Thursday, December 29, 2011

you never know what you posted on facebook could do


Alhamdulillah dah selesai Mini OSCE & OSCE untuk rotation Surgery... Jumpa lagi di final nanti, i will update on it inshaAllah..

So, few days ago, I encountered this video on facebook. Unfortunately I couldn't recall the person who posted the video.

Basically, the message was very simple about not to membazir makanan kan... I was so touched by this video that after watching this, I always finish food on my plate when I eat out - I ordered according to my ability to finish them - and when food falls and it is still clean and safe to eat I would pick it up. And every time I eat I would think of this video.

Another video I watched was about how easy it is today to share good things with people. Yelah, kalau ada 800 friends on facebook, hopefully one of them would benefit from things you posted kan. Tapi yang ni I tak berjaya nak laksanakan lagi. hehe.. And I really love this program, lau kaana bainana. In malaysia it is aired on TV Hijrah with subtitle, before this I only watched on youtube je, so lucky you Malaysian that it is now on TV.. Ok, till next time, selamat menonton! 

p.s : And keep sharing!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Katakan TAK NAK!!

Ok, entry sempena nuffnang Katakan #TAKNAK photo contest.

Azam's taknak face =)

Being a medical student, of all people, we are the ones who know the most how bad smoking could be. I wish I could list down all the risks that comes with smoking. Well, actually I did.

Unfortunately, even people who knows these risks very well still doesn't have the willpower to quit smoking. It is devastating that the ones who were to advise the patient to quit smoking, is a smoker himself. My dad is not a smoker, and I thank God for that, at least I didn't have to grow up as a passive smoker. Too bad, here in Jordan, we have all become a passive smoker even in the hospital compound! I swear sometimes I wish the water sprinkler would go off in the ladies so that the smoker would get soaked in water for smoking in hospital's toilet.

One day on my way to the hospital, a taxi driver told me he's coughing black sputum. I was alarmed, but then some research and he himself told me that it's normal for people who quit smoking to experience that. Because his lung, is clearing up! How amazing! I asked if it was hard for him to quit smoking, he said yes, in the beginning, but then it's ok and not that hard. 

So smokers, all you need is the first step. And I wish you all the best =) Check out this link on gayahidupsihat

And this ad, is heart breaking.

Ok, that's all for today, mana tau ada rezeki kan, dapat duit free.. heee heee. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homosexuality: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Disclaimer : writing this doesn't make me homosexual in any perspective available. I'm trying to share my opinion and suggest some improvisation for our society. Thank you.

So let us begin with what is homosexuality?

Homosexuality is romantic or sexual attraction or behavior between members of the same sex or gender. As a sexual orientation, homosexuality refers to "an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectional, or romantic attractions" primarily or exclusively to people of the same sex; "it also refers to an individual's sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and membership in a community of others who share them

Is homosexuality a choice?

Based on this video, we're saying that homosexuality is NOT A A CHOICE. Ok now, here's where the real discussion should begin. Is it really not a choice? Researches had associated a person's sexual orientation with  genes, prenatal hormones and brain structure. (source)  So we encounter people who claims God has created us this way, it is not our fault, and we don't become homosexuals because we choose to. No you didn't darling, you didn't choose to be homosexual, instead, you wanted to be. Now you're starting to hate me for saying that.

Because, it was said that "no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors. Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles; most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation." source.

Homosexuality and Islam.

Is it sinful to have feelings for a person of your same gender? Nope. Feelings is not something you're responsible for. You don't get to choose whom you fall in love with, but you get to choose how you conduct your feeling. Having feelings for people of your same gender does not make a person such a weirdo, it makes you human. Take it as a challenge, this is God's way of testing your iman. You CURB your desire. You don't nourish your feelings and let it overtakes you. You are the driver of your life, you choose what you want to do. You can choose either to pursue your feelings or go the other way around.

It's not the feelings that is sinful, it's the way you conduct it. If you're a homosexual, I suggest don't get alone with an attractive man/woman, always be in the company of others, don't get involved in deep / personal discussions with any person that you may think will trigger your homosexual feeling. Stay away from any other people who have similar feelings. Don't even think in such an idea of this subject, keep yourself busy in different useful thing, and stay away of anything that remind you of homosexuality. Keep a POSITIVE thinking in your mind and keep saying to yourself that you can do something about it. Don't ever say I can't. Remember with every step you are taking toward getting rid of this habit you are getting help and reward from Allah (S.W.T) and you are annoying the shaytan. Not doing something you can do, for fear of Allah, you'll be rewarded. -source-

What had we done wrong as society?

We become haters. We call them fags, sutun, kepit and what not. We think our hatred are making them weaker, no we're wrong. We help them grew stronger. We triggered them to stick together because they had become so vulnerable. I'm not saying we should welcome them with arms wide open. But we should provide them with support-system to help them with the issue. They won't recover, because they're not sick. But they will triumph because this is their battle. We help them CURB their feelings. We have association that help drug addicts, ibu muda and so on, but the homosexuals? We gave them condoms and remind them to use it so they don't catch AIDS. Ironic.

Prevention is better than cure

A child don't become homosexual overnight, it's a build up process that might take years to complete. The problem is that during the process no one was there to guide them the right way. Our kids get their information from the internet, and hardly people will google for "Homosexuality and Islam". So, all they are going to find are sites that tell them that it is OK to be different.

Rainbow and unicorn would never appear harmful or even wrong to these kids. Had we have a better system in a family, where discussion with parents are a little bit more eased, we might be able to prevent a kid from choosing the 'colorful' paths. Tell those kids, "Your feelings is not wrong, but it's not permissible in Islam, this is a challenge for you from Allah and we'll help you get through this test." But what usually happens, parents would freak out, kick those kids out from home, putus saudara and so on. Then the viscous cycle started where they start to find people who understands them and treat them nice. And family is no longer providing them with that.

Don't get me wrong, I just think if we understand them a little bit more, they might actually open up to us and accept the help we're offering. Don't judge. Don't put label on them. Help them instead.

Just my 2 cents.

and again I'm not homosexual or anyway near it.

tips perantau #2 : doing laundry

okay, i seriously need to jot down my thoughts whenever i'm having them because this morning i have an idea on what to write, but when i got home i went totally blank! urghhh.

so, i did this post earlier and set it on auto publish =)

one weird thing i tried and proven to work recently is removing oil stain effectively from your clothes. one day i was preparing dinner and the oil splashed on my favorite PJs and guess what I did - I wash them with the dish detergent. is that what is it called. i meant sabun basuh pinggan. and as if nothing ever happens. hihi

FOR OIL STAIN ON YOUR CLOTHES : PRE-WASH THEM WITH SABUN BASUH PINGGAN, they work on the dishes, why not on out clothes kan! 

so, kalau balik dari gotong royong kenduri  tu, baju gets dirty, boleh lah cuba ya.

in winter, I prefer doing my laundry with shower gel. for two reasons, because I like the matching scents and they clean perfectly. Plus, they don't make my baju too soapy, they clean better than normal detergent, and doesn't clog my washing machine. and you know in winter kadang-kadang baju susah nak kering and they have this disturbing smell, well - DOESN'T happen with shower gels. hee hee. and there's no need for fabric softener afterwards.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

how life changes since the internet : Music


malam semalam i was reminded of how technology have changed our lifestyle. for tonight, I'm gonna write about music, and my big sister.


hihi. I don't remember having a proper lyrics book but my sister had TWO of them, log book kot! and it would be so cool when I get to take them to school with me and show off to my friends - of course I didn't steal the creadit - she had her name on the book. Her handwriting was sooooo pretty - well that, I could never have. and she would cut lyrics from the weekend newspaper or she would write the lyrics by ears.

well, i've seen her did it so often. PLAY. PAUSE. REWIND. PLAY. PAUSE. over and over until she finishes the whole song. sometimes she uses her earphones, sometimes she didn't. and you wanna make much noise when she's on her "song re-writing" session. hihi.

