Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seminggu di 2012

Alhamdulillah... dah seminggu dah kita di tahun baru 2012, and how are those habits of yours kicking??? Any good? Or it's a three days thingy and off you go to the old lazy you? hee hee. Still, don't give up just yet, keep on trying, and always remember : START SMALL!

Anyhow. Last week was my first week in Ramtha Hospital nuuuun jauh di hujung kampung, approaching syrian border gitu.. Being surrounded by kids and their beloved parents are amazing and heartwarming. I don't have younger brother and sisters, so I don't get to see much of how my parents worry about a sick kid. But, I've seen my brother and sister worried soooo much about their little ones. Well, I think it's only natural for parents to worry about their kids. Maklumlah, sayangkan anak itu fitrah, tapi anak perlu diajar sayangkan ibubapanya. 

Yelah kan, kalau tak, masakan ada kisah Si Tanggang, Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup, Anakku Sazali? - wow Malaysian folks memang ada parenting issues yah. No wonder we have to have so many tales on anak derhaka ni..

And you know that time of your life bila pergi program they have this muhasabah session - my first one was when I was 11. How could the motivator talks about my mom who's at home worrying of what dinner I had that night, while I'm having so much fun making new friends in that particular program? So, yeah, anak-anak memang selalu kena diingatkan tentang ibubapanya, tapi on the contrary, parents, without fail will be thinking about their kids - even when those kids have their own kids pun, still parents worry about their wellbeing. 

I guess the viral video on my facebook newsfeed this weekend is this ustaz don's video. 

cannot playback, you have to watch on youtube

Speaking of parenting, ( I have no idea whether it's appropriate and ethical for me to write about my patient - tapi, just nak buat renungan kan, and I'm not going to mention pun any names) last week I took a history from a young mother. She brought her daughter to the hospital because of fever and loose stool. Turns out, after evaluation, her daughter was diagnosed as a case of failure to thrive. Well, obviously from the way she feeds her baby, and history we took from her, the cause is nutritional. When our attending took us to inspect the baby pun, she wet her nappies, sampai ke baju-baju basahnya mak dia tak salinkan. She's only 19, and this is her second baby, 6 months old and currently pregnant for 4 months. 

Nutritional history - breastfeeding for 40 days only. As mentioned in AlQuran, recommended BF is for two years, "Haulain Kamilain", exclusive BF up to 6 months. *Tips untuk BF will be at the end of this entry*. And when the baby cried of hunger, she just amik jus rani tu tuang dalam botol and put it in her mouth. Not even formula milk!

So, pengajarannya... At this age, I know lots of my friends are getting married, some are expecting babies, yang dah deliver pun ada, congratulations... So, young moms, prepare yourself well, jangan sambil lewa je... Being a mother requires a lot of preparation and sacrifices. I mean, kesian dekat anak-anak je la nanti. Taking care of them physically is one thing, and providing education about Islam is another. It's our job untuk pastikan anak-anak kita nanti mampu jadi asset untuk kita ke syurga, and kita pun kena muhasabah, adakah kita akan jadi asset untuk bawa abah dan mama kita ke syurga.

Tips Breastfeeding by BF role-model

"Sebenarnya susu ni yang penting kita punya mindset je... Kadang-kadang ada hari susu sikit, kita jangan susah hati, takpe, banyak ni rezeki izzah harini, alhamdulillah....InshaAllah ada je susu untuk anak tu..."-kak ida. 

So, moral of the story, kalau kita bersyukur Allah akan tambah, easy pizzy lemon sneezy kan?

till then, have a nice day everyone.

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