Saturday, February 19, 2011

how smart do u have to be ?

nothing is ever a better trigger for my writing other than a good lecture. one day, our biochemistry professor, dr. fayiq made us discuss for almost 15-20 minute (i think that's how long the discussion goes) to come to an answer, which, he claimed that at least 100 students in the hall SHOULD know, "we don't know yet". well, i believe, all biochemistry professors are good at making us feel stupid. at least, i do feel really dumb in biochemistry lecture. 

we were talking about amino acids transport through the BBB, and after not finding the answer on how do we measure the neurotransmitter that is functioning, a colleague suggested we look at the signs and symptoms. the presentation of the patient. he paused. and praised the girl, "she's gonna make a great physician. you don't need a high intelligence coefficient to be a good physician. people with the low IQ will be the best physician". ouch. or whoaaa. you can choose either reaction to respond to such statement. 

then he elaborated that medicine used to be taught as skills, from a physician to another. knowledge is something you acquire by yourself, it's the skills and experience you need to get from the educators. and of course he stressed on the presentation of the patient is important, you don't have to think too much. :)

soon, SPM result will be out. yesterday, tawjihi results were. well, in this country, those who get 100, 99.9,98.9, perhaps 97 goes into medical school. the rest, they got to choose other things to do. it's the same in our country, even straight As in your SPM, in my time we use A1, you can have straight line in you result, all A1s, but that too, can't assure you a seat in medical school. a 4.0 in matriculation too, still may not confirm your seat in a med school. ironic. 

you have to get good grades to get into a med school, but intelligence alone is not going to guarantee you success in medical school. hardwork is what this is all about. hardwork helps you get through med school, get a scroll and take fancy graduation pictures, but that still won't make you a good physician. well, hopefully in 5-6 years, i'll be able to write on what makes a good physician. 

i'm fine with people wanting to become a doctor. my mom always tell me it's an honorable job. well, teaching is honorable too, and the "pahala" continues forever. but being a doctor, you get to save lives. inshaAllah. i want to be a doctor, i always have, it's the only thing i can ever imagine doing next 10-15 years. well, i'm not good at art, so scratch things that have to do with drawing, creativity. when i was 17, the only thing i had in mind is that i will do medicine, no matter what. even if it means, i'll have to take form six, i'd do it. which is why, i picked jordan instead of going through matriculation and hopefully get to be in medical faculty. 

today, i'm pretty amazed by the actual options of fields available in life. and i was like, okay...why didn't i know that course even existed? lol. and i just don't get it, why does all the A students have to take up medicine, OR engineering. why don't they take something like Islamic studies or, human sciences..? those fields need more A students than medicine or engineering. if someone pick medicine as his/her career because of money/status, well obviously the kelab kaunseling dan kerjaya sekolahnya didn't do their job at career exposure. i'm going to spend 6 years of my life studying, for the same starting salary (before kenaikan)my brother (who studied human science for like 4 years top) get. if it's money, don't do medicine, take something else. unless you're planning to go into private sectors. if it's status, hmmmm.. well, that i can't comment on since i don't have any experience on that. but, i definitely not going to pasar malam with my white coat so the pakcik root beer float will call me dokter.

and isn't it obvious, einstein and stephen hawking are two famous scientist that is known for physics achievement. well, physics is for genius, like sheldon cooper ;) . which is why, on a day i spent in engineering faculty ( their cafeteria is a lot nicer than the one in medical) i realized, this is where the real brainiacs are. 

but then again, i'm in a med school and i'm cool with that. 


imah said...

nice to ponder upon...keep it up one. u must be very bz..dah jarang update ^_^

one_munawwarah said...

i buat2 bz je imah...idea takdak lah.

ikan kecil said...

adeh la..
xpe la..

*ana yg mengeluh*

tiap2 hari setiap kali pergi jamiah atau hospital dari first year smpi skrang, asyik persoalan yg sama je bermain di kepala ana.. kalo la aku bleh putar balik masa..aku x pilih kot bidang ni.. haish..

great to know u r cool with that;) well, i'm not..:) or should i say.. not yet (?)

ps: keep it up!

one_munawwarah said...

ikankecil : it's okay...give urself chance to finally come to term with it. =)