I don't really do that unless it's a song I like and she doesn't. maybe once or twice. but after that it's all Yahoo! Search. Google was not in the highlight at that time. nowadays, when I hear a nice song on Glee I would google those few words I could catch and tadaaaa, the title, singer, lyrics, mp3 and the videos are all there.


we don't really get to buy original cassettes back then. (yang pirated pun jarang2). So what my sister would do, we make our own mix tape. you push the record button (the play button will follow) and pause altogether. so then when the DJ announces what's playing next, she would run to the radio and get ready to release the push button, and you're not allowed to sing along or talk during the recording. she would give the keep quiet sign and i'd read her lips saying "akak tengah record". hihi. and then we play the recording, if it's good, we'll set them back to the standby position, so we could record the next song. =)

nowadays, I'd google " Sedetik Lebih Anuar Zain 4shared", and download the song right away.

Music Videos.

yea, early in the morning during school holidays, we don't really wake up late (now we're talking zaman sekolah) because my sister would wake me up and help her with the house chores. she would clean the floor, wash the dishes, clean the living room and stuff. i got the minor jobs like susun kasut, cabut rumput dalam pasu, and my favorite, sapu rumput selepas abah mesen rumput. so, it's either she'll turn on the radio or she'll switch on the TV, pagi-pagi dulu-dulu kan ada MTV.. then the same thing, ready kan video tape, and then bila ada interesting MV we would record it - now, we usually don't re-watch thing we record except N SYNC Tour - I love that a lot!   

ok lah folks! till then, selamat belajar rajin-rajin n do share how's internet changed your life =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

what happen when you eat too much "clam"

I meant "lala" actually, and I'm not even sure if lala is translated into English as clam or not. When I was in Malaysia it's a must to eat things I love but I can't get in Jordan. Kalau setakat laksa tu dah boleh buat sendiri, I pun tak adalah heran sangat nak makan kat malaysia kan....

One of them was my mom's lala. I was going to blog about this actually back when I was in Malaysia with the recipe - but unfortunately I've forgotten them. I was having difficulty in telling either this lala was cooked by mama or me, but analyzing the background sayur beralaskan salad layu and the enormous slices of ginger in the lala dish, and the smudges on the bowl I'm pretty sure this is my job.

Well, long story short, for the recipe : tumis normal and add some susu sejat. that's all =)

The thing is that my mom had fed too much lala and kerang, of course during last holiday. We would go to Pasar Besar Ipoh and buy the clams there, sebab in pasar besar the lala and kerang was like besar gila, regardless bulan penuh ke, bulan separuh ke. And even at 3pm you can still get lala - in pasar Tanjung Rambutan, 11 am pun dah habis semua lala tau! I remember one time before going back to Parit Buntar my mom was like, "Atiqah, esok masak benda lain, kerang tu simpan dulu... Hari-hari makan kerang, lala, ketam ni tak elok untuk kesihatan..." hehe..and one day after I failed my first JPJ test i went to greentown mall with abah for phone-hunting preceded with 2 bowls of kerang bakar..

A few days before I went back to Jordan we stopped by near pasar besar and my mom asked "Do you want to eat lala some more?" and I suddenly felt nauseous. "No ma, please... Even the thought of it makes me nauseous". My mom replied, "Alhamdulillah...means you have eaten enough, balik next year baru makan lagi, tak adalah nanti balik sana dok teringin2 lagi dah".

Well she was right. Today I saw a picture of Pasar Besar Ipoh.
I'm already nauseous.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

apple cutter untuk abah

Bismillah... Abah memang suka makan apple hijau. Because his doctor said he should eat a lot of them. So,  we never run out of green apples at home. And he always buy fruits in this fruit store in Ipoh Garden sebab "buah kat sini semua cantik-cantik, tak busuk". Yup, I kinda enjoy the fruits dekat situ. 

Abah memang suka makan buah. We all anak-anak pun suka makan buah, tapi malas kupas. And abah is aware of that and when he kupas buah he would say, "kalau tak berkupas, haram tak ada siapa nak memandang... kalau dah kupas tu, cepat aje habisnye...". Mama thinks if you want to eat apples, mesti kena buang kulit but we're all very lazy, we don't do that. 

Muaz pun suka makan green apples, and if Muaz gets his green apples it would be peeled and potong kecik-kecik. And abah would say, "nah, makan dengan maksu". We would finish the plate, and maksu will eat more because maksu can chew faster than muaz. and then I would tell ask muaz, "muaz nak lagi tak?" when he says yes I'd tell him " cakap kat atuk muaz nak lagi, ok?" and we'll get another plate of peeled, bite-sized green apples :-)

When abah cut apples for himself and sit in front of the TV i would come around, "nak sikit abah". hihihi.
Tapi dekat sini siapa pulak nak potongkan green apples. and of course I'm still the lazy me, so I get myself this apple cutter. and I'm gonna get one for abah too, for all the green apples abah had cut for us.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

tips dapur perantau #1

assalamualaikum.... ok, I've wanted to write about this dah lama dah, tapi harini baru ada rasa nak tulis kan... So, today I'll be sharing with you two tips regarding memasak di negeri orang ni kan..

#1 : keeping your flavors fresh.

One of the ingredients I love using but is not available in Jordan is dau limau purut. I keep them in the freezer and I hate it the most bila nak guna, daun limau purut tu dah kering/kecut... Bila kering ni, flavor nye pun tak berapa sangat dah kan. Tapi, recently, I noticed my daun limau purut maintain segar bagaikan baru dipetik dari laman rumah ya puan-puan sekelian. Then I checked on my daun pandan, only the outer layer je yang kecut, those inside pun masih segar jugak lagi, maybe sebab daun pandan tu I balut dengan surat kabar then ikat dalam plastik.

My suggestion : get yourself freezer bag or any kind of zip lock bag and simpan lah all kinds of daun kesum, daun kunyit, daun pandan dalam bags macam ni... It's very convenient, and kalau nak lebih organize, untuk ayam and daging, lepas bersihkan boleh simpan dalam tupperware dan susun elok- will make your freezer cools better! tapi jangan pulak dah beli freezer bag ko tak seal balik elok-elok plastik tu cik tipah oiii..

#2 you know you looooooove tempoyak

Okay, so this is the second time I secured landing a tempoyak in Irbid. I think ramai je yang ade buat ni, tapi nak share jugak bagi yang tak tahu.. It's not impossible, yang penting bekas kena tutup kemas-kemas. My mom said it's better to use tempoyak yang dah lama sebab dah tak ada gas kan. Tapi this year, I brought new tempoyak and alhamdulillah - still no explosion. hee hee. Seal elok-elok bekas, balut dengan surat kabar, daun pandan dan plastik beberapa kali - just in case berlaku kejadian tak diingini.. Hasilnya, tahun ni ada dekat sekilo tempoyak I bawak, ha...

OK, sekian saja untuk episod kali ini, selamat mencuba!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

you know you want to snap but you just can't

selalu kan dalam hidup ni, kita memang teringin nak snap (baca : sentap) tapi you read too much self-help books you just can't do it. i was looking for ways to vent my dissatisfaction and frustration the whole afternoon but once in a while my rational brain would stop my primitive thoughts from executing things i-would-love-to-do-and-regret-later.

