Monday, April 12, 2010

to kill or not to kill

this morning, dalam kalut nak exam peripheral Nervous system, i sempat check my facebook. my sister put this link on her facebook.

you guys should check out the story, tentang seorang ibu yang kehilangan anaknya. He was diagnosed for having dengue fever, but once he was transfered to another hospital, they found out it was pneumonia. bila sampai part pneumonia tu, i was like, kecewa betul sebab pneumonia is something very common, with good prognosis, and should the doctor found that out earlier, there's higher chance of survival. but, they also found out a tumor in the boy's lung. and he didn't make it.

this story was somehow so "mengesankan". perhaps because i'm actually studying medicine. or maybe because i have two nephews yang almost the same age as him and they both once contracted pneumonia. muaz masa baru-baru lahir and azam recently. alhamdulillah they're both doing fine, and i'm sure anak sakit dan sembuh kembali adalah antara nikmat yang sangat besar untuk insan bergelar ibu-bapa.

yesterday, after health administration lecture, i talked to my professor, and we agreed to the conclusion that it is better jika health care menjadi satu institusi swasta instead of kerajaan. supaya health care worker menjadi lebih passionate, or at least give better performance. the argument was on how this will affect the poor citizen, but Dr said that is tanggungjawab kementerian kebajikan. but then i encountered this story, and i think it doesn't matter pun wether it is private institution or government hospital. yang paling penting adalah passion seorang health care worker terhadap pesakit.

Treat your patient the way you want people to treat your family.

lebih kurang macam ni lah bunyinya ayat seorang professor dalam sebuah introductory lecture in my previous module. he got me "bergenang air mata" in the hall. memang macam tu lah sepatutnya. kalau kita treat patient the way kita nak orang layan ahli keluarga kita, pastinya kita akan lebih teliti, sensitif dan mahukan yang terbaik untuknya. u cant just look at your patient mcm another human being yang sakit. it's a person, someone's kid, someone's husband, someone's mom and so on. statistically, the doctor might just kill one patient, but that one patient might be the world to another person. it's just not fair that others have to suffer due to our negligence.

Essentials of Medical School

Sekarang, i got the picture clear. being in med school, knowledge adalah sangat penting. lack of knowledge might mislead your diagnosis. tak dapat dinafikan lagi, knowledge adalah substance paling penting. tapi, for me, keystone of being a good physician bukanlah pada knowledge yang seseorang itu ada, tapi pada nilai. values. it's important for us, our life, the institution and the patient as well. nilai-nilai inilah yang akan menentukan what kind of physician we will be. yang bodoh sombong tak tentu hala ke, yang pandai tapi tak ada sentimen kemanusiaan ke, atau simply another human who study medicine.

i can't give back what she had lost. no one can. but the least i could do, is to spread the message that being a doctor is more than just graduating with an MBBS scroll, specialized and voila!!! you'll need to graduate as a good human, than u'll make a good doctor. 

my pumpkins bila demam bersama-sama

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