Friday, September 21, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day 6


it's our first weekend. phewwww one week went by so quickly! I find Ortho rotation very interesting. The doctors are half medical professional, half a carpenter and a dash of engineering and physics master. Yes, I saw one of the attending doctors use a ruler with protractor (jangka sudut).

After a week, what to expect in your Ortho rotation?

Waiting, waiting and more waiting. Okay, memang itu lah bab paling tak best sekali untuk group A1 sepanjang minggu first ni. Kejap melangut dekat department, kejap dekat lecture hall, kejap dekat klinik, ditendang ke kiri dan kanan ibarat pola dalam permainan. ewah! ok la i'm being over dramatic. Tapi, bayangkanlah, we waited for one and a half hour for resident to came and teach us shoulder examination which lasted for about 20 minutes only. And most of us end up zzZzzZZ je pun during the clinical teaching.

We complained to coordinator about it, and still the next day we waited for half an hour pulak. Ok waiting time tu tak termasuk gap sedia ada ye. I find it disturbing bila deparment mintak kita be punctual but ends up they didn't walk the talk. So my advice - get your notes ready, make them interesting so that during those dreadful waiting session - you have something beneficial to do.

In the clinics...urghhh... I though we'd learn more in the clinics, but not really. I prefer ward round personally. Or ikut resident in the clinic. the problem bukan pada tenaga pengajarnya but the fact that they don't assign students accordingly. So, please push ketua kumpulan masing-masing untuk lebih proaktif, and yea I miss my 4th year CR..... 

Interesting quote of the week... "You are medical students, the best students in the Kingdom". OMG. and you wonder why budak-budak medic ni ramai besar kepala and disrespectful to others. Memotong barisan dekat mujamma3, kafe dan tak hormat jururawat. 

I busy tau weekend ni sebab nak study dan siapkan power point untuk presentation on Sunday... now I know la kenapa orang asyik pakai presentation lama sebab memang susah nak buat tau... gather information and nak pilih which one to put in your slides... jadi, hargailah lecturer anda yang bersusah payah siapkan presentation for the lectures ye adik-adik... :-)

ok lah. till then. toodles!

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