(i hate it the most when i typed something and had to delete them because i don't want to regret later)

Lama betul tak menulis di onebonez ni kan. Tak ada mood. Alasan!

Aku ingat aku dah bersabar, tapi salah. Aku bukan sabar. Sabar itu pada 1st hit. Kalau saat itu aku diam, duduk, bertaawuz dan beristighfar, itu baru namanya aku telah bersabar. Kalau saat itu tak terhidu oleh sesiapa pun kemarahan aku itu, maka itu namanya aku berjaya menelan kemarahan. Tapi aku sempat menghamburkan dulu kecewa dan marah aku. Aku biarkan otak primitif aku mendominasi aku sekejap. Aku fikirkan apa saja boleh aku lakukan untuk menunjukkan marah aku. Aku fikirkan rasional-rasional mengapa aku perlu berbuat begitu. Aku kata aku berhak untuk marah. Aku kata "memang aku pun salah, tapi......" Aku memakai t-shirt BSE : Blame Someone Else. Aku terlupa aku dan mereka duduk pada posisi berbeza, jadi kita tidak melihat "beach ball" itu dengan pemandangan yang sama.

Jadi sekarang bila menulis ni barulah kau nak sedar kan atiqah..... ha... ini sebab aku menulis di onebonez ni, sebab bila aku nak tulis dalam keadaan marah, biasanya aku akan reda marah selepas aku taip, aku fikir dan aku padam.

maafkanlah aku andai aku mula membina tembok, sebab bagi aku, semua kata-kata manis kamu-kamu yang kononnya berukhuwwah dengan aku - tipu.

Dan hari ini aku teringatkan satu nikmat yang kadangkala aku lupa : teman-teman susah senang aku di Irbid ni. cik rokoiah, cik sopiah, cik jah dan cik mardot.

selamat malam.

Friday, November 11, 2011

onebonez kitchen : sup daging halia

sup daging halia

Wah wah wah... lama betul tak update blog ye... ala-ala tak pernah ada blog pulak punya negligence... ingatkan tadi nak buat nasi goreng dengan daging merah, alih-alih tengok daging dalam peti ais pun tak de banyak sangat... (daging korban banyak la tapinye kan, alhamdulillah) so nak masak yang simple-simple je..

bawang putih - dititik
halia - hiris nipis
cili padi
sos tiram

  1. Kalau guna daging frozen, rebus dulu sehingga empuk.
  2. Tumis bawang putih, halia dan cili sehingga naik bau.
  3. Masukkan daging dan goreng sehingga kering ( kalau pakai daging rebus tak payah tunggu kering lah kan)
  4. Masukkan sos tiram dan air rebusan daging.
  5. Kacau-kacau dan masukkan garam secukup rasa
  6. boleh tambah carrot or kentang jika suka.
  7. JANGAN nak menambah aji-shio bagai - will ruin the flavor! 
Selamat mencuba :-) rajin-rajin boleh garnish dengan daun sup.

Friday, October 21, 2011

books to let go Part One

as my effort to unclutter my room, i'm selling few books I'm not gonna need in clinical years. More books coming soon - still in the process of convincing myself to let them go. hihi.

Sherris Medical Microbiology 4th Edition
Price : 7 jd
this is the original book, with remade cover by the bookstore
recommended for microbiology when you take the integrated module
bought this in my 3rd year, should've bought it in my 2nd year!
condition : like never been used.

Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry
27th Edition
Price : 7jd
Condition : Like new
Digital Edition Internet Subscription Access Number pun tak scratch lagi ni

- includes test-taking and strategies Guide -
Price : 9 jd
recommended for people who plan to take USMLE
also to review things you've learn in basics sciences : anatomy, histology, pathology, pharma, biostat
etc etc - questions are structured according to subjects

YM : ieq_pit
0779849863 (text only)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Online Shopping in Middle East

"MarkaVIP is an online shopping club, you have to be a registered users to get access to MarkaVIP club and their discounts. The best thing about MarkaVIP is that their website is so clean, that they don’t even have about us or any page which tells the users about the website; this makes users to register to know about MarkaVIP. According to markavip website ”MarkaVIP is an online shopping club, its gives exclusive access for its members to limited sales on a daily basis on top lifestyle and fashion brands. The sales are discounted up to 85% off the retail price. When checking out, please choose the cash on delivery payment method to pay for your order when you receive it if you don’t have a credit card. Membership in our club is free but is limited to the lucky few.” I think MarkaVIP shopping club gives discounts in some countries in middle east or all, which I don’t know exactly, because I am not a registered user and which you will know, when you register."

So, I've joined MARKAVIP for quite some time now. And I must say, the discounts were amazing especially when it comes to the Monster Garage Sale - technically the only campaign I've bought from because the price were soooo irresistable! Their delivery service were good enough, and their customer service speaks English too - a major plus point! So hurry hurry and join MarkaVIP today, you wouldn't wanna miss the any amaaaaazing sale coming up soon! And help ME shopping by signing up from my referral link. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

on nasi lemak 2.0 and insulting malaysian movies

Okay, firstly i just realized that it's near the end of 2011 and I haven't even write half of the amount I used to. *sigh*.

Secondly, I first noticed Nasi Lemak 2.0 trailer the morning we were "bakar-ing the lemang". Soooo cute la the rasa sayang song :-) And I know this is a movie I definitely wanna watch - it's been a while since I felt so excited to watch a Malaysian movie. The same kind of feeling I'd have with arwah Yasmin Ahmad's movies. 

it won't be fair if I say it's a great movie before I even watch it, but I have a good feeling about this movie. Unfortunately, some people - even film maker I adored was slamming hard on Namewee's work, mainly taking into consideration his previous hit video on youtube - negarakuku. Well, when negarakuku came out, I was in Intec Shah Alam - so to say 4 years ago. I'm not gonna talk about that. So,  today I found this video where namewee's were so pissed off.

It's everyone's right to have a view and establish a certain stand against certain people. But, seriously? I don't think it's fair in show business to judge a movie based on something the director cum actor did 4 years ago. We're out of good movies in our country. And I'm sick of watching movies that takes Mat Rempit to a new level, as a role model when they "insaf" yada yada yada... Overrated malaysian poser yang lebih mat salleh dari American citizen. So why mencantas usaha-usaha film maker like him - who tells stories we could relate to. 

Insulting Malaysian Movies

Well, I'm not yet a mom, but I have nephews and niece. And when I was in Malaysia for 3 months, I wonder few years from now what will these kids watch on TV. You know when people talks about movies that insult particular culture/religion, I have listed my own characteristics of movies that really ARE insulting.

  1. Movies that show it's OK and normal for unmarried couples or friends of opposing gender, muslims to stay or be in a same house alone.
  2. Movies that show it's very common for mat rempit who is usually a muslim and a malay of course, to screw girls after their race.
  3. Movies that show Muslims doesn't pray 5 times a day - at all.
  4. Movies that show certain people from particular place in Malaysia loves backbiting, gossiping like they have no other things to do.
  5. Movies that show students go to university to find their potential spouses, flirt around, not studying, graduated and work in awesome company.
  6. Movies that show it's really common to go to shaman, bomoh, dukun, pawang penipu and do stuff that ruins your akidah as a muslim.
  7. Movies that show fornication is very common these days.
  8. Movies that show certain race is more superior than the other for whatsoever reason.
  9. Movies with jokes that are "bodoh lagi memperbodohkan" penonton.
  10. Movies that attempted to show things are not OK in our society but the director get carried away in highlighting the unnecessary stuff instead of the suggested solution.
That's it for the night. We are all aware that the so-called "gejala sosial" in our country worsens every single day. But hey, there's no need for more publicity on that. The way to solve it, is to reach out to the youngsters, be their friends, and try our best to understand what causes all these problem. We have serious problem with our youth, and all you can do is giving them the impression EVERYONE ON THE SILVER SCREEN is doing this? pffftt..

