Thursday, July 12, 2012

online shopping in Jordan

Let's just stick to ebay. They have never disappointed me. All items arrived safely, if you ship from the UK and Korea it's super fast.

Guess why is that? Because they have quality control - seller gets rated and people leave feedback for both seller and buyer. I don't usually buy from seller who were rated below 99%. And I always read the negative feedbacks about the Seller to see if the items were authentic, the communication and stuff.

Unlike some local online shopping site - there's no need to mention names, who have been disappointing me over and over again.

I usually forgive people once and give them a second chance. But when you screwed the second time, I'm not that forgiving especially when it comes to purchase. We all know which online shopping site I'm talking about. I'm thinking of quitting online shopping from them and I want to give a try to - who claims to ship after 3 days. If I find something cheap and interesting there I'll definitely share with you :-)

till then, toodles! registration

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