Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

hello hello people of earth :-)

30 Days ago, on January 23rd I started my 30 Day Shred journey. It started few weeks earlier when they open this shred challenge group that consist of 10 participants + 2 trainers. I signed up immediately because I've tried JM 30 DS before, and I didn't get any further than day 5. 

This support group had helped me a lot to get through this 30 Day Shred program. Like, MAJOR help I must say. The workout consist of 3 levels, and I do each level for 10 days, each level has 3 circuits and each circuit contains 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute abs. I'm not gonna elaborate more about the workout, I just want to share about how it feels like to finish my 30 day shred.

What I did was, I told several close people - whom I trusted will not belittle my effort to do this - that I'm going on a 30 day shred challenge. On days when I feel like giving up, they are the ones who would tell me, you don't want to stop now, you're halfway through, yada yada yada. And I guess, "roping-up" with others really held me through the challenge. 

If you notice, I was posting the days I was working out on facebook, with some lessons I've learn by surviving that day. There are times I was so amazed by how much I could push myself, and that there are so much potential in ourself that we often overlook. There are days I realized that sometime we need to take a step back and reflect, don't be too hard on yourself. There are days I learnt that I should give myself a break to sharpen the saw. I had knee injury and my team mate recommended I do yoga instead of JM 30 DS videos. I did, and it worked wonders to my journey.

Few days after level 1 I felt like working out had become easier - our trainer told me the workout never got easier - YOU ARE GETTING STRONGER. Few days after level 2, I was disappointed that I haven't seen much change in myself, but they told me to be patient, I will see result in the end - and yes I did! Few days into level 3, I noticed that I loss few inches - in the beginning I wasn't that happy but then I realized I should celebrate this small achievements instead of being ungrateful and wanting for more. I've learnt that completing 30 DS is not the end of me being healthier and more fit, it is just the beginning.

I have never agree to the idea of starving to lose weight. I did once thought about fruit detox diet, but thank God I did enough reading before I jump into it, all these starving diet will only slow down your metabolism. Losing weight for what so ever reason requires life style change. Halfway through the 30 DS, I realize I wasn't putting much effort on my eating habit. That was the only regret I have during this 30 days.! But then I started to be more aware of what I eat, and I try my best to make sure I don't go into starving mode.

I've learnt so much from my teammates & trainers experience. I wish I could do the same one day - helping others to live healthy. I want to be able to inspire people to live a healthy life.

I am so happy that I now know that I can stay committed to something, and I know that if I want something bad enough I would, no matter what, make time for it. So, should the same thing apply to other aspects of my life - it would be awesome. Most important of all, I realized that we NEED better support system in our life. (will talk about that more in upcoming entry)

When I update my status like, 
day 20 : you find your true potential by putting yourself up to a challenge :-) 
I told no one that it was my 30 DS thingy... I felt kinda embarrassed and maybe I was scared that people would make fun of me but one day, my trainer told me that no one should laugh at you for working out. Which is why, I came up with this entry. There are times when I felt like telling others, but I have this fear "what if I give up half way?" - well, that's the purpose of telling people what you're up to - so you are less likely to quit!

To sum up, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred gives you result - the harder you push yourself, the better the outcome. She's a bad-ass. Expect increased weight because you're gaining muscles. But the inches will go away. If you see me next time, don't ask me how much I loss, because I've gain 700 gm but you can ask me - how I felt after finishing this 30 days challenge. Hey, what doesn't kill you makes you STRONGER!

p.s. no I didn't drink protein shake - I replaced them with chocolate milk.
p.p.s. you never know how one click could change your life forever.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kasih sempurna

Hari ini alhamdulillah aku berpeluang round dengan clinical geneticist, Dr. Raqad. Mula-mula nervous juga, melihat Dr. dalam seragam tenteranya. Maklumlah, ini hari pertama di wad paediatric KAUH, sebelum ini di nursery dengan bayi-bayi baru lahir.

Masuk saja dalam bilik pemeriksaan, bersesak dengan 14 ahli A5 yang lain, Doktor, pesakit dan ibunya. Ada dua kes yang Dr. consult hari ini. Sepanjang rotation paediatric dah masuk minggu ke 5 ni, hari inilah hari paling emotional sekali. Dua-dua anak kecil yang kami temui hari ini mempunyai penyakit genetic. 

Bayi yang pertama, kulitnya berkedut-kedut persis Benjamin Button bila dilahirkan. Tangannya seperti angsa menyudu (swan neck), kakinya club foot. Kasihan. Itu yang pertama terlintas di kepala saat pertama kali melihatnya. Bagaimana dia membesar nanti agaknya. Besarnya pengorbanan ibu ini nanti untuk membesarkan anak ini yang tentu memerlukan lebih perhatian. Hati mula mengenangkan anak buah yang sudah 3 orang. Keluar dari bilik kecil tadi kata doktor, mungkin Marfan's syndrome, atau mungkin Cutis Laxa

Kanak-kanak yang kedua umurnya 9 tahun. Mukanya kalau di google, seperti noonan's syndrome. 
gambar : sekadar hiasan, ihsan google.

Kecik je  badan dia. Tak sangka dah 9 tahun umurnya. Muka nampak tak sihat, tapi ceria orangnya. Bila doktor kata, "Kami akan bantu kau untuk menghadapi masalah ni... kau rasa kau ada masalah tak?" Dia mendongak sedikit dan berdecit, tidak. Sesekali dia senyum malu. Sesekali ketawa. 1+1 jawapnya 2. 2+2 jawapnya 4. Doktor kata kanak-kanak perlu diraih keyakinannya dengan kita. Masuk patient yang ini hati makin pilu, air mata rasa macam nak mengalir tapi ditahankan saja. Berkaca pun jangan. Budak ni dengan mak dia ok je takkan aku pulak nak drama lebih kan.

Yang paling memukul aku hari ini adalah kesempurnaan kasih seorang ibu. Di sebalik senyum dan ketawa ibu-ibu tadi, aku yakin ada kerisauan yang terbuku. Amazing kan ibu-ibu ni, anak macam mana pun dia akan sayang sangat. Anak tak sihat ke, anak tak sempurna ke, anak sihat tapi nakal ke, anak sihat berjaya tapi lupa daratan ke, dia tetap sayang juga. Sentiasa dititip juga dalam doanya. Teringat pulak kata ustaz fakhrurrazi dulu, kasih ibu bapa pada anak ni fitrah. Tapi anak nak sayang ibu bapa kena dididik..ish ish ish...

Tak sangka pulak got so emotionally disturbed harini. Betul la tu kata orang kat KAUH ni macam-macam kes pelik kita jumpa. Emosi pun caca marba juga kadang-kadang. Inilah antara sebab-sebab why I'm not going to specialize in paeds. 

Ok sebagai penutup, I kalau lagu ni I memang tak tahan... berjurai-jurai je air mata kan... Ok, lepas baca jangan lupa call or text your mummy ok. Jangan lupa doa sekali tau! One thing about loving your family, you don't just wanna be family with them on earth, you wanna be with them in Jannah too :')

p.s : even after publishing this post, I haven't figured out sebenarnya apa yang buat sedih sangat pagi tadi ni.