Sunday, November 14, 2010

get well soon

when i go to med school, my definition of fun and interesting is slightly widened. fun things are still fun, but things that are sick, usually bore others might as well be fun to me. i can enjoy my morning cereals watching garlands anatomy video, or flick through pathology lab slides (obviously what will happen if i don't finish studying on-time this year). and sometimes i make comments like, "best gilaaaaa buku ni" on my text book, or additional references. i mean, who on earth make comments like that? buku teks sekolah best? unless some weirdos yang kata buku sejarah spm adalah best. well, sorry ye kwn2 peminat sejarah. haha.

but thank god i didn't lost it, i still find cooking and occasional visit to arabella mall as fun. and of course, visits to hospital is fun too! because u get to see things, and finally something u can relate too. i swear i enjoy every past hospital visits or care-taking session i've ever had in malaysia. (biaselah, tak clinical lagi, jadi excited lebih?) and every sick procedure is new adventure. i might get excited tengok orang buat LP and stuff. to me, THAT is cool. T.T rase macam sicko sangat kan. haha.

and finally, for once, no medically related stuff is amusing to me, since the one who have to go through it, is someone you really care about. nothing is cool or fun about seeing your good friend having to endure such pain, nor having to worry about what comes next. maybe it will be fun when you're the one in the OT performing surgery, but god knows how it feels like, to be sitting in the waiting lounge. not being able to get your eyes off the door, and peaking on every bed that move pass you, to see if it's her. now that is not something pleasant, isn't it? 

to a very great friend of mine, may Allah eases her post-op pain that give me chills.  

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