Friday, October 21, 2011

books to let go Part One

as my effort to unclutter my room, i'm selling few books I'm not gonna need in clinical years. More books coming soon - still in the process of convincing myself to let them go. hihi.

Sherris Medical Microbiology 4th Edition
Price : 7 jd
this is the original book, with remade cover by the bookstore
recommended for microbiology when you take the integrated module
bought this in my 3rd year, should've bought it in my 2nd year!
condition : like never been used.

Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry
27th Edition
Price : 7jd
Condition : Like new
Digital Edition Internet Subscription Access Number pun tak scratch lagi ni

- includes test-taking and strategies Guide -
Price : 9 jd
recommended for people who plan to take USMLE
also to review things you've learn in basics sciences : anatomy, histology, pathology, pharma, biostat
etc etc - questions are structured according to subjects

YM : ieq_pit
0779849863 (text only)


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