And every time we bring it up, that there's too much exposure on the vice, they tell us "kita nak tunjukkan realiti masyarakat hari ini, dan kita tak nak remaja buat perkara-perkara tersebut..". yea right. if that's what you want you put the vices in a more subtle way in your movie, but emphasize more on the right thing to do. though it's too good to be true, still, it might have better impact on the society.

ok , i'm getting carried a way with this post. till then, have a nice week everyone :-)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

anak yang bongsu lah katekan...

sepanjang 4 tahun lebih keberadaan di Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan ni... perhaps inilah kepulangan paling homesick i've ever felt. you wouldn't wanna know how much and how long i cried masa nak balik ke sini haritu. entry ni adalah untuk my beloved abah, even though he doesn't read my blog - i didn't left him tutorial on how to read a blog pun kan balik cuti haritu. 

Happy birthday abah.

today's his birthday October 2nd. Born in 1950, abah is now 61 years old. you know when i was very young i would send mushy text to my family, one such as "Ikah sayang abah n mama sangat-sangat". then my abah replied, "abah dan mama lagilah sayang, anak bongsu lah katekan". and that got me crying immediately. pffftttt.

as much as fun as it is (weee, i definitely used too much "as" there) to be anak bongsu, it kinda sucks a little bit because i became very manja (not spoiled ehhhh) and parting with family gets more difficult meskipun since 13 dah tak duduk di rumah lagi. Now that i've put it into a sentence, I just realized semenjak umur 13 tahun, that 3 months holiday was perhaps the longest duration i've ever stayed home? let's not talk about after SPM - because I DIDN'T GET TO STAY HOME NEITHER at that time.

everyone loves their dad, and as a blogger daughter, i have the privilege to brag about my dad in my blog.

abah saye seorang yang sangat penyabar 
abah saye rajin berkebun? 
saye selalu leter abah saye supaya menjaga pemakanan beliau kerana abah saye mengidap diabetes. 
abah saye selalu bawak saye makan capati pagi-pagi selepas joging sambil minum teh ais. 
abah saye selalu bising saye joging sikit makan lebih. 
abah saye comel. 
abah saye rajin layan cucu.. hihi
abah saye pandai buat lemang.
abah saye masak gulai lemak beberapa tahun sekali but it's marvellous.
abah saye overprotective for good reason.
kalau saye nangis abah saye akan bahan saye selepas itu sampai saye rase menyesal nangis tadi.
cuti 3 bulan saye asyik tgk sports channel sebab terpengaruh dengan abah.

selamat hari lahir abah, semoga Allah bagi abah sihat tubuh badan untuk terus mengerjakan ibadah..

pics update...lame tak letak gambar kan..

mama and abah - colmar tropicale bukit tinggi

muaz's new obsession : izzah =)

 bunga di taman baru sekuntum : izzah lagi :-)

big brother-to-be :-) azzam inshaAllah will be joining yeop muaz in kelab abang long next year

p.s : i miss home
p.p.s : lately malas betul update blog. aiya..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

taking care of your front-load washing machine

hellooooo everyone. how are you? i'm great, enjoying my weekend and feeling SUPER lazy to update my blog - I'm thinking of renaming (cuz re-URL-ing) is not something wise to do the blog, but it's not yet official. heheh.

clinical life was awesome, challenging, tiring and what not. so today, let's move to another interesting topic FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINE.

in my previous entry I did recommend you to buy good electrical appliance, one of which includes the automatic washing machine. come on, you load your laundry , and some button-pushing and voila! your laundry is ready ladies and gentlemen :-)

Our house use the front-load (FL),basically it's cheaper than the top load at that time, and turns out FL use LESS WATER, smart buy ayte? anyway, after few years, we're quite disappointed that the FL start to smell weird, i mean, the clothes were clean but the smell is not as good as it should be. so today i googled on how tosolve this problem, and here's some tips for your FL maintenance.

  1. once in a month or two, run your FL empty with half cup of vinegar or bleach. Preferably use whites setting - the longest cycle and the hottest water setting available.
  2. notice the gasket on the front opening - wipe it after EVERY load because you might have mold there which causes the smell - since some water from your laundry might stuck there.
  3. use only High Efficiency detergent, if it doesn't have HE logo, it's not high efficiency :-) i got mine from c-town.
  4. after using your FL keep the door and the detergent inlet open.
  5.  use only recommended amount of detergent because excessive usage of detergent might cause detergent deposition.
  6. take out the laundry as soon as it finish - do not leave the laundry in your FL overnight.
i think that's about it. since it's weekend, and I do my laundry every saturday , happy laundry-ing people. have a nice day ahead.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

nikeplus versus abahplus

so today was my first day in clinical years. approximately 2 years and 8 months to go until we finish this so-called medical school marathon. introductory speech was really inspiring, and in a way hit you in your face why did you wanted so badly to be enrolled in a med school since you're a little girl. oh yeah, MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE TO EVERYONE for your prayers, support and encouragement that I finally made it to year 4 :-)

your patience and undying support meant the world to me. 

so, on a fine day like this, nothing is more interesting than a good run. i haven't run for so long, i was worried i couldn't make it. but i guess i've improved quite ok that i ran 1 mile non-stop. and i would hate to admit i was smiling half the way, didn't know running has gotten me this much. hehe.

but i only did 2.4 miles today - which is in abah's standard would be "hek eleh...." only. 

the best running companion.

when i started walking-running i realized the importance of a good running partner. well, no one beats abah in this case. he's like the most competitive partner - well, along would be too but i'm waaaay out of his league. but abah is different. it's the way he talked me to do more than i think i could, and he'd tell me i slow him down pushes me out of my comfort zone. 

"when you see someone older than you runs faster than you, you should try follow his pace - then you'll improve. take him as a challenge". 

well, abah IS a challenge to me, he's 60 this year and he's still so fit. but due to some physical condition he can't do strenous activity but i know he doesn't get tired so easily. usually i would start off walking with abah the first round, then the second i would follow my nikeplus coach regimen which is a mix of running and walking - so when i'm going to start running, i would say to abah "ok, bye ikah nak lari..." i would take off and when i'm back to walking abah will be right behind me and i'd be like "abah lari ehh???" and he'd go like "mana ada...abah jalan je...pun boleh kejar kamu". - i know he ran! 

running without abah sucks. i would love to hear him talk about things around us - but now i'm just listening to my running playlist. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

so long, farewell.... it's time to say goodbye

these 3 months fly by SOOOOO QUICKLY... perhaps the fastest quarter of a year I've ever experienced. hopefully suku-suku yang lain akan berlalu secepat ini juga atau lebih cepat lagi. heehee.

tolong doakan saye nak exam 6 haribulan ye. minta maaf salah silap.

paling sedih sekali bila mama buat ayat seperti , "jadi beg pun bagus boleh ikut sekali...." ataupun, "jadi baju pun bagus, boleh ikut ikah" haizzz.

ok babai babai babai.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

persediaan hari raya : carta persalaman


Selamat memperhebatkan amalan di hujung-hujung ramadhan. Dekat-dekat nak raya ni, semua pun dah mula cakap soal baju raya, kuih raya, tak dapat kad raya dan mengharapkan duit raya. I sekarang sebelum nak bersemangat buat lemang tahun ni, perlulah menginsafi diri dan study untuk exam CNS 2 pada 6 september. Jadi, minta uolz doa-doakanlah I dan kawan-kawan lain yang nak exam sama...

