Sunday, September 8, 2013

annoying medical students

So I have been on both sides of the equation. I was, at few times been the source of the history , and most of the times the one who asks a whole bunch of questions that sometimes sounds ridiculous and silly to people.I have also heard family members complaining of medical students who keep asking over and over same questions, in multiple occasions in a day. 

I have accompanied my grandfather in 
the hospital having to hand over the list of his medications which occupies half an A4 sized paper when written with a size 12 font. I have also heard patients who could not recall what medications they are taking, and telling me it's the white tablets, blue pills and god-knows-what kind of description.

Ask any doctors in the world, they would all agree that the most important part of managing a patient, is to have an accurate history of the patient. But in time of distress - your kids are having sky-high temperature, vomiting and crying all night long, I doubt giving an accurate history would be easy. The same thing applies when you are in severe pain, or your parents are grasping for air unable to breathe, I doubt you would be able to recall the list of medications, or previous surgery and hospitalization they have had. Not to mention, I have seen the elderly who went to the clinics on their own without any child accompanying them, unable to give an accurate history to the attending physician.

Some hospitals have a good and established medical records system that past medical history can be accessed readily, but this is not always the case.

I suggest it's time, everyone should get everything recorded on paper, or on your smartphone for that matter. Just so you could give an accurate history, and if medical students come and bother you, you can just hand them the details. If you have 15 minutes for facebook, you have 15 minutes to write down all the following details regarding yourself, your parents, and your kids.

1. List of medications : Name and the dosages
2. Any previous reaction / allergy to drugs / food.
3. Previous surgery - when, complications
4. Previous admission to the hospital - reasons, and length of stay
5. Any medical conditions : diabetes, hypertension, etc.

For your kids, we would also be interested to know :

1. Method of delivery, any complication
2. His milestones
3. how long was he breastfed, when do you first introduce food to him, what kind of food, any allergy, or adverse reaction from food.
4. any problem during pregnancy - fever, infection, gestational diabetes, any medications you took during pregnancy.
5. any problem during his first month of life

These things may not seem very important to you today, but if , (God forbids) you / your family members require medical attention, these details are of huge importance. So, start writing, and free some space in your mind now that you know, your past medical history is good to go.

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