Friday, June 15, 2012

facebook eyesore : marriage Vs postpaid plan


So yesterday, I bumped into this picture on facebook that has something about "saya suka awak, tapi takmo kapel, jom kita kawen then buat pahala banyak-banyak".

Honestly, I have nothing against young age marriage, bercinta lepas nikah and all other terms used in these campaign. But it hit me, lately kebanyakan poster-poster galakan bernikah, bercinta selepas nikah ni lebih kurang macam iklan postpaid plan. They highlight all the good stuff about the plan, and what you don't know is the fine print, somewhere on that poster, *Terms and Condition Applies. At least those telco providers was considerate enough to put the fine print!

Marriage is not just about you guys boleh bercinta bagai nak rak and it's all pahala. There are responsibilities, other considerations and MORE RESPONSIBILITIES involved. Well, I think young married couples kinda need to be blamed sebab most of them post all the good things about marriage, tapi tak ramai yang pesan what also comes with it. But to come to your senses, takkan nak share pulak isu suami isteri bergaduh kan? I pity those girls in high school yang dah mengimpikan nak menikah awal, tapi bangun hujung minggu pun masih liat, masak nasi terkadang mentah, goreng ikan pun terkadang hangus! Lebih sedih lagi kalau bakal imam pun ke masjid cuma untuk Solat Jumaat, sekali sekala di bulan puasa, tapi dah excited berbincang isu kahwin muda!

Enrolling into marriage is totally different than signing a postpaid plan contract. Say you sign for 24 months, if you don't like it, you can terminate the contract with certain fees, or you can just wait until you finish 24 months and walk out from that contract. Tapi kalau nikah, boleh pulak kalau agak-agak tak berkenan dengan pakej selepas beberapa bulan nak terminate akad, pay some damages and then walk away?

Bagus usaha iklan-iklan ni, nak menghapuskan atau meminimumkan budaya couple. Tapi, caranya tak kena. Kasihan ibu bapa susah hati, anak baru di tingkatan lima sudah mula bicara isu kahwin muda. To me, kesedaran biar datang dari pihak ibu bapa - so they can "turunkan" the kefahaman, and maybe help prepare the youngsters to be responsible, and eligible for marriage. It HAS to work from above downward, not the other way around. And really, I disagree that sometimes people tends to blame parents yang tak benarkan anak kahwin awal as tak faham... Ibu bapa ni lebih banyak pengalamannya, so seek first to understand then to be understood. Cubalah lihat dari perspektif yang berbeza, they do have their rationals why they stand firm by their belief.

this is one discussion that was fair to both sides.

I am not commenting much on the kahwin muda issue - because I'm not in the right position to do so, just the way people promote the case that's bothering me. If I were to unfriend people who share those poster on my facebok, I would definitely have a cleaner facebook friend list. hehe.

next on facebook eyesore series : the "I'm Single" parade.

p/s : bosan kan, apa budak-budak sekarang tak ada isu lain nak bincang... s


Noorul said...

hmm.. it is true that in every marriage there will be up and down. but really supprise u can come with the diff point of opinion. i thought that u sokong kawin muda.. hehehe but the truth is in what ever u want to do, you need to get blessing from your parents and learn from their experience.

atiqahdahalan said...

told u.. i'm not against it...but not necessarily i sokong.. but it is kinda scary kalau ramai yang kahwin muda because it's a trend.. nnt this coming few years, jadi trend bercerai pulak, nauzubillah