i could have just write, but too difficult and long to put in words, so mari kita kaji saje carta pokok ini. secara mudahnya, all in PINK square/clouds - BOLEH SALAM. all in blue square/clouds, red handwriting TAK BOLEH SALAM.  * applicable untuk ME seorang perempuan *

So, if you go to you relatives house, or they came over - note the kebolehan bersalaman. Baru habis berpuasa sebulan ramadhan, pagi raya bersalam dengan bukan mahram pula - oh no no no... And if your uncles/aunts don't get this, explain to them nicely :-)

yang sebenarnya, bukan isu nak bersalam sangat pun.. lebih penting lagi adalah tentang batasan aurat : tak boleh salam means, aurat mesti kena jaga jugalah. I don't know if people find it weird for this thing to bother me, but things like this happen dan memang ada orang tak tau pun about this pakcik/makcik/sepupu thingy.

dan lagi satu yang orang selalu terlepas pandang just because they are ALMOST LIKE FAMILY - still doesn't make them family. Selalu kan kita ni ada keluarga yang close dah-anggap-macam-keluarga so kita rasa it's ok untuk tak menutup aurat/salam-salam but the thing is tetap tak boleh. Adik beradik/keluarga susuan cerita lain ye :-)

one more category lupa nak lukis, kan... if ME were married, the husband's brothers, and the husband's sister's husband (???) semua pun kena jaga aurat jugak. bahasa mudahnya ipar dan biras lelaki. haa.. susah sangat pun cik nab oi...

that's all for today, Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa.

p/s : wah sedih betul lukis pakai tangan je dah tak reti guna komputer kan... huduhs pulak tu.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

malu kan.

malu kan bila dah susah baru nak ingat Tuhan.
itulah sebab masa senang jangan lupa Tuhan.

malu kan bila dah sedih baru nak cari Tuhan.
itulah sebab masa gembira jangan hidup macam tak bertuhan.

malu kan.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

unleash and tame your anger - the correct way

good morning, hari ini bersiaran dari hospital parit buntar ye. worried that rumah sewa mama might be too hot in the afternoon, so duduk sini saje lah. Terima kasih celcom broadband : internet everywhere kaedahnye..

Well well well. Tajuk entry gaya macam marah pun ada. Bulan baik hari baik ni pagi-pagi nak marah apenye. Bukan marah, cuma ada sedikit kekesalan je. On how people tend to unleash their anger, bad feelings and what not on the internet. Facebook lah, twitter lah, blog lah, tumblr lah...

Berdasarkan prinsip your blog your choice, ataupun blog-aku-suka-hati-aku-nak-tulis-apa, I really don't feel comfortable writing about what should and what should not be put in a blog. So, temanya hari ini I'm just sharing few options for us to choose, instead of kita maki hamun orang, buruk-burukkan orang di blog/fb/twitter and every other available social network yang ada.

Effects and Consequences.

Sebelum nak ajak orang lain to the options, mari kita kenalpasti dulu why we should not melepaskan marah di laman social. In fact, melepaskan batuk di tepi tangga adalah lebih baik daripada marah-marah tak tentu hala di social sites. 
  1. Orang yang kita nak kata, nak maki hamun tu ada orang sekeliling dia yang mungkin stumble upon entry kita tu (blog especially) and that's gonna make things awkward. Like, reaaaaaally awkward.
  2. People might misinterpret your entry - ok, this one I dah kena dah sekali. Sebab selalu kita direct je "kau" pada tertuduh,so semua orang yang baca pun nak terasa dialah "kau" yang dimaksudkan.
  3. Mungkin orang yang kita nak kata tu dah berubah, bertaubat, insaf, pulang ke pangkal jalan whatsoever, and it's going to hurt them / people around them bila terbaca tulisan-tulisan kita tu.
  4. Walaupun kita tak letak nama sebenar, budak sekolah sekarang suka kan tulis "hey N**** A***** D*****N, tolonglah sedar diri kau tu gemuk" people will start guessing, lepas tu tersalah teka, then tersalah bawak cerita pasal orang lain.. see? very complicated. tapi moralnya, jangan suka menyampai pun ye jugak.
  5. You're gonna regret that you wrote such things about others. Harinya akan tiba...yeaaaaa..
  6. BERDOSA tau bukak aib orang. Nanti kat akhirat dibukakan aib kita pulak.
So, what are the options?
  1. Berpandukan hadith Nabi S.A.W kalau tengah berdiri, duduk. kalau tengah duduk, baring. Ambil wudhu', padam api kemarahan, solat sunat dua rakaat. Just to prevent you from anything stupid-er.
  2. Selawat dan istighfar - always do the trick. Memang boleh cool you down.
  3. WRITE, WRITE and WRITE  letters. this is what I always tell my clients when facing a breakup. Selalu bila breakup ni orang ada macam-macam perasaan, and one of it is anger. So here's how to do it. Write a letter yang tak bertapis - use all the words you want to use. List down semua yang you tak puas hati, things you didn't get to say in his/her face, things you've said but had been denied by that particular person. Kalau perlu lukis, lukis lah apa nak lukis. Read it out loud, cry if you need to, and burn the letter. Believe it or not, it will bring you some sense of relief. 
  4. Beli jus rani/caesar ataupun kade (semua botol kaca ni) minum sampai habis, put the bottle in a plastic bag and slam it somewhere safe. This one might be dangerous, so be careful before attempting. I've tried, tp botolnya kuat sgt tak pecah-pecah.
  5. Make a postcard and post it to postsecret. BTW, I just found out malaysia ada postsecret sendiri sekarang. I miss reading sunday postsecrets on When I was preparing for this entry I found -pretty much the same, but your postcard will be published in timeout magazine. Kalau ada masa boleh check it out and be surprised with what Malaysians have in their closet.
buah tangan...masa rajin-rajin postcrossing dulu..

Obviously, I highlighted (both literally and not) about writing letters. Sebab biasa yang menyakitkan mata memandang tu, adalah surat-surat terbuka tanpa penerima, atau status-status facebook tak bertag kepada siapa nak dituju. Kalau dah tak boleh sangat nak cakap face to face dekat orang, so, don't do it in public macam tu. Write your grive/anger letter. Jangan ko pegi pos pulak dik nonnn... Lain ceritanya karang. 

Lebih penting lagi, for me, personally I think it's downgrading. Aku pun pernah buat jugak dulu, before I learn self-control and on how not to downgrade my standard. Tapi, we can all start new and change.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

karipap-karipap cinta : ini bukan film review!

This is based from a real-life experienced, if you happen to know Kak Nil, please keep this to yourself.
“Sesiapa yang beroleh hidayah petunjuk (menurut panduan Al-Quran), maka sesungguhnya faedah petunjuk yang didapatinya itu hanya terpulang kepada dirinya sendiri, dan sesiapa yang sesat maka sesungguhnya kesan buruk kesesatannya hanya ditanggung oleh dirinya juga. Dan seseorang yang boleh memikul, tidak akan memikul dosa perbuatan orang lain (bahkan dosa usahanya sahaja). Dan tiadalah Kami mengazabkan sesiapapun sebelum Kami mengutuskan seorang Rasul (untuk menerangkan yang benar dan yang salah)” – Surah Al – Isra’ Ayat 15
"Assalamualaikum... Auntie..!! Assalamualaikum...."
Suara itu sudah lama tidak kedengaran. Semenjak pulang lebih 2 bulan yang lalu, masih belum bertemu mata. Saya cepat-cepat masuk memanggil mama keluar, memakai tudung dan turut serta menyambutnya di muka pintu. Lain. Sangat lain. Saya hulurkan tangan, genggam erat tangannya.

