Sunday, November 30, 2008

the how-i-lost-my-burger story

after genetics exam, my friend suggested we go to mcdonalds which is few blocks away from home. well,im not suppose to have any mcdonalds burger [at least until i have my cholestrol level checked] so, i thought of having filet-o-fish... good girl! but quarter way, i thought "one double cheese burger wont do me any harm,and i can postpone my blood test later"

then I called home. and when i said

me:ok la ma, jap lg nk gi makan ni....
mama:ha,nak makan ape tu...?kamu jangan nak makan yg kolestrol2 sgt ikah...dah pergi check utk bulan ni belum?
me:ikan2..makan ikan...burger nak pergi amik darah
mama:kalau x turun lg kolestrol tu,kurangkan lagi makan yag minyak2 tu...

then abah. and we come to this point

abah:dah pergi check darah?
me:belum2...esok abah,esok...ok la abah nak gi makan ni...lapar giler..
abah:ha, tu nak makan ape lagi tu?
me:ikan.burger ikan.daging2 ni ikah da x makan dah...burger daging lagi x makan...xde2...

so, i'm sooo not the kind that lie to my i ordered filet-o-fish. last time i went to mcdonalds i only had mcflurry...and its been a month since i last have burger from mcdonalds or any other fastfood chain... and i have been refraining myself from it.

btw, i have hypercholestrolemia. its nothing serious as mama always said before but today she opened up.

me:ma, ikah tanye la ngn doctor ikah...[referring to dr.nidal...of course i didnt tell him, i was asking bout myself...] ape kena mengena short of breath dengan we took in patho kan... then he said,
mama:memang lah. salur darah tu dah tersumbat...
me:haah...dia kata, ada satu point tersumbat, pastu effect jantung, pastu oksigen dalam lung..
mama:u see, belajar ni mmg interesting...bla bla bla...

salur darah tersumbat? mama really makes me feel like, i do have occluded vein... and not to mention, dr. yusouf who seems like out of example in our biostat lessons... i can never recall a single lecture which he didnt say the word least it does make me think for a while, ooooo i really should work on this problem.

so, say no to high-cholestrol food. hello healthy life-style!

p/s: im packing my stuff cuz we're leaving this villa. wait for csi returns [once we have internet la...]

*hypercholestrolemia : : the presence of excess cholesterol in the blood


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SuMaiYaH said...

one, nak chek kolestrol tu brape kene bayo ek?

methinks said...

good girl :) dapat fillet-o-fish pun ok wat. but, after all, fast food per say is always a not-so-good companion for your cholesterol level kan