots
air perahan lemon
garam - to taste


rebus ayam, jangan terlalu lama not to lose the tenderness of the chicken.
air pun bajet2 ye, supaya rasa ayam terasa, cuz we dont want to use kiub ayam. MSG weh!
masukkan bawang-bawang. bawang putih ketuk - for more flavour.
masukkan grated carrots, seleri dan air perahan lemon.
then garam, secukup rasa. 

selamat eating healthy and tasty!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

kaya : coconut milk and egg paste.

coconut milk and egg paste. lebih kurang macam tu lah bunyinya resepi yang aku amik kat internet hampir 3 tahun yang lalu. (hampir lah, masa tu di csi yang pertama). first try biasanya mmg menjadi. second try haritu macam hampehs sket, resepi pun dah hilang. terpaksa try n error saje. jadi setelah gigih berusaha, 3rd try telah membuahkan hasil yang memuaskan. terdapat dua cara membuat kaya.

cara yang pertama.

1 cawan santan
5 biji telur
1 cawan gula ---> jadikan gula hangus
sedikit daun pandan


1. secara double-boiling, panaskan santan dan telur yang telah dipukul. Masak atas api sederhana hingga sedikit pekat.
2. masukkan gula hangus. dan daun pandan jika ada. kalau nak senang, guna santan pandan je.

troubleshoot (paling penting).
jika anda seorang yang sangat lemah multitasking macam i, the odds are your kaya will get lumpy in between nak hanguskan gula, atau mencairkan gula sebab dah siapkan gula hangus dulu. so, jangan panik dengan menjerit2. (cara menjerit ni hanya sesuai bila dapur anda terbakar sahaja). masukkan kaya anda yang lumpy itu ke dalam blender dan kisar. u will be amazed by the wonders it makes.

3. tambah gula lagi jika kurang manis.
4. tadaaaaa... siap. selepas makan dengan roti gardenia atau cakoi, jgn lupa pergi bersenam, 5 biji telur tu...

cara kedua.

pergi kedai dan dapatkan kaya auntie rosie ataupun kaya dalam tin cap nona.

susu lemak manis,
santan kelapa muda,
adik jangan nangis,
emak buat kerja ( takkan emak upah susu??kan salah rima nya tu?)


setiap kali nak pek barang bawa balik ke Jordan, santan paket is a big must for me. biasanya akan beli 2 jenis, santan pandan dan santan biasa. santan pandan ni penting bila nak buat kuih dan semestinya nasi lemak, sebab tak tau option lain yang ada untuk mendapatkan pandan. 

sepanjang karier memasak i, memang i jarang guna santan kelapa yang real. pernah beberapa kali sahaja, itupun  hasilnya kurang memuaskan. tapi, tastebud mak ayah, atuk nenek di kampung, mana layan santan paket.. ish ish ish... tapi hakikatnya santan paket memang lebih baik dari santan original. berikut disenaraikan kebaikan santan paket.

1. tanpa kolestrol (ada jenis2 nye lah).
2. lebih praktikal dan portable.
3. tak berlaku pecah lemak, melainkan mmg masak api kuat sangat dan tinggal je gulai kau tu.
4. buat nasi lemak tak mengantuk, tambah sket minyak sapi tumbuhan, yummmmyyyyyy.(tumbuhan punya lemak pun, sapi dapat nama. cis kau sapi)

dan banyak lagi. (obviously, i dah takde idea la tu kan). walau bagaimanapun, lately i discovered something interesting and even much more healthy than santan. that is to substitute santan dalam kari dengan laban. taste awesome, lebih2 lagi kalau tumis awas2 (perak kata :aweh2) nya dengan minyak sapi tumbuhan lagi. ok, mmg i suka minyak sapi cap mazola, harap maklum.

tapi...tapi...tapi... ada satu kebaikan santan kelapa yang original. bila orang kata gulai you rasa aneh you can right away say, "santan tu dah tak berapa elok kot". been there, done that.

okey, renung2kan dan selamat memasak...!!!

p/s: untuk kaya pandan,  tak perlu gula hangus, guna gula biasa then letak pewarna hijau. secara aslinya, blender daun pandan dan masukkan pes nya. wow! pes????

p.p/s: cakoi, selain dimakan dengan kaya, boleh juga dimakan dengan kuah kacang ataupun dalam chinese cuisine, cakoi dimakan dengan bubur. kuah durian pun boleh you!!! nantikan cara-cara membuat kuah doyan pula di masa akan datang.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

the how-i-lost-my-phone story

so, last few nights, we went for dinner dekat arabella mall (lameeeee) food court. i was surprised bila pakcik chilli ways was like, "lama tak datang,pegi mana?". anyway. so, it was somehow a busy night, so i was doing some texting lah malam tu. then suddenly, at the end of the meal, i noticed that my phone went missing. haih. ke mana plak phone ni. me panicking over i-think-i-lost-my-phone adelah something yang sangat common. then bila check2 dalam beg takde zip tu, mmg tak de, i freaked out a lil bit. siap cari dalam tong sampah??? i mean, call phone sambil tggu ade vibrate tak tong sampah tu.