Wajahnya bersih tanpa secalit make-up pun. Boleh jadi dalam 15 tahun saya mengenalinya, inilah kali pertama saya melihatnya tanpa alat solek. Tudungnya labuh menutupi dada, ungu sedondon dengan jubahnya. Subhanallah... 

Apabila habis jodoh.

Baru beberapa hari lepas saya menonton Selami Jiwa bersama Dato' Fadzilah Kamsah bertajuk "Apabila Habis Jodoh" yang mengupas isu-isu perceraian. Hati mana yang tidak hancur jika perkahwinan yang sudah terbina belasan tahun berkubur di tengah jalan. Memadamkan mimpi-mimpi to grow old together. Awal kepulangan dulu mama telah memaklumkan saya yang kak nil (bukan nama sebenar) telah berpisah dengan suami. Saya terkejut juga disamping simpati kerana anak-anak masih kecil, tapi apabila Allah mendatangkan kesusahan, nescaya ada sesuatu yang lebih baik sedang menanti disebalik ujian itu.

Yang lebih baik.

Bukan saja lebih baik, malahan yang terbaik untuk kak nil. Her current husband adalah orang yang belajar agama, dan mahu membimbing kak nil ke jalan-Nya. Suami yang tahu tanggungjawabnya memastikan isteri berada di landasan yang betul. Suami yang tahu dosa-dosa isteri terbeban di bahunya. Dalam pertemuan ringkas itu kak nil menceritakan rasa syukurnya tentang penghijrahan ni. "Seronok auntie...sekarang banyak Nil belajar, apa-apa tak tahu Nil tanya dan tanya... Setiap waktu solat Nil dengar dia mengaji, Nil ikut sikit-sikit.. Nanti dia check al-fatihah Nil, makhraj-makhrajnya... Alhamdulillah auntie.."

Kasih tanpa syarat.

"Tapi, suami kata Nil ni tak kuat lagi auntie, jadi dia nak fokus betul-betul bimbing Nil... Nil ingat nak masuk pondok sekejap.. Bina amalan dari sini, baru Nil nak ke tanah suci..Taknaklah tunggu balik umrah baru nak berubah...Mula-mula Nil nak bagi dia pergi dulu, yelah Nil tak sihat.. tapi dia kata tak apa, dia jaga Nil, kalau dia pergi (ke tanah suci) dulu pun, Nil kat sini tak sihat buat apa... Dia kata jaga isteri ni pun amalan untuk dia juga..." . Kak Nil was diagnosed with breast cancer after her new marriage,(very few people knew about this)- Cantik sungguh aturan Allah untuk Kak Nil. Dikurniakan pasangan yang mengasihinya tanpa syarat, mencintai insan yang menemukannya dengan cinta kepada Pencipta. MashaAllah. 

Kak Nil memang kuat. "Nil sihat?" tanya mama di awal pertemuan.
"Nil sihat auntie... baru balik dari chemo ni..." I was mesmerized. She doesn't look like a cancer patient who just went home from chemo! Siap boleh hantar karipap rumah ke rumah lagi. 

Lebih aman

"Nil sekarang rasa lebih aman auntie.. Bila Nil pakai macam ni.. Orang pun lebih hormat kita. Cakap, pulang duit baki ke apa, semua elok-elok... Dulu auntie, kalau Nil keluar pakai macam ... ish! Orang tengok pun jeling-jeling je auntie... Alhamdulillah, hati ni rasa tenang macam ni sekarang. Kalau nak pakai balik baju dulu-dulu rasa lain macam lah auntie.. Sekarang Nil memang tak ada nak apa-apa lagi dah auntie.. Nil nak itu (akhirat) je... tapi kalau nak diambil nyawa, tunggulah amalan Nil cukup dulu..."

Petang itu saya bersyukur dipertemukan dengan Kak Nil, motivasi petang sebelum berbuka dengan karipap-karipap cintanya...
sumber : google

Selamat meneruskan perjuangan di bulan bersusah-payah. Semoga beroleh apa yang diimpi, semoga bertemu apa yang dicari.
“……dan janganlah kamu berputus asa dari rahmat serta pertolongan Allah. Sesungguhnya tidak berputus asa dari rahmat dan pertolongan Allah itu melainkan kaum yang kafir” – Surah Yusuf Ayat 87

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sayang sekerat jalan

Tazkirah malam kelmarin mengingatkan audien untuk menjaga ramadhan sebaik-baiknya, supaya tidak sia-sia. Supaya natijah puasa kita bukan sekadar lapar dan dahaga. Bulan ramadhan ni bulan bersusah payah. Supaya bersenang-senang di kemudian hari. Supaya bila mati nanti mudah-mudahan kita gembira dengan apa yang Allah sediakan untuk kita. 

Jadi, puasa kita bukan setakat menahan diri dari makan dan minum serta perkara-perkara yang membatalkan puasa. Cliche. Bahkan kita menahan diri dari segala macam benda yang mengurangkan pahala puasa. Ustaz malam tu ada sebut, "Aurat isteri kita, anak-anak kita, macam mana di bulan puasa ni? Ini semua mengurangkan pahala puasa, dosa-dosa tu kita pun kena tanggung sama". Soal dosa atau pahala, semuanya di tangan Allah, tapi tersentuh hati ini bila disebut begitu. Yelah, abah dah tua, bukan sihat macam dulu-dulu. Susah payah abah menghimpun bekalan, apalah jenis anak aku ni kalau sengaja membebankan abah dengan dosa-dosa aku gagal menutup aurat dengan sempurna. As simple as that. Terkedu.

Apakah disebabkan malas dan cuai aku, aku tergamak mengkhianati abah sendiri?

Kita muhasabah kembali. Kasih sayang kita untuk keluarga itu sebenarnya sampai mana? Apakah sekerat jalan, sepanjang hayatnya saja, dan bila ia pergi, matinya, alam barzakhnya is non of our concern anymore? Kalau betul kita kasih dan sayang akan ibu bapa kita, let us stop doing things that will harm them thereafter. For ladies, the same story goes after marriage. Suami pulak terpaksa menanggung. Kita bincang isu aurat je lah dulu harini. Dahlah kita bagi orang lain tengok aurat kita, lepas tu suami kita pulak menanggung dosa sebab biarkan isteri tak menutup aurat dengan sempurna. Masa bercinta, janji macam-macam. Nak bercinta sampai syurga. Tapi?

Itulah. Kita kata kita sayang sampai bila-bila, kita tipu. Kita sayang sekerat jalan je.

Aurat wanita, semua pun maklum. Tapi yang ramai lupa : just because you've covered your skin and hair, doesn't mean you've covered your aurat properly. If you think you've tried so hard to cover your aurat properly - try harder :-)

p/s : KITA semua kena usaha tutup aurat dengan sempurna. Kita semua termasuk tukang taip ni sekali. T.T

Monday, August 1, 2011

terawih : perempuan dan tazkirah

Assalamualaikum. Salam 1 ramadhan kawan-kawan sekalian.

Malam tadi solat terawih di sebuah masjid berhampiran. Tapi disebabkan hati ni asyik mengenangkan ada ke tidak orang di surau, memang tak berjaya fokus. :-( Hati pun banyak rungut-rangat. Balik solat, abah kata malam ni kita solat di surau al-falah semula. yeay. 


