Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ho ho holiday

sedar tak sedar dah almost two weeks i've been in Malaysia... it was awesome lah as always... lebih-lebih lagi cuti 3 months kan... harini baru sempat nak menulis sebab since balik haritu  I don't have good internet access, the house only have dial-up, and i only use my phone for internet browsing... nanti crammed la ibu jari kalau blogging kat phone kan...

monday baru mama sponsor broadband - i'm using celcom and apparently it works just great so far. I've finished 1Gb out of the allocated 3Gb in 2 days. hehe. i'm cancelling the 99 days project which suppose to be an-article-a-day, since I didn't get to write in the first 13 days!

I've presented my major plans for this 3 months holiday to my mom, and she agreed on most of them, but she still hesitates and doubts if I really can do it all ;

1 - obtaining a driving license
2 - belajar menjahit sekurang-kurangnya baju kurung
3 - attend cupcake decorating (still considering sebab tiba2 ramai pulak nk tlg ajar, alhamdulillah)
4 - belajar beading (jahit manik) - cancelled because beader yg I tanda tu tak buat kelas dah.
5 - start running (sponsor kasut kata this weekend nak pegi beli new running shoes)
6 - lose weight and build stamina

and not to mention, going to finish some books I've brought home, borrowed and I even bought some more online from might as well share them with you guys later.

and thanks to muaz, i have not spent a day dalam 2 minggu ni tidur di pagi hari. which makes the holidays a lot more meaningful. :-)

till then. have a nice day everyone

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