Saturday, September 24, 2011

taking care of your front-load washing machine

hellooooo everyone. how are you? i'm great, enjoying my weekend and feeling SUPER lazy to update my blog - I'm thinking of renaming (cuz re-URL-ing) is not something wise to do the blog, but it's not yet official. heheh.

clinical life was awesome, challenging, tiring and what not. so today, let's move to another interesting topic FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINE.

in my previous entry I did recommend you to buy good electrical appliance, one of which includes the automatic washing machine. come on, you load your laundry , and some button-pushing and voila! your laundry is ready ladies and gentlemen :-)

Our house use the front-load (FL),basically it's cheaper than the top load at that time, and turns out FL use LESS WATER, smart buy ayte? anyway, after few years, we're quite disappointed that the FL start to smell weird, i mean, the clothes were clean but the smell is not as good as it should be. so today i googled on how tosolve this problem, and here's some tips for your FL maintenance.

  1. once in a month or two, run your FL empty with half cup of vinegar or bleach. Preferably use whites setting - the longest cycle and the hottest water setting available.
  2. notice the gasket on the front opening - wipe it after EVERY load because you might have mold there which causes the smell - since some water from your laundry might stuck there.
  3. use only High Efficiency detergent, if it doesn't have HE logo, it's not high efficiency :-) i got mine from c-town.
  4. after using your FL keep the door and the detergent inlet open.
  5.  use only recommended amount of detergent because excessive usage of detergent might cause detergent deposition.
  6. take out the laundry as soon as it finish - do not leave the laundry in your FL overnight.
i think that's about it. since it's weekend, and I do my laundry every saturday , happy laundry-ing people. have a nice day ahead.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

nikeplus versus abahplus

so today was my first day in clinical years. approximately 2 years and 8 months to go until we finish this so-called medical school marathon. introductory speech was really inspiring, and in a way hit you in your face why did you wanted so badly to be enrolled in a med school since you're a little girl. oh yeah, MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO EVERYONE for your prayers, support and encouragement that I finally made it to year 4 :-)

your patience and undying support meant the world to me. 

so, on a fine day like this, nothing is more interesting than a good run. i haven't run for so long, i was worried i couldn't make it. but i guess i've improved quite ok that i ran 1 mile non-stop. and i would hate to admit i was smiling half the way, didn't know running has gotten me this much. hehe.

but i only did 2.4 miles today - which is in abah's standard would be "hek eleh...." only. 

the best running companion.

when i started walking-running i realized the importance of a good running partner. well, no one beats abah in this case. he's like the most competitive partner - well, along would be too but i'm waaaay out of his league. but abah is different. it's the way he talked me to do more than i think i could, and he'd tell me i slow him down pushes me out of my comfort zone. 

"when you see someone older than you runs faster than you, you should try follow his pace - then you'll improve. take him as a challenge". 

well, abah IS a challenge to me, he's 60 this year and he's still so fit. but due to some physical condition he can't do strenous activity but i know he doesn't get tired so easily. usually i would start off walking with abah the first round, then the second i would follow my nikeplus coach regimen which is a mix of running and walking - so when i'm going to start running, i would say to abah "ok, bye ikah nak lari..." i would take off and when i'm back to walking abah will be right behind me and i'd be like "abah lari ehh???" and he'd go like "mana ada...abah jalan je...pun boleh kejar kamu". - i know he ran! 

running without abah sucks. i would love to hear him talk about things around us - but now i'm just listening to my running playlist. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

so long, farewell.... it's time to say goodbye

these 3 months fly by SOOOOO QUICKLY... perhaps the fastest quarter of a year I've ever experienced. hopefully suku-suku yang lain akan berlalu secepat ini juga atau lebih cepat lagi. heehee.

tolong doakan saye nak exam 6 haribulan ye. minta maaf salah silap.

paling sedih sekali bila mama buat ayat seperti , "jadi beg pun bagus boleh ikut sekali...." ataupun, "jadi baju pun bagus, boleh ikut ikah" haizzz.

ok babai babai babai.