Tuesday, September 30, 2014

pre-housemanship MMC. SPA registration and interview [links included]

After finishing medical school [congratulations!] this is the step you need to take to become a houseman in Malaysia. Recently the Ministry of Health had announced the waiting time for housemen is between three to six months. I am one of those who get to wait for 6 months and I suggest you complete the necessary procedure ASAP once you have the required documents.

Registering with SPA.

This is a very easy step. Just go to Portal Rasmi Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam and complete the registration. Once you're done, call SPA or email them to book for your interview date. For an updated contact details, click here
  1. Go to the post office and get RM20 money/postal order payable to The Registrar Medical Practitioner or Pendaftar Pengamal Perubatan.
  2. Fill in the forms : also  available here  
    • Tambahan : Borang yang perlu isi - it comes as a set from the link above, just make sure you complete all forms la.
      • Borang 4 : (Peraturan 20) Akta Perubatan 1971
      • Borang Pengakuan
      • Borang Maklumat Tambahan
      • Fitness to Practice Declaration
      • Borang Pengakuan Pengenalan Saksi - Saksi isi
  1. Get your documents certified.
  2. Go to MMC or you can also mail it to them. Refer here for their SOP and timeline. (I was told you could get your MMC registration certificate the same day you hand in your application - well, this is defintiely not the case nowadays. Expect 1-2 weeks processing time. With the 6 months waiting time, no need to rush lah!)
  3. Get your certificate by hand or you can also opt for the certificate to be posted to you.
Going to MMC by public transport?

Easy peasy. Take the train to Stesen Kuala Lumpur from Platform 1 walk to the right uphill until you pass a paid car park and you'll see an underground tunnel. Don't get confused as there's two tunnels, you're heading for the one AFTER the car park. Do not under any circumstances walk alone in this tunnel cuz it's super scary. Once you got out of the tunnel, tadaaaa MMC building is the one in front of you (opposite to the school).

SPA interview.

Now that you have the MMC registration number, you can now proceed to the interview. My advice would be to study the common diseases in the country. A good concise reference would be The Malaysian Medical Gazette, But really there's nothing to be afraid of, if your degree is acknowledged by MMC, you will get job. I got my appointment letter the same day of the interview but the group interviewing weeks after me did not get the letter and it was posted to them.

What to bring to the interview?

i)Kad Pengenalan
ii)Sijil Kelahiran
iii)Sijil SPM
iv)Ijazah/transkrip penuh atau surat pengesahan tamat pengajian dari universiti
v)Sijil pendaftaran sementara dengan Majlis Perubatan Malaysia dan
vi)Gambar ukuran passport.

Interview questions?

You're gonna do well, don't worry about the questions. ;-)

Now that you have completed the 3 steps, you can join us in the waiting game. Enjoy the holidays!

p.s. Don't forget to send your your Borang Maklumat Diri to KKM. You can definitely mail the form as sending it by hand is quite tricky - and you're going to put it into a document tray je pun so no need to bersusah payah to go to Putrajaya.


cemalcool said...

kak boley tak terangkan sekali borang mane kena isi

atiqahdahalan said...

ok dik updated

athena said...

salam kak. tuk registration SPA tu, kita perlukn apa2 document ke?or once dah grad blh terus register? :)

+aNa baNana+ said...

Tenkiu kak. This post is so helpful..

atiqahdahalan said...

@Athena untuk daftar SPA sebelum grad, boleh daftar sebagai graduan tahun akhir. tak perlu apa2 dokumen. Tapi untuk book interview, mesti dah mula/selesaikan urusan dengan MMC.