Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Finally, u-max in CSI...yeay![alhamdulillah]

palestine, is not just a fight for Arabs,it is our fight.our responsibility. I hope one day we could all wake up and introduce ourself just as Muslims who are brother and not as Malaysian or JOrdanian or . [though sometimes i feel like saying i'm Jordanian..lols-forgive me for loving Jordan soooo much]

sekadar renungan ringkas for everyone.
kadang2 kita asik bersungut. we complain too much.tp tengoklah saudara kita di Gaza, i dont think we have the right to complain because Allah has given us too much and we really have to be grateful. Malulah kepada saudara kita di Gaza, jangan kita kufur dengan nikmat yang ada.

teruskan boycott,[insyaAllah will come up with my next entry on alternatives to boycott-listed stuff].and of course, keep on going with our prayers for them, without losing faith.

i realized today that being a person who can hope,depend and believe in Allah is a blessing not everyone can have. Thank you Allah. I hope Allah will make this feeling last forever. and may all of us be able to cherish every single blessing and gift from Allah, and not losing hope in HIM.

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