Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Measurements matter. It's longer than my ex's length. Styles matter. It's a lot more stylish than my ex. Functions matter. It totally beats my ex's functions. And all this, mixed, would give you : total satisfaction.

If u've been a frequent reader of this you might have noticed my LG maniac behavior. LG is like the only phone brand i'd look for when it comes to buying new phones, for one simple reason : Style. Nothing beats my 1st LG crush : KF 750, Secret. u will always be in my heart, though not in my hand. :P

anyway, being a med student, I never like anything long. we always crave for shortcuts. when it comes to reading : we'd go for quick review, crash course series, any simple and concise textbook. We'd simplify every long sentences we encounter with short ones. 

I hate waiting in long queues, long hair means more shampoo, long conversation wastes my time (except when it is with people we care, of course), long blog entry waste both my time and your time. :p lol. except when it comes to cooking, i'd go the long way, i made pancakes from the scratch, thank God maple syrup comes bottled. 

This LG BL-40 is a total heart robber. (hey, ada ke perkataan ni?). when my LG secret was "terendam in air sabun", i was stucked to the fact that i'll never find anything that matches my feeling for the phone, except buying another new Secret. It turns out, the phone functions perfectly and the water dries off thoroughly due to the hot weather in summer. Jodoh la kata orang... then comes another water-involving-incident, and i decided to get a new phone, and the only thing affordable by that time was LG cookie. Arena was beyond budget, and Crystal has not been available around. 

I used cookie, where my phone activities are focused more to phone calls and web browsing, no more texting too much cuz, it feels awkward and weird, not having keypad. hahaha... and I still regret the fact that i gave up my old phone. until one day, i received this nuffnang notification email on LG BL40 giveaway. OMGGGGG..!!! another stylish phone, that speaks for herself.

Long doesn't always mean good. or more. as they say sometimes less is more. but comparing to the old LG chocolate, which has never been something attractive to me... there's some magic between this long phone and me. I totally get over LG secret, and if i dont get myself this new Chocolate, i wont even settle for crystal, i think. 

Long and sleek design means : no more bulky pockets when i wear my winter coat. yeay!!!! hey, it's a slim phone, u know u'd love it, i know i do! 

I can't stop comparing other phones with my ex : even though some phones have relatively better functions, I'd still condemn the look of the phone, and of course u dont find any phone with video camera that functions 120fps that is goodlooking. i toss away my digital camera since i start using Secret, and stopped taking pictures with my phone after we broke up. 

and i love it long cuz it comes with wi-fi, so we can go facebooking-bawah-hiram (winter blankie) and of course i can check my emails without having to walk to my workstation and switch on the desktop first. finally an LG creation that satisfy my daily needs. yep, i never leave home without my inbox checked.

4" display. (stunned in amazement). 3" makes ur browsing expreience awesome, so i guess 4" makes it awesome-errr. told you that measurements matter. and one lovely feature that resembles my ex-phone would be the LCD is protected by tampered glass, i scratched my Secret with keys, and it is amazingly resistant to any harm. and of course this one comes with an added value feature : It's HD - high def. it's like... u can watch videos with awesome quality. i thank God that he gave me chance to practice touch phone with Cookie, hopefully handling the new chocolate would be easy and not messy, ;;)

now the problem is, i can't buy myself a new phone cuz i just got in summer. i should actually wait or a better way would be winning one, which is why, im blogging this entry. hahah. wish me luck! it feels great to fall head over heels again with a phone. ;;) would be greater if u can actually get it, ayte? and getting urself over something u dont own anymore gives even greater satisfaction. and, i still can't locate if the phone is available yet in Jordan or not. 

LG BL 40 : the new Chocolate, a totally perfect sculpture. that actually functions and IS NOT boring. 

p/s: if you're the kind of person who loves LG and style, take it from me : Always go for Black Label Series phones, they never let you down, and comes with excellent packaging.
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pp/s: who needs iphone now???

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