Monday, April 5, 2010

mungkin sedikit yang kau beri

Cuba lihatlah disampingmu
beribu tangan terangkat
cuba lihatkanlah hatimu
beri ia harapan

walau sedikit yang kau beri
mungkin berarti untuknya
bergelut di jalanan tuk menyambung hidup
menyambung hidup

dan lihatlah mereka terluka
meski tanpa tersenyum
dan lihatlah mereka menangis
meski penuh tawa...

okay. u know i always love talking about not taking things for granted and stuff kan. i heard this song, for the first time kat drama tu lah kan. =)))))))) and the lyrics was somehow nice. and it was very difficult to find them. and, now that i found it, i think i'll put it here. tiba-tiba ada sedikit tachycardia bila jumpa lagu ni, apesal tah. and i start to understand the song in a different way. all i can think of adalah kanak-kanak yang lapar in africa, or those kanak-kanak yang sangat kesian di negara-negara seperti palestine contohnya.

ok, that's one thing. when i wanted to translate, mungkin sedikit yang kau beri, tapi berarti untuknya. i came into another view, on how small things that we do makes big impact on other's life. tapi, memang pun kan. it's the small things that makes a relationship grows stronger or rotten to the core.. okay, apa kena mengena pulak relationship ni kan. but, seriously, small things like a simple note, a smile on your face, saying hi to a stranger may be a remarkable turning point in one's life. (okay, sangat contradicting dengan don't talk to stranger punya sign kan). maybe kita tak rasa sangat cuz, our society is not that familiar with suicidal issues. social suicide ade lah! 

being a post-secret reader, i start to believe even more, small things do work wonders! there are many people out there who reconsider cutting or actually committing suicide just by small deeds others did to them. isn't that good, and see??? you CAN make the difference. so, if last semester we have project HEAL (yang nampaknya dah senyap skarang), why not kita keep on doing those random act of kindness kan. make the world a better place. start with taking good care of the filthy public toilet. bukan apa, kadang2 toilet bersih dan best pun boleh buat orang good mood kan?

yeay, i got my rentak (i cant spell rythm without spelling error, how to spell it anyway???) told ya we can see things from every different angle, why look through the keyhole while you can actually look through the open door kan? mind mapping...mind mapping.. haha

live life, love and radiate. =)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Munawwarah, our life today is not a dress rehearsal, we only get to play one just live your life the way you want to....
Live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.

You have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

one_munawwarah said...

definitely will do.
thank you

haha said...

seriously,that day masa nak post pn i wondered how to spell rhythm.

then sebab tak tahu,i cancelled the sentence.ahahahhaa


one_munawwarah said...

u spelled it correct R.H.Y.T.H.M