Tuesday, October 4, 2011

on nasi lemak 2.0 and insulting malaysian movies

Okay, firstly i just realized that it's near the end of 2011 and I haven't even write half of the amount I used to. *sigh*.

Secondly, I first noticed Nasi Lemak 2.0 trailer the morning we were "bakar-ing the lemang". Soooo cute la the rasa sayang song :-) And I know this is a movie I definitely wanna watch - it's been a while since I felt so excited to watch a Malaysian movie. The same kind of feeling I'd have with arwah Yasmin Ahmad's movies. 

it won't be fair if I say it's a great movie before I even watch it, but I have a good feeling about this movie. Unfortunately, some people - even film maker I adored was slamming hard on Namewee's work, mainly taking into consideration his previous hit video on youtube - negarakuku. Well, when negarakuku came out, I was in Intec Shah Alam - so to say 4 years ago. I'm not gonna talk about that. So,  today I found this video where namewee's were so pissed off.

It's everyone's right to have a view and establish a certain stand against certain people. But, seriously? I don't think it's fair in show business to judge a movie based on something the director cum actor did 4 years ago. We're out of good movies in our country. And I'm sick of watching movies that takes Mat Rempit to a new level, as a role model when they "insaf" yada yada yada... Overrated malaysian poser yang lebih mat salleh dari American citizen. So why mencantas usaha-usaha film maker like him - who tells stories we could relate to. 

Insulting Malaysian Movies

Well, I'm not yet a mom, but I have nephews and niece. And when I was in Malaysia for 3 months, I wonder few years from now what will these kids watch on TV. You know when people talks about movies that insult particular culture/religion, I have listed my own characteristics of movies that really ARE insulting.

  1. Movies that show it's OK and normal for unmarried couples or friends of opposing gender, muslims to stay or be in a same house alone.
  2. Movies that show it's very common for mat rempit who is usually a muslim and a malay of course, to screw girls after their race.
  3. Movies that show Muslims doesn't pray 5 times a day - at all.
  4. Movies that show certain people from particular place in Malaysia loves backbiting, gossiping like they have no other things to do.
  5. Movies that show students go to university to find their potential spouses, flirt around, not studying, graduated and work in awesome company.
  6. Movies that show it's really common to go to shaman, bomoh, dukun, pawang penipu and do stuff that ruins your akidah as a muslim.
  7. Movies that show fornication is very common these days.
  8. Movies that show certain race is more superior than the other for whatsoever reason.
  9. Movies with jokes that are "bodoh lagi memperbodohkan" penonton.
  10. Movies that attempted to show things are not OK in our society but the director get carried away in highlighting the unnecessary stuff instead of the suggested solution.
That's it for the night. We are all aware that the so-called "gejala sosial" in our country worsens every single day. But hey, there's no need for more publicity on that. The way to solve it, is to reach out to the youngsters, be their friends, and try our best to understand what causes all these problem. We have serious problem with our youth, and all you can do is giving them the impression EVERYONE ON THE SILVER SCREEN is doing this? pffftt..

And every time we bring it up, that there's too much exposure on the vice, they tell us "kita nak tunjukkan realiti masyarakat hari ini, dan kita tak nak remaja buat perkara-perkara tersebut..". yea right. if that's what you want you put the vices in a more subtle way in your movie, but emphasize more on the right thing to do. though it's too good to be true, still, it might have better impact on the society.

ok , i'm getting carried a way with this post. till then, have a nice week everyone :-)

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