Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pre-HO Crash Course 3.0

Assalamualaikum folks!

Alhamdulillah I was given the opportunity to join the Pre HO Crash Course 3.0 in International Youth Center, Cheras - organized on the 22nd and 23rd of November. 

I must say it was a good program, money well spent, definitely! A friend posted the ads on our facebook group and I took a peek at the page. At first I was like, mehhhh RM280 (RM 230 if you register in a group of 3) for a program that does not offer clinical skills slot? I'd pass. But one fine Monday morning I discovered that I got in for the December intake of housemen... I decided to go. After all, I am going to KL anyway for one last babysitting job before switching career!

Let's cut to the chase.

1. What did I learn in the Pre-HO Crash Course?

A lot of things I didn't expect to learn. Like, how to write in a patient's BHT (haha I've listened to my mom using this short form BHT or "ticket" a lot but I just knew it stands for Bed-Head-Ticket), how to draw your physical examination finding. How to clerk a patient the Malaysian hospital way, I supposed?

Definitely a lot of other abbreviations commonly used in local hospital - well, you might as well find this on the internet or other housemanship guide book but, this is where you'll find the motivation to take the time and actually do something with the list of abbreviations. We were also briefed about how to present a case the way our superior wants it to be presented, how to refer cases and a selayang pandang of the forms in the hospital. Also important lab values, and interpretation of other investigations. 

2. What was the most appealing feature of the program?

For me, it was the follow ups. You see, this is the only prep course I've attended pun, so I really could not compare. But I love that we have a facebook group where Dr. Iliana - oh, she's our main speaker cum organizer of the course - would discuss findings with us. She'd also post reminders, motivations and I believe the network we built from the program would make a good support system for future needs. 

3. Who should attend the program?
Any medical graduates from outside Malaysia who intended to work in Malaysian hospital. This program will equip you with a decent, if not sufficient amount of exposure of what to expect as a houseman officer. 

4. How did I feel after the program?

Excited and eager to learn and work! 

5. When is the next pre-HO crash course?

Lucky you, there is another round of pre-HO crash course this January!!! Even if you're not going to be posted in January, I believe it is best to attend this course as soon as possible. Because some extra time to do your preparation would be nice. Before attending this course I basically don't know what to do, where to start, but after the program, I go into this "Wahhhh so little time so much to do" mode. 

Basically anyone who had ever went through housemanship can tell you the things you'll learn in this prep-course. But no one would spend two days with you to tell you all these stuff, organize it in this manner, under the assumption that "Alah...this one you will learn during your tagging period..." and also "this one so simple and easy, no need to tell you lah.." 

By the way, InshaAllah I will be sharing my notes with you on my housemanship experience. Ye la I kan nak jadi the happy houseman and make friends with many other happy housemen as well! 

Ok lah, so if you're interested. Here's the link to the Pre-HO crash course for further details.

one of my favorite thing from the program. at first i thought of printing the oath and adding some of my own positive affirmations on it and i plan to recite it every morning before work. apparently Dr.Iliana had prepared this cute oath cards for everyone - i have 2 extras if you want one! ;-)

I also bought this Najibah notes. I encountered mixed feedbacks regarding the notes - and I have yet to go through them myself , so will see lah about that. RM 70 for 4 subjects. 

The participants received two RM15 vouchers to be used to buy books, tools or white coat from Hanz Med Shoppe and F.A Signature. I used mine to buy a coat and got my stethoscope engraved.

After the Pre-HO course.

I have been busy and also pretending to be busy with unimportant stuff. But I'm finally going out for a walk (well, I wish I could jog, but I have been severely inactive this 6 months, I don't think running would do me any good tomorrow). I'm starting slow. I am also going through the ultimate handbook we got from the program - which listed topics we have to master, and list of abbreviations. I'm going through the list and hopefully actually reading the topics soon!!! 

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. I'm writing this because I think everyone should know about it, benda baik kita kongsi, tak gitu? 

Till next time, :-)