Friday, September 3, 2010



cik aisyahrkh7 mesti lame je tunggu i update blog.. sorry la weh.. internet rumah pakai dial-up je... (T_T). nak update harini pun bleh tahan seksa jugak...

alhamdulillah.alhamdulillah.alhamdulillah. selamat sampai ke KLIA last saturday night. sadly, sampai je kat arrival, i saw segerombolan the Dahalans. respond was negative. kakak finally waved at me. and within 1meter, i swear la one meter or even less, i heard along convincing my mom "betul ma, ikah tu..." and mama was in denial looking at her new fat daughter, "ish..bukan...bukan...".

i guess i've got really fat lah tu... jom la balik nanti kite kuruskan badan.. wahahahaha...

day one in dengkil. so we went to jualan terus hari raya @ putrajaya. i got myself a handbag, and later at home mom gave another 3 bags she bought in vietnam. so, now im the fat, bag-o-manic , not so little girl. hahahaha.. not to mention the closet raid and more baju shopping, sebab i do need new wardrobe that actually fits me.

then off to triang, which is now in the district of bera. previously it was in temerloh. so, i found this new drinks air kathira / karthira. i think kathira makes more sense, considering it's a mix of a lot of things like air tembikai susu, selasih, air apple/aiskrimsoda, cincau, kembang semangkuk. the vendor claims to have been selling the drinks for 10 years. memang sedap pun. then balik ipoh, we found the air jugak. it was said that air karthira originated in johor. well, i would've include some pictures, but again, you know how suck it is to work with dial-up connection.

balik kampung was heaven on earth la wei... got so many fruits. the boots were actually fully loaded with manggis, dokong, rambutan, mangga . nasib baik durian tak menjadi this year. hehe. the next day, went back to batu 8. sadly there's only two lines of jemaah in the surau during isya and taraweeh prayer. then the next night, off to parit buntar.

parit buntar was hot. hot. hot. but shopping baju was nice la..very cheap cheap one.. and yesterday after some tribulance with the national car, we made it in ipoh. berhenti berbuka in RnR sungai perak. and earlier that day i attended hospital parit buntar CME on Immunization of HPV in cervic CA . every year, 1500 women in malaysia was diagnosed with cervix cancer. damn la, lecture was in malay now i got my spelling mixed up. and surprisingly, the immunization will target form one girls, 13 y/o. the rationale behind this is that the vaccine will only be beneficial for women who had never had any intercourse, "and you know la... nowadays, 13 tahun pun dah..." kata dr. tersebut. so it hit me like, the government are actually aware that kids are actually doing it, and i wonder if they are coming out with a solution to the presenting problem. and maybe we should discuss this in a separated entry.

and 1 in 100,000 injection, subject may develop very severe adverse effect, the guillain barre syndrome. "so, this year, there will be 300, 000 students, so we expect 3 cases of gullain barre syndrome". and the wicked med students i am, i was like, "wei, best gile kot kalau dpt tgk real." hihihi.. astaghfirullah.

today, i finally adapted to the batu 8 weather. alhamdulillah.

the boys were awesome. they both played in that ikan paus pool like crazy. and of course it's the maksu who was tired inflating the pool. adoi

i followed a series on TV3, Janji Kekasih. nice series la, i highly recommend people to watch it. considering the airing time, pagi-pagi buta tu, im sure it's ulangan. the series may have actually been aired before. so,if interested, do check out catch up tv3. but MAKE SURE THINK CRITICALLY. don't simply melatah. cik aisyahrkh7 sila tonton.

till then. bubbye.


aisyahrkh7 said...

oii one..

1.amboi ko, janji kekasih bagai..haha..[provok]..rasenye time ak blk bln 6 dlu, mmg dah tayang dh kt tv3..join cikmoon tgk 2/3 siri, tipikal je.. tngu ko blk sini cite kt ak je la eh.. ko as a bedtime story teller mmg terbaik..haha..

2. ak skrg tgh mode sejarah musantara.. tjoet nja' dhien, penah dgr?

Set in 1896, Tjoet Nja Dhien celebrates one of Indonesia's great heroes who fought for independence from the Dutch. The pious Muslim people of Aceh, a city that had flourished since ancient times as a trade port, enter into a fierce war with the Dutch. Tjoet Nja 'Dhien, the widow of a rebel leader operating in Aceh in Sumatra..dotdotdot.. de filem pasal tjoet ni.. bley la carik..

3. takat ni mmg tiap2 hari bkk onebonez ni..nk dgr citer org blk perak..ak blk bln 6 dlu pon dpt merasa durian mangko je.. haha..

4. the rationale n the paradox behind the immune programme tu plak agak menarik tapi menakutkan.. btw awal persediaan ko utk public health department.. bagoii..

5. ramadhan pon makin mahal bak kata sorg member kite.. maka, to sharpen the saw, inila masanye.. [kakak seguru, ko tau sheikhah pon terawih kt masjid yarmouk]

6. kim salam kt makcik yong..

7. harap2 ko smpi joden nti, ko dh mengurus..

imah said...

aisyah! bnyk nye pesanan ko kat si one ni ha....lawak je...hehehe

aisyahrkh7 to imah said...

hai cik qoie..
[pandai2 je ubah nama ko cik qayyimah nabiha]

trah ngan lin dah smpi joden, smlm dah jumpe dorg.. lin pegi mafraq, trah gi mu'tah..
diba smpi 16sept ni dgr citenye..pegi mu'tah..

one_munawwarah said...

imah : aisyah tu rindu le tu..kesiannn

aisyarkh7 :

1- ala..boring aku.. org kalau jumpe asyik je sebut aku dah gemuk. as if i need to be reminded of that fact.

2- tau, mase 1 ramadhan tu ade jumpe.

3- ak manade nk join public health dah . dah ade misi baru. kuang3.

4- ade projek mega la weh nak buat. tp tggu balik irbid la, sini internet slow...