Monday, May 9, 2011

elective...oh elective..!!!

okay..quick entry for juniors yang nak tasjil starting tomorrow

so, I'd list all four electives I've taken with a little sneak peek.

Year One : Home Garden with Dr. Ibrahim

Medium : English - very rarely the professor will speak arabic.
Attendance : Very Essential
Bonus : Probably
Exam : MCQs + True/False
How I benefit from the course :
- what to consider before planning a landscape for your house
- Discover the beauty of Allah's creation of nature e.g ; sunflower is a good indicator of the water supply of your plantation
- the techniques to take care of a garden - pruning, sowing soil.

Year Two : Wellness and Fitness 

Medium : Awesome English
Attendance : Very Important - and you can't be late!!!
Bonus : If you participate in Master's student research, u'll get some points.
Exam : MCQs with OMR forms. 
How I benefit from the course :
- the essentials before starting to work out
- mistakes people do during workout
- what, when, how to workout.
- Jillian Michaels 30 Days Shred is freaking awesome!!!

Year Three : Food Preservation

I was reluctant to take it at first, due to rumors there will be a lot of microbiology involved - MYTH BUSTED!! and it is no where near boring.
Medium : English
Attendance : Very important
Bonus : None?
Exam : MCQ; and many people who studied well get perfect scores, I DIDN'T.
How I benefit from the course :
- How to make laban and cheese
- How to make smoked sausage?
- Hygiene in food preparing
- UHT milk has longer shelf-life
- Defrost food in refrigerator, because if you simply soak them in water, the bacterias might produce endotoxin that are heat-resistant.
- Plastic utensils are better than wooden utensils.
- Many-many more
- Free soy milk and tofu + soy milk deal with vendor from Amman. hehe
+ the microbiology is easy if you've taken microbiology course.

Year Three : Farm Animal

Medium : English
Attendance : Really important - if you exceed the allowed number to be absence - he will drop you from the course.
Exam : MCQs + Fill in the blanks
Bonus : None
How I benefit from the course :
- If baladi meat is sold below 10 jd, you're being cheated.
- How to make laban and cheese again
- Types of cow, sheep, chicken.
- material covers the breed of the species, and their products
- cuts of lambs and cows ; so I know why is it sterloin steak.

Bottom Line : It's summer semester and these are elective subjects - Expect attendance to be super crucial and the load of material - if you study everyday, you'll be okay. AND IT'S ALL ABOUT MEMORIZING.

till then, toodles!


Anonymous said...

food punye attendance cam xstrict sgt kot.. at least time ak dulu la. haha

one_munawwarah said...

ok.tq anonymous

QteenaHazman .: said...

mekasih for d guide kak one! =]