Saturday, December 29, 2012

We're Moving

InshaAllah starting 2013. I will be blogging from my new blog. Guna wordpress lah lepas ni as I think it is more manageable. Blog ni I won't close..Kenangan kan? Maybe I'll put up some links for dua ratus lima puluh enam series. Yes, I will continue 256 series in my new blog.. Don't worry :-) elehhh macam lah ada orang nak worry sangat pun kan.

2012 was amazing! I love every bits of it - YES, hardships included :-) Hopefully 2013 will be even better! My exam will be on next Sunday & Monday.

I've been blogging on onebonez for like what... 6 years now? wow. how time flies! 6 years... dah pernah delete blog ni...blogging balik.. orang banyak cakap ni memang kena ada jugak outlet untuk brrrrrrrr tot tet tot tet kan..

So my 2013 projects

  1. Blogging from my new blog which will focus on weight loss.
  2. Finish my dua ratus lima puluh enam series. speaking of which, we're already on day 105... so.. 151 days to go... :-(
  3. My 30 Day Shred Group - I started the January group. We'll kickoff on january 1st, insha Allah.. I hope to have 12 groups through out 2013.. Like January, February and all the way to December.
  4. get on the dean's list? 
Whoooosh.todiaaa.. semangat sangat kan? Takpe, aim for the star. I can do it, you can do it. We all can! Yeaaa..So, last lah ni entry untuk tahun 2012... Jumpa lagi ya nanti dekat blog baru.. Jeng Jeng Jeng...

tak berapa iap lagi..header pun huduh sebab..hmmm.. takpelah lepas exam I touch up, ok?
thank you for reading. 

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