Friday, April 29, 2011

of Layla and Qaisy

I think I mentioned somewhere before of how I am interested to read on Layla & Majnun. I finally found an interesting piece on it here .

Saja teringat sebab this morning we were having our brunch and I told my friends about the article, and I think I'd like to share it with you, mana tahu ada jugak orang suka baca kan. I wish this was one of the text we have to study in literature. Heh heh. Even if this is not going to be in the exam pun I'd still love to read and write about it. Perhaps because it was so realistic. More often than not people don't get to be together with the one they love. But so often we're shown the stories of those who made it which is- too good to be true.

told you kan, hidup ni memang sentiasa akan ada isu strata. Bagaimana cinta Qaisy tidak kesampaian kerana perbezaan darjat dengan Layla. It got me thinking, why did Qaisy fell in love with Layla, was it her beauty and only her beauty?- because her beauty is the only thing mentioned. But then again, it's not a fair question, you can't ask a person why did he/she falls in love with another, because no one can answer that. And if you have a reason to fall in love - then it's not love. A person is loved because a person is loved. Full stop.

The world would be a much better place if people understand what kind of strata they would want to be so particular about. The one that matters to God. Still, if that's the case, I wonder what would be the ending for Layla and Majnun (Qaisy).

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