Saturday, February 20, 2010

the Polaroid Project

well, i guess that name suits best. i'm starting my own polaroid projects, for the newly-available-long-awaited-hobby. i've always wanted to have my own polaroid, tho it IS somehow considered as lame and too oldskool to be the in thing. who cares, as long as i have fun waiting for the pictures to develop. bought mine from ----> her 1st overseas delivery and my first online shopping ----> i dont really cherish the idea of filling my wardrobe with clothes i pick from my windows. delivered safely, february 17th, kakak post office sounds so excited, which made me even more excited cuz the camera was not to arrive until another 2 weeks, cayalah Pos Malaysia. ;;) 

bubble cover to make sure safety

nicely wrap, attached : belated birthday card, tho my birthday is on march 22nd. hahah... cuz, some people told me that i might be charged by immigration so we came up with the idea to make it looks like a gift, while the truth is, you just have to declare it as "gift" when you post it. 

totally unboxed : 
1 instax mini 7s + marker + strap + self mirror lense + 5 boxes of instax mini films

hey.....!!!! our first page! was supposed to be the 1st 10 films, but i prefer this arrangement better.

so... sorry for the retarded update. =P i've been busy, tonite we had our very 1st outdoor instax-ing at hardeez. long live lomography.

regarding the camera :
-my 1st impression : Damn, it's not as white as i thought it would be.
-then when u start loading the films and snapping, "hey, that is totally one awesome creation".
-then u start to snap, snap and snap more shots and hope that they wont stop the film production like they did to polaroid.
-it is totally polaroid, only they give smaller pics (business card size) and the camera looks more fashionable, depsite the large size, and ada orang tak tahu nak tengok kat mana bila nak tangkap gambar.. i mean she forgot la, cuz skrg kan zaman digital camera...
-it feels great to be able to do something u've always wanted. never lose hope, i waited more than 10 years for this day to come true. i remembered i even print pictures in polaroid-like template before. and it's worth waiting! totally!!!


Pejalan Kaki said...

dah laamaaaa nak beli polaroid since 1st yr lagik ok. tp asyik tangguh and igt no one sells them anymore ha ha ha ha.

ni yg rasa tercabar nak beli jugak nii. eiiii. ada color maroon tak ?

how much hahhh ??

one_munawwarah said...

maroon takde..
special edition : white, choco

others: white + pink, white + blue

polaroid mmg dah tak ada di pasaran, but still ada byk lg other lomocameras... still, for instant pictures, hanya tinggal instax. for other lomocams : yg instax bleh beli kat

price : campur2 postal semua 119JD dapat film 5 kotak + self mirror lense.

ada jumpa dekat balad (gigih gila carik, siap kena marah dgn pekedai shari3 jamiah : ba66olat polaroid, 5alas, 5alas!!!!) instax 200 (now instax 210) for wide instant pics. tp films mmg susah nak dapat. haiz~

jojie Oh! said...

wow! seronok! hehehehehhe

pakai cam ni cam camera biase eh? juz snap?
i pon ade lomolitos..
tp x terror gune pon.. br je blaja.. heeeeeeeeeeee

aisyahrkh7 said...

oh ini ke hasil tangkapan polaroid ko ni..nice..haha..gaya mutu keunggulan ye one..hehe..

one_munawwarah said...


yuppie, just snap2 and tadaaaa~
long live lomography ;;)

gaya ada, mutu ntah..

jojie Oh! said...

hye one.. i dah servey kat blog saffawati tuh.. best la.. nak beli jugak! hehe gigih kmpul duit ;p heee

haha said...

one_munawwarah said...

huhu..selamat2 menabung