Wednesday, July 4, 2012

summer treat : your own spa :-)

Hello gorgeous!

Summer is hot, hot, hot!! Walking in those blazing sun is just tiresome. You know what will be great? Pampering yourself - an hour is more than enough! Tapi, tau je la dekat Irbid ni, sometime kalau nak pegi tu setengah-setengah tempat kena buat appointment. SO, what if you penat sangat and tak sanggup tunggu? Pamper yourself at home lah!

Thank God, in Irbid ni senang nak cari bahan-bahan for self pampering. Here's some ideas you can try out.

1. Get a cosy chair - or your own bed for that matter. Lazy chair memang sesuai. I got a pretty chair from a friend yang dah balik Malaysia - it was perfect for self-treat.

2. Your own pedicure.Buy some bath salt. You can get it for 2.5jd/pack in Natural Care. I use it only to soak my feet, so it should last up to 3 session :-) And also got myself a plastic container/basin from Honj Konj for 3jd. If you looooove foot massage : go for the electronic one at 45 jd. You'll also need pumice stone : boleh didapati in any kedai yang jual aksesori, ctown pun ada. Foot cream, and nail clipper too, don't forget!

3. Scented oil and oil burner : for soothing effect.

4. Dim the light if you're doing this in the day light. Kalau buat malam, get a night lamp.

5. Download some relaxation music. My choice : caklempong...feeling-feeling bali gitu...

6. Facial mask - you can buy sheet mask or just mix something from your kitchen, and tadaaa! Go all the way from cucumber + yogurt + milk or oatmeal + yogurt.

Some notes :

- Have yourself refreshed , take a long bath, do some exfoliation. Smell good :-)
- Make sure you have everything ready - this YOUR spa - no staff to cater your needs.
- Let your friends know you're having some time for yourself.

Soak your feet with warm salt water for twenty minutes - just nice to get the goodness of your facial mask absorbed into your skin. Then dry them. After soaking your feet in the water, it's easier to trim your nail and remove the calluses with pumice stone. When you finish, massage your feet with foot cream or essential oil.

Ok lah, have a great summer !

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