Saturday, November 8, 2008

hope that brings us no where.


two months of no-onebonez-blogging, life was different.i mean, reaaaaaallly different. i realized that i just cant. i felt like almost similar to losing my spectacles, u know like, u have eyes but u cant see. no onebonez in my life means i have thoughts to share but i have no place to spill everything. [though perhaps most people dont even realize that i closed onebonez.i did thought of re-URL-ing but, onebonez can never be replaced]so, thanks Allah, for giving me the thought of re-living onebonez.

and yea, thanx the new POTUS, Barack Obama, his supporters and every single person who despises him as well.

on the day Obama wins president, i encountered different reactions and responses from people around me. some dont even care.some were happy, some were worried, some thinks that his winning is a light of hope, some thinks that his winning is terrifying. i personally was quite happy. if u ever notice, i am quite a racist. i am happy that he won.
unfortunately some were so unease at his winning. i watched some video on obama's view on middle east issue, america-israel relationship.etc. did make me worry over obama's winning. but then i realize, what's the point of being worried or cursing his winning. why do we bother discussing possibilities of Obama's action next. there's something better to do.
PRAY. u might have read somewhere that he was once a muslim, his father and step father were muslims, be they radical to non-practicing. [let the news be true or not] at least there are possibility that he was once a Muslim. the thing is, its our part to pray that Allah gives him hidayah to embrace Islam and bring changes not only to the States, but also the countries who were declared enemies in their eyes. perhaps, Allah will give him hidayah so our brothers and sisters, in the States or middle east countries could live life the way they should. Many of us forget not to pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine, but how many of us pray that the oppression on them will be stopped by Allah giving guidance to those oppressors.
For our hearts are in HIS hands, do pray that we'll all be blesed by HIS guidance, and their hearts as well...and prayers are our weapon;who knows perhaps its ur prayer that will be answered by HIM.
hope brings us no where, for what we do will make the your part.

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SuMaiYaH said...

huhu. one lost her spec? patotlaa.. bacela reply post hg kt blog ku.. ngeh :P