Saturday, March 28, 2009

i walked to maktabah nur islami, looking for some stuff i need. and there's a little boy, son of the man who stand by the cashier.he looked through the glass and tell his father,

son : dad, when i grow up, I will open a shop.
dad : No
son : no dad, i mean when i grow up. [lamma akbar]
dad : no. because when you grow up you'll be a doctor. and you'll help people in ghazza.
son : aha... yea, then i can killed the jews. [yahud]

i'm impressed, take my change, walked home and switched on my laptop and write this down. i wish one day if i have a son, he will tell me the same thing; he will fight for this Deen. ea rabb.

few days ago i called my dad, simply to ask his permission to go out this weekend.

me : abah, petang ni classmate ika seme nak pergi tgk bunga.
abah : bunga apa?
me : ye la..sekarang musim bunga... sana banyak bunga kot..nama tmpat dy pella. 40 minit dr rumah ikah... boleh tak abah?
abah : pergi ramai2?
me : yep..
abah : hmm..pergilah..elok2..
me : abah... pastu kan.. nnt hari sabtu ada game bowling kat amman.. boleh tak nak pergi?
abah : haih~ patah la jari tu...
me : eee...mana ade..
abah : pergi ramai-ramai jugak tu?
me : haah
abah : hmmm..pergilah. jaga diri baik-baik. DUDUK DALAM KUMPULAN. JANGAN BERPECAH2-PECAH.


milimilo said...

musim bunga..bestnya..

abah one sgt protective..


psychedelicmundo said...

boleh2 pinjam shah problemo..