Selesai terawih je, 3/4 daripada jemaah semua cabut balik, so, masjid pun lengang sedikit time tazkirah. Waktu solat memang penuh, siap keluar-luar lagi. AJK masjid pun dah pasang dekat papan (yg tulisan gerak2 tu, taktau nama apa tah) "MENUNTUT ILMU ITU LEBIH AFDAL DARIPADA SOLAT SUNAT, PUASA SUNAT, HAJI SUNAT". ada dinyatakan rujukan sekali, riyadhussolihin kalau tak silap. hee hee. proaktif jugak ajk masjid ni ye.

Ini memang satu keanehan, kita mengejar yang sunat, meninggalkan yang wajib. Sebenarnya di bulan ramadhan ni, memang elok kita amalkan mendengar tazkirah, lebih-lebih lagi yg berbentuk tazkiyyatun nafs sebab masa ni hati kita lebih lembut dan senang menerima nasihat-nasihat. Jadi, tazkirah ramadhan ni memang platform yang baik untuk kita ajak orang supaya menghidupkan semula budaya menuntut ilmu selepas tamatnya ramadhan nanti. Tapi itulah, sayang seribu kali sayang, habis terawih masjid pun lengang.

Dan pentazkirah pun perlu bijak, jadikan tazkirah kita penyebab orang tertunggu-tunggu tazkirah malam berikutnya. Jangan sebab kita, orang makin lari dari perkara-perkara baik ni. (ok, ini entry lain kita cerita). Rugi...rugi...

Bahkan, antara sebab-sebab kita di Malaysia ada masalah merapatkan saf yang kritikal adalah disebabkan, jemaahnya tak pergi mengaji, datang solat di masjid pada bulan ramadhan sahaja, itupun tak dengar tazkirah. haaa... you see? Tak menuntut ilmu ni adalah the core of every other problem we are facing today.

Bagi yang berada di tempat yang tak ada tazkirah pula, budayakanlah juga sesi ingat-memperingati ni selepas terawih/selepas sahur. Lepas berbuka tak payah, semua dah penuh perut, hati tak berapa nak menerima sangat. Balik terawih singgah beli halawiyat, sambil makan boleh lah sebut-sebut satu dua perkara, ajak kawan-kawan bermuhasabah. Apesal lah dulu puasa di Irbid tak terfikir nak membudayakan ini..haish

Akhir kata, (ramadhan kan, tak boleh panjang-panjang entry, orang penat nak baca) buah tangan untuk kawan-kawan muslimah sekalian.

Checklist Seorang Perempuan.
  1. Pastikan telekung dan anda tidak jarang, kalau jarang pakailah tudung dalam dan long-sleeve. Kalau panas, dapatkan telekung amirul.*
  2. Jika kain anda senteng, pakailah stokin. Kalau takmo pakai kain solat nak pakai jubah/kaftan dan stokin, pastikan ianya labuh sikit dan tidak jarang. Janganlah pakai yang senteng takat betis tu dengan stokin, nampak bentuk kaki cik oi...
  3. Tidak memakai wangi-wangian.
  4. Semasa solat, pastikan anda merasakan sentuhan bahu orang sebelah kiri dan kanan, rapatkanlah saf ke bahagian center belakang imam, bukan tarik orang sebelah ke kiri atau kanan tanpa hala tuju.
  5. Jika anda solat di kawasan yang boleh menyebabkan anda dilihat oleh lelaki ajnabi, BERHATI-HATI apabila ingin membuka telekung dsb. supaya aurat anda tidak terdedahkan.
  6. Tunggu habis tazkirah baru balik rumah dan jenguk-jenguklah bulletin board surau/masjid anda :-)
  7. Pulang ke rumah dengan selamat, jika anda di irbid, pastikan anda mendapatkan khidmat murokib.
*gambar ihsan google*

p/s : rindu ramadhan di irbid.

p.p.s : sape dok kat malaysia nak kirim telekung amirul pun boleh, dekat je dengan rumah saye. stokin syria berkualiti pun ade. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

apa itu GSM sewaktu test JPJ?

Okey, yesterday was the day. Saya ingat saya akan lulus ujian memandu JPJ, layak memohon lesen P dan tidak perlu berpanas-panas lagi selepas ini.

Ujian Bahagian II : 
Elemen yang diuji
Bukit : Lulus
Parking dengan gerakan belok : Kandas
3-penjuru : Tak buat pun.

Masa parking tu, masa nak keluar dari petak parking, tiang kanan hadapan disentuh bumper kereta, bergoyang tetapi tidak jatuh - KANDAS. Pegawai JPJ panggil saya naik ke pondok. Tapi saya musykil kenapa berulang kali dia katakan pada saya " Tak boleh adik ye.... " menunggu respond saya, which will be, "Memang tak boleh ye encik, sikit je kena?" - at least five times, baru dia menanda KANDAS pada kertas ujian saya. Too bad I will not offer whatever he expects me to offer.

Ujian Bahagian III : Jalan raya.

Mula je bawak pakcik JPJ dah ada gaya tak yakin. Kena perli boleh tahan jugak lah kan. Abah kata benda-benda tu semua cuma untuk kasi pressure, tengok kita menggelabah atau tidak. 3 minutes away from litar, nak terlanggar benteng. GSM. Gagal Serta Merta.
"Ok dik... bagi signal ke kiri, kat depan ni berhenti. Free kan gear, tarik hand-break, tukar pemandu".
Arghhh tidakkk... I've become one of those yang balik dibawa JPJ??? 

Disebabkan gaya JPJ tu perli-perli dan menekan saya, saya memang ada rasa nak menjawab, I've got few phrases in my mind already. But I kept silent. Kena jaga integriti. So bila tukar pemandu, despite hati yang hancur luluh dan sedih, I asked him anyway, "Jadi... Apa saranan encik terhadap pemanduan saya ni, ye?" 

1- Kawalan stereng - kesalahan mandatori - sebab tu gagal serta merta.
2- Gear

So, he "basuh" sikit lah kan. Tapi tak apa lah, at least I learn something new. Tapi what bothers me the most, if my driving is incompetent, kenapa lah dah disuruh pergi buat test JPJ. Memang patut pun gagal, I don't want to be a threat to other drivers, dan pengajaran yang lebih penting lagi : You think you're good to go but you're not. 

I nearly gave up, ingat nak ambil tahun depan saja. Tapi abah dan mama suruh habiskan juga this year. We'll see lah how after this. I seriously want to change cikgu, sebab I think I need cikgu yg lebih strict lepas ni. Menangis pun tak apa asalkan tak gagal. RM150 for ulangan tau! So people, next time make sure you're well prepared before attending test JPJ.

Mula-mula memang sedih, my parents were surprised too I didn't make it - tapi abah kata it's ok, ada orang 6-7 kali test baru dapat lesen P. Let's not give up and keep working!

Thank you for all your prayers!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

mak, malulah mak...!

so, harini i went to see ENT specialist in hospital ipoh. 1 month ++ tau tunggu appointment date. Kes-kes baru semua memang lama sikit tunggu giliran, sempat pergi minum dulu pun tak bergerak-gerak jugak gilirannye. the reason why I went to see the ENT specialist adelah kerana my mom thinks I should remove my tonsils kerana terlalu kerap sangat kena tonsillitis - setiap kali exam - which means, monthly, dan kali-kali tambahan jika ada stress-stress yang lain seperti kali pertama bawak kereta dan perubahan cuaca. haaa...

