Saturday, March 14, 2009

Andai ku tahu

balik malaysia baru-baru ni...beberapa kali jugak aku join mama n abah travel ke KL melayan si kecik [yang semalam mengada2 sangat berebut tepon ngn abah...] yang demam sekali-sekala...x lalu makan la..ape la... [masih x puas hati ngn insiden smalam]

anyway... sebagai penumpang penakut, it is impossible for me to fall asleep and let abah drive alone. ye la, most of the time we're on the road around midnite... nak bersandar kat belakang takut nampak cik pon terbang2 kat tepi biasenye i'll just bebel2 to keep abah accompanied. and most of the time, dengar radio IKIM la on the way... [siap la siape ketawa...x kan la nk dengar lagu lagha bagai... i dont have the guts and somehow i found latest songs as slightly annoying. all hail the oldies~]

so, this is one of the song my dad n me fav most... besides tombo ati by opick... btw, i've no idea what was the song called... simply today i was browsing the net and found out UNGU had made quite a number of good songs... so i went to check for lyrics and imeem-ing them... finally i found this vid on youtube, and NEVER HAS ANY VIDEO given me such a DIFFERENT effect. it worked on me, hope u will feel something too!

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