Friday, May 13, 2011


at one point, we just stop doing things we used to do.

sometimes it's great to be reminded of the sweetness you've once felt. but it also reminds you of how much you've missed for disengaging yourself from it. it could be anything, something you love to do - working out, reading, writing, attending classes outside the university,or trying new recipe. but it's okay, hopefully that will make you appreciate those things better next time, if you still have the opportunity to do it. i don't want to miss it again and bear the losses. 

Exam date :

21/5 : Midterm Urogenital System
22/5 : Final Urogenital System
28/5 : Final Central Nervous System II
2/6 : Final Central Nervous System I

p.s : tak sabar tunggu my first b&w film punye hasil tangkapan. weeeee

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