Masuk-masuk je, doc tu tgk je mama, mama senyum.
Mama : Actually doc... this is my daughter... I suruh dia masuk sendiri, dia nakkk jugak I ikut...
Doc : Oh? sudah besar pun mau mak masuk... malu la mak... malu... kalau 22 bulan tak apelah, ni 22 tahun dah...
(well, memang I insisted mama came in with me, in case tak dilayan dgn bersungguh2 kan...)
Mama : Itulah, I dah cakap dah... *giggles*
Doc : Nemind - nemind (malaysian for never mind)... But mak don't say anything, let her tell her problem.

so, i told him my problem and he asks me about my phlegm. and I innocently told him, "Oh, saya mmg tak pandai buang kahak, "
Doc : Ha???? tak pandai buang kahak? mak??? tak pandai buang kahak lah.. malu lagi mak... anak tak pandai buang kahak..
....blablabla.... history...history...history...
Doc : (looking at mama) so mak, there's nothing much to worry about, mostly because of the stress and changes. very normal for people who came back from abroad. very simple, tak payah jumpa doktor pun tak apa... ok mak? dah habis dah......

Outside while waiting for prescription 

Mama : Tak payah jumpa doctor pun tak ape?? selamba je doc ni ye... next time kamu jangan cakap macam tu dekat orang... tak baik... mana tau orang datang dari jauh, penat-penat tunggu, dia kata tak payah pun tak apa... at least kita dapat explanation, kamu jumpa doctor kat klinik tu dia bukan tahu benda-benda, bukan bidang dia...

wow. bila tulis ni baru la terasa mama is also telling (selain daripada isu manners) GP doesn't know very much. and terbukti people don't have much confident in "doktor biasa".  omg.

my mama and abah yesterday, memotong kain untuk buat white coat... sebenarnya ni kain uniform mama tukar dengan uniform kaler putih beberapa tahun lalu, cari balik kat stor... terharu betul semalam masa tengok ni, and I was like,
Me : wah, terharu gila tgk mak ayah semangat potong kain buat lab coat anak.
mama : ish, mestilah...harapan mama dgn abah... kamu lagi pulak mengharap...sebab dah penat-penat belajar. ambik gambar, letak kat facebook.

memang menyentuh hati. ko jangan kat sini je kate tersentuh, belaja la rajin-rajin. 
If I know my parents very well, I'm sure on my first day of service nanti, kalau panjang umur, they will be the one to drop me off di hospital tempat berkhidmat. mesti punya, even if it's not in Ipoh. kalau Sabah apetah lagi. jauh nye lagi perjalanan, tapi tak apa, asalkan diiringi doa dan dorongan keluarga tercinta. go go go !!!

esok test jpj, pohon doa daripada anda yang membaca. tenkiu...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drama Tahajjud Cinta TV3

Entry ini adalah based on my personal view, feel free to have your own different POV walaupun this is myblog.hihihihi.

Good morning everyone...Pagi-pagi ni susah betul ye nak akses nikerunning, jadi kita blogging saje dulu. Sebelum ada yang nak mengumpat, let me clarify first, I memang layan cerita-cerita melayu ni. Semenjak duduk di Jordan, memang ada follow series from Malaysia, walau macam mana cliche pun sesuatu cerita tu, I believe I will learn something from it, because it's all about how you look at things. Jangan main-main, cara basuh ikan keli pun boleh dapat belajar dari tengok cerita melayu tau. I learn about people and culture from things I see on the screen. Memandangkan drama memang dibuat based on what happens in the real world, walaupun some of them were just too good to be true, I still watch them anyway.

So, bila start je promo Tahajjud Cinta, I was very excited, dengar-dengar pulak they shot parts of it in Jordan, and got Fazura in it... Memang nak tengok sangat. And everyone close to me know how much I love Fazura :-) Unfortunately, I missed the pilot episode, jadi terpaksa streaming tengok di je.

Episod 1.

I think Fazura looks so cute speaking colloquial jordanian arabic. If only they have called someone to train her better, she would've sound so real! Walaupun she was portrayed as belajar di Egypt, we can hear her friends and the dean - absolutely Jordanian! I look forward for the next episode, this series will be different than Nur Kasih, of course.

Episod 2.

I was doing some work for my mom, and the episode was aired. I was so excited tengok they went to places in Jordan - places I haven't been myself, dan cepat-cepat cakap pada mama dan abah - you have to take me there next year, hehe.. Cuma bila dah ada babak berjalan berdua, pegang tangan dan menyelak purdah tu, I felt discouraged to continue. Only few days later, I streamed on lagi sekali. Of course many will be in disagreement with scenes from the series.

Yesterday I saw this group membantah penyiaran rancangan tersebut, and I was like, Malaysians are really funny when it comes to facebook. hihihi. Okay, it wasn't that funny, it slightly made me feel uneasy. I wonder what will be the message received by other people. And I wonder too, what's the point of mentioning "kami pelajar jordan". I thought "pelajar Mesir" have more right to go against the airing of the series sebab those in the series are all from Cairo - going for holiday in Jordan. But then again, that's individual choice to choose the way the want to express themselves.


Regarding the series, I think it's a good opportunity to educate the people. It gives me reason to come up with another entry "batas-batas pergaulan dalam Islam". And if people talk to me about the series, I can tell them, some things were overlooked in the making of the series. My abah taught me that way, abah kata bila sekian-sekian penulis buat kenyataan yang salah/bertentangan dengan Islam, ianya adalah ruang untuk ustaz-ustaz reach out kepada audiens mereka dengan penerangan yang lebih jelas. It creates opportunity for "orang yang ahli" untuk memberi penerangan yang betul kepada masyarakat. 

No offense, but I think kita semua perlu muhasabah kembali tahap kematangan kita. Sampai bila kita nak beri peluang kepada orang untuk kata kita cepat melatah dan sangat reaktif dan tidak proaktif. Memang lah sekarang ni musim kita berkata soal suara kita mahu didengari, tapi, bagi setiap apa yang hendak di kata itu ada tempatnya, and vice versa. My main concern adalah sekiranya ia menampakkan kesempitan dan negativity dalam kalangan pelajar timur tengah, khususnya Jordan. It will only bring you loss in your own game.

I grow up believing, kalau kita tidak berpuas hati, kita cari medium paling efektif untuk didengari. When I go to restaurants and I'm not happy with it, I don't go scold the workers in their face, or tell people not to come to the restaurant again (okay,sometime I tell people don't go jugak la ) - I'll look for comment card / suggestion box, I'd write and put it in. I know someone will read them and do something about it. And I don't believe in getting angry at pekerja bawahan tentang sistem sesuatu hypermarket, sebab they don't even get to say anything in their mesyuarat, so I prefer making official complain to the rightful person. Scolding seorang cashier will only ruin her day, and it's not fair. Tapi kalau memang cashier tu yang buat salah, I won't hesitate to tell her that too.

So, my suggestion untuk kita yang ambil berat tentang apa juga mesej/babak yang dirasakan tidak sesuai dalam drama Tahajjud Cinta tu, apa kata hantar surat ke ruangan-ruangan di akhbar tempatan. That way, you will be heard, dan mungkin akan membantu pengarah dan penerbit untuk improvise. Menulis kepada surat khabar ni perlu kepada latihan, tapi zaman sekarang, people hardly do that, lebih-lebih lagi student. Budaya ini sudah semakin terhakis, walhal nak menulis kepada akhbar jauh lebih mudah sekarang, sebab ada email, tak perlu beli envelope, stamp pergi post office dan sebagainya. Tapi, sebelum pos tu, bagi dulu kawan-kawan atau senior-senior yang berwibawa baca, sebab kadang-kadang kita ni terlalu excited dan tulis merapu-rapu.

Jom lah kita jadi orang yang berguna, cari medium paling efektif untuk bersuara. Jangan sekadar berbunyi bising yang tak membawa ke mana. Dan paling penting sekali, to educate masyarakat di sekeliling kita :-)

And this is one of the good respond I've read regarding isu tahajjud cinta ni. klik sini.