Saturday, September 24, 2011

taking care of your front-load washing machine

hellooooo everyone. how are you? i'm great, enjoying my weekend and feeling SUPER lazy to update my blog - I'm thinking of renaming (cuz re-URL-ing) is not something wise to do the blog, but it's not yet official. heheh.

clinical life was awesome, challenging, tiring and what not. so today, let's move to another interesting topic FRONT LOAD WASHING MACHINE.

in my previous entry I did recommend you to buy good electrical appliance, one of which includes the automatic washing machine. come on, you load your laundry , and some button-pushing and voila! your laundry is ready ladies and gentlemen :-)

Our house use the front-load (FL),basically it's cheaper than the top load at that time, and turns out FL use LESS WATER, smart buy ayte? anyway, after few years, we're quite disappointed that the FL start to smell weird, i mean, the clothes were clean but the smell is not as good as it should be. so today i googled on how tosolve this problem, and here's some tips for your FL maintenance.

  1. once in a month or two, run your FL empty with half cup of vinegar or bleach. Preferably use whites setting - the longest cycle and the hottest water setting available.
  2. notice the gasket on the front opening - wipe it after EVERY load because you might have mold there which causes the smell - since some water from your laundry might stuck there.
  3. use only High Efficiency detergent, if it doesn't have HE logo, it's not high efficiency :-) i got mine from c-town.
  4. after using your FL keep the door and the detergent inlet open.
  5.  use only recommended amount of detergent because excessive usage of detergent might cause detergent deposition.
  6. take out the laundry as soon as it finish - do not leave the laundry in your FL overnight.
i think that's about it. since it's weekend, and I do my laundry every saturday , happy laundry-ing people. have a nice day ahead.

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