Sunday, December 16, 2012

dua ratus lima puluh enam : day 92 Obs & Gynae

mashaAllah.. cepat sungguh masa berlalu. tahu-tahu dah 92 hari berlalu... 4 rotation minor, sekarang I'm doing my Major rotation Obstetric & Gynaecology. Total buku yang dibeli : 3 buah sebab bukunya saling melengkapi. ZzzzZZZ... member 6th year pulak pesan,

"Ko baca 10 teachers tu untuk Osce, mini Osce... tapi Hackers ko kena baca untuk final pulak".

Obviously, as you can see OnG is not that exciting for me. which explains the 38 days gap of my dua ratus lima puluh enam series update. Of course in OnG you learn to appreciate your mother more. I myself was born at 4.32 am in the morning, C-section due to fetal distress. Well, I bet having to deliver at such wee hour and going under the knife - that, itself was highly risky for my mom ok. not that I want to bring up the issue la that my birthday is coming in almost 3 months time ^_^ oi...makin hari makin tua.. i'll be 24 omg.. (even had to pause a bit to count my age. wattaaa??) no idea lah what to request... Maybe this year I'll just ask for cash from my siblings. senang kan. bagi duit je. emas sekilo ke..muehehehehe...

Just some points I think worth-mentioning.

  • I have met a patient who thinks LMP means the last EXPECTED menses.. Let's say real LMP 1/11/2012, suspected next menses 1/12/2012 (for illustrative purpose). This patient thinks LMP is 1/12/2012 and did pregnancy test like few weeks later - positive for pregnancy. Wrong gestational age = wrong management.
  • Today was my first day in military hospital. I was amazed with their uniform. I even have the thought of joining the army forces after I graduate - just because of the uniform, of course. Unfortunately today my patient was quite difficult to understand. I asked her for how many years did she BF-ed her son, 1 year... 2 years..? She answered me with "Aa..ya3ni...1 year...2 years...". When did you go for booking visiti? " I go to the clinic every day". We nearly burst into laughter in front of this particular patient. 
  • Your local colleague doesn't always understand the patient history. One day we shared a patient with some students and once we stepped out of the room they tells us they don't understand the history. Patient was an Arab too. Also they claim that the patient was annoying and wanting to punch her in the face. and I was like ??????
of course there are happy days in OnG department. Like seeing the look on your patient's face who just got married in her late 30s, primigravida seeing her baby on the ultrasound device, exclaiming "Oh, My baby....". And some mommies who are very excited to deliver their first child, supportive husbands and stuff. And your hormone goes crazy from all these emotion roller-coasters... 

and last but not least. the screaming! traumatizing. enough said!

BTW I'm back on 30 day shred - again! Tapi susah laaaaa takde support group.. So if you want to lose weight, but don't want to spend money on H****L***, gym membership, diet and protein shake.. Come and join me lah. Kita exercise and eat healthily je.. I promise no calorie counting. No product. No nothing. Just a huge amount of your willpower and some imagination. ;-)

Till next time. Toodles!

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Anonymous said...

kat malaysia ni, ramai perempuan gemuk.. jalan 10-20 lagkah, jumpa pompuan gemuk...jalan lagi jumpa lagi...

ish napa pempuan suka jadi gemuk..

heran :P