Friday, September 24, 2010

onebonez kitchen : resepi jelatah

well. cik rokoiah telah membawa bekalan rendang tok yang massive baru-baru ni. after two days eating the rendang tok with ketupat nasi, yesterday i made nasi minyak, since im inviting one of my taayah juniors to come over to csi. (just find out there are actually two of them). 

nasi minyak was not bad, even though it felt awkward betul buat nasi minyak without "oren squash" (sebenanye nak kate, sunquick) and i don't even have kiub ayam to put in it. first day beraksi kat dapur csi after 3 weeks lah katekan... it was merely nasi minyak with the rempah ratus and tomato puree and salt. sedih tak??? thank god it is still edible. =)

and of course, to complete the kenduri-like dishes there's the jelatah. (picture taken tonite, i added some nasi putih to the nasi minyak. and made some more new jelatah, hehe). ironically, people jarang buat jelatah ni kan. mungkin sebab tak sedar, it's actually very easy to make. i prefer jelatah over acar yang carrot + cucumber + vinegar tu.

Resepi Jelatah as thought by my mother and aunts.

Cucumber peeled and sliced.
tomato ketchup or chilli sauce
salt and sugar to season
kacang tanah : fry without oil, and grind coarsely.

so, potong-potong timun and nenas. i used the canned pineapples. add everythin together, mix it and season it. onions is kinda important cuz it adds flavours to the salad. 

as healthy as jelatah could be, i hate it sebab it is such an appetizing dish. appetizer in western cuisine, on the other hand is something different. the problem with Malay cuisine, appetizer is something that makes you want to eat more and more and more. like ikan masin, urghhhhh!!! when you don't separate appetizer from main course, memang asik nak makan tak berhenti je lah. memerlukan self-determination and will and won't power yang hebat! adoi. u wouldn't wanna know how much i ate that day because of the jelatah.  

selamat mencuba =) kalau tak pernah cuba lagi.


Noorul said...

amboi.. mcm-mcm resepi dier ye...

hidayat said...

jelatah ni oghang peghok je nyebutnye..oghang laen pangge acor buah..

one_munawwarah said...

seriously baru tahu. kalau akak, acar buah tu yang macam kat kenduri kawen ade asam2 sket tu le..haha