Friday, March 11, 2011

let's talk about love :-)

okay, the title is a lil' bit cheesy. scratch that, it's undeniably cheesy. what ever, it just popped out in my mind after my quick facebook-newsfeed-skimming tonight.

which one are you?

i've met/ gotten to know/ befriended all types of people which varies in their perspective of love and marriage. (well, perhaps some people will not agree at putting love and marriage in a sentence, because you don't always marry the one you love, and not always you'll love the one u marry). But let's talk the Rules rather than the Exception.

Those who WILL NOT get involved in any opposing-gender relationship until they got married. 
Those who WILL NOT marry people they don't LOVE.
Those who WILL NOT marry people they don't KNOW, but for people they DO know, love might comes in after marriage.
Those who KEEP ON trying, being ON and OFF a relationship, and finally marry the ??? - ( I have no idea how to do the maths - I mean, how they choose which one. Perhaps, the ones who are in relationship with them at the right time they think they should/could get married).
Those who were on a monogamous-emotionally-romantic relationship (note that i said emotionally-romantic, and not intimate / sexual relationship) with one person, for a long period of time (may reach 7-10 years), with plans to get married, perhaps struggling with minor or major fights until they finally settle down with marriage.

Phewww.. obviously i made a least-to-most-complicated-relationship-status list.

Let me make it really clear, we're talking romantic relationship, and not socializing pattern, because that is not in this area of discussion.

I personally believe that Love is something good. Perhaps sacred. and I'm not going to talk about the fact that Love for God MUST precedes love for another human - so many people talked about that, i'm pretty sure. And I also believe, there's nothing wrong about falling in love, it's just a matter of how you express and conduct your feelingBy expressing, I totally don't mean the overrated shoutouts on messenger or facebook status, or showing your affection for the other party publicly- well, a man may tell the whole world how much he loves you and still not be REALLY in love with you -  and doing any other non-permissible act

When a person loves another, the only thing that should show is how much he/she wants all the good things for the loved ones, be it in this life or hereafter. There's no need to show off the affection, what do you get from it? It lowers down the dignity of a girl, I must say. But then again, you decide what kind of lovers you want to be.

All I'm trying to say is, don't over do it.

Don't Over Do It.

Some people have their relationship status on facebook changed too often that their wall has become a publicly-accessible relationship log. It's not even a diary, but more to a log because there is always movement from "Is now in a relationship" to "Is no longer listed to be in a relationship". Well, I don't know that a person's life could revolve so much on the so-called love-life issues. IF it can be called love. What makes you think it's love if one second you're in a relationship and the next few minutes you're back to being single? who DOES that? walking away when you have problems in a relationship? that is SOOOO not true love.

You see, the problem comes when you tell the whole world that you're together. Being so sure that you're gonna make it to marriage stage, and suddenly you're no longer together. Knock knock, reality check people -  how on earth could you tell that you're gonna be with this very same person for the next 3 to 4 years? And people will start talking, "well, i thought they were together" or perhaps people might even say, "well, she had like a dozen of a failed relationships before this one finally work out. Well, that too, is not assured".

A friend has always told me, "Belum tentu lagi jadi pasangan hidup kite.. sebab tu, jangan beria-ia sangat time skarang ni.."It cant get any more true than this. Some guys would be really considerate and wise to remember this fact, and when they love a girl, they wouldn't want her to have anything to regret afterwards in case the relationship didn't work out.

Go moderate. It's always the best thing to do. Love is sacred, let's not tarnish  its reputation.

Get to know people. Make friends. If you fall in love, do it the right way.

Well, I finally realized that it's good to read on books regarding relationship once in a while, because you don't when you'll need it, or you might need to help a friend to deal with things. Reading can do wonders. =)

p.s : above all, always always always love yourself first :-)


faiq zaini said...

wow. interesting!!
love doctor..

Laila said...

Go moderate. It's always the best thing to do. Love is sacred, let's not tarnish its reputation.

Get to know people. Make friends. If you fall in love, do it the right way.

so trueeeee!!!!love u one!

one_munawwarah said...

faiq zaini : mana ade love doctor plak...

laila : i love u too dear :-)

Dr. Nur Farah Aisyah said...

i REALLY LOVE this! ;)

sometimes, people tend to handle love emotionally when we can actually manage it rationally, right? that's why they called it 'cinta itu buta'? haha