pakcik cleaner was sooooo nice, he took the garbage and tonggang dekat satu lot yg tak siap lagi, so, we call my phone, masih tak ada lagi. then pakcik tu suggest we talk to the security, might as well buat announcement. so we talk to the security and he asked, phone jenis apa. so, i mentioned lah it's LG, dalam case warna hitam, ada duit 6jd dalam tu. then he said they have the phone. ada cleaner lain jumpa, and gave it to him.

my hypothesis would be, phone tu jatuh masa kat meja, dan cleaner tu sedang mengemop lantai. so, kalau tanya kat kitorg, lets say it's not ours pun, or belong to orang yg duduk situ sebelum tu ke, maybe it's best for him/her utk bg pada security. and pakcik security tu pun mention that kalau ada jumpa barang memang diorang kena terus bg pada security. 

hey, dalam dunia ni masih ada orang yang jujur tau! mungkin jugak masih ramai. it's not as bad as we think it is. jadi, i think, dalam banyak2 (well, tak adalah byk sangat pun) mall i pernah pergi, security in arabella mall ni has definitely made a good impression. way to go!!!

LG cookie saye, yang pertama kali dipaparkan kat onebonez
notice that i have malaysian local time, tp aku pelik kenapa bila org tanya aku jordan pukul berapa mesti nak mention jugak malaysia pukul berapa. almost 90% orang yg berhubung dengan aku mcm tu.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


"once you choose medical school, you sold your soul to the devil."
1st day of school, i arrived 5 minutes late. 2nd day of school, went out 7.30, missed 3 buses and 25minutes late for the lecture. and it ended 10 minutes later. 3rd day, went out slightly earlier, missed FOUR buses, 25 ++ minutes late for the lecture. worried that i have to miss FIVE buses on the 4th day, i skipped school. hahaha. im lying, i didn't go because i wanted to do some registration stuff. and i realized i NEVER get all my 1st choices for elective subjects, but the substitutes were always great for me. ;-)

so, after a little CSi-get-in-action last night, and we were all unable to sleep well, today i did get out of the house as early as 7.15, yay me. missed only one bus, that too, i dont have to wait for the next bus. arrived at 7.40. one word popped up on my mind INTOXICATING. OMG, i can even grab my morning coffee and donuts!!! well, unfortunately the donuts place were not yet opened, or maybe they don't do business in summer??? so, just coffee and hotdog today. i'ma start making on-the-go muffins afterwards.

then even better. i finally get to see a always-make-plans-to-hang-out-but-never-worked-unless-it's-spontaneous buddy cuz she's in the same class with me. after two stinking years of not being able to see each other on regular basis, except for occasional once-a-year-bumping-into-each-other event. =)

and im also intoxicated, for another can't-mention-what reason. which somehow make me appreciate myself a lot more. =) 

i just finished He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, this edition has the "Life after he's just not that into you". i left this section anyway, because Liz mentioned that I should read it after a year or two after living my life applying all the "teachings" inside it. It was a good book, and i really enjoy the fact that I love reading. well, it takes a good book to make an attentive reader. i saw the movie first few months ago, for god's sake, it's 2009 production. and decided to give the book a shot. it's an eye-opener, life-changer and most important of all a time-saver.

a book for all men on earth to hate, and all women to cherish. thank you Greg for this companion. but i think guys should read it too. and you just have to read it yourself to know why am i saying all these things. anyway. another i book i finished during the holiday, would be "Making the Cut" by Dr. Mohamed Khadra. thanks to akak hawwwttt for lending me her book. it's a good foresight on how life's going to be like after medical school. 

and i realized this morning, that once you choose medical school, you sold your soul to the devil. (well, medicine is the devil in this case). medicine is going to be your life. anything else comes second to it. i didn't say number 2, because i dont put medicine as number 1. (????) technically i DID give up being in close proximity with my family to pursue medicine (i even thought i wont mind being sent to mozambique to study medicine). some call it sacrifice, well, i think they are practically the same. name it whatever you want, but you've done it, you put medicine above everything (almost everything) else. gotcha!

p/s: remember we learn about altruistic values in ethics? i used to understand it as, some people has got to die for others to live, and i just find out, in arabic it's ithar. so next time i take the biggest chicken during dinner, the girls can say "tiqah ni, tak altruistic langsung!".

selamat kembali kepada cik aisyahrkh7. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

hellooooo summer!

so it's summer. i'm not sure wether it's just me or it really IS the weather. it's HOT HOT HOT. i'm not complaining, i'm merely describing the weather. If u're in Malaysia, u might as well want to re-think about coming back to Jordan. hahah. but i heard it's hot and DAMP in Malaysia pulak. ouch!

It's extremely hot, and not to mention MSK's bus new route : JUST-Mujamma' Amman-McDonalds-MSK. which officially means, no more stop in qairawan. and I'ma have to walk all the way from McDonalds to home. WOW. if my classes were all in tibb, i might as well follow cik rokoiah to take the hospital buses everyday. and having to attend classes is the Engineering side of the university, not to mention it's CH2 - bangunan paling hujung di jamiah... and im definitely dropping the Bee Keeping course and opt to Food Preservation or something (and I hate microbiology....!)

This is yet the toughest, worst summer i've had so far. thank God for next year extra hols ;-). yipppeeee!!! 

on top of everything, I hope it's not too late to remind myself on not letting the weather affects me. and everyone else around. I finally understand when a local friend mentioned, the weather makes us harsh. don't let the weather change u. or decide who your are. or how u feel.

helloooooo summer =)