Monday, December 30, 2013

Lesson from 2013


2013 was indeed, a crazy year for me. My life changed exactly 180 degrees and thank God I survived and my huge thanks to my friends and family for their help through out the journey.
  1. You need a plan to succeed.
  3. Failure to stay adherent to your plan will lead to failure.
  4. Your family and friends will always be there for you.
  5. It's okay to make mistakes. As long as you learn from them.
  6. Before you forgive others, you first have to forgive YOURSELF.
  7. Documentation is key! Have a journal, record progress - use pen and paper for better results.
  8. Stickers are good for motivation.
  9. All wounds heal with time. Give enough time, and seek treatment!
  10. You should not wash mushroom - just brush and wipe them.
  11. A dollar spent on charity while you're alive is much much much better than a million dollar after you die. 
  12. Do not waste your precious time on books you don't enjoy reading.
  13. I should have more date night with myself - preferably once a week - I tried this and I was soooooo in love with the idea. It felt so great and I crave for more! Take a relaxing shower, wear your favorite PJs, lit some candles and cuddle up with a book and some tea or hot chocolate. Watch a movie, if you wish. No phones, no facebook, no twitter.
  14. Putting off checking on facebook and twitter early in the morning improves my produvity.
  15. I am a lot happier on days I don't use twitter. True story!
  16. Finishing any major medical textbook is possible - as long as you have a plan. - To be tested in 2014
  17. I shall make a list for everything I learn in 2014 so I will not forget.

Above all things, I learnt that the only true love and devotion that will not disappoint you is the one you have towards God and for people whom you love because of HIM. All else will fail you. 

Again, my sincerest thanks to my friends and family, especially the CSIs for being there for me this year... picking me up when I broke into pieces.. Happy New Year!

p.s : what did you learn?

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