Thursday, June 7, 2012

MarkaVIP shopping experience : The Good, The Bad and The Ugly : Part Two

After I posted about MarkaVIP shopping experience : The Good, The Bad and The Ugly few days ago, I received a call from MarkaVIP yesterday morning. Honestly, I wasn't really expecting that to happen. I forgot to ask the name of the representative who called, but it was very thoughtful of them to send someone who can converse fluently in English to call me - after almost 5 years in Jordan, I still have difficulty speaking in Arabic on the phone.

Apparently, MarkaVIP found that post, I didn't even send any link to them, but I guess they do survey feedback from customers in any way possible. Again, I told their representative I don't mind if I'm not entitled for the refund - just like what was mentioned in their return policy. My feedback was genuinely to let them know there is possibility they're not getting authentic item from their respective supplier. This time, I think they got the message and responded well to this and promised they will send someone to take a look into this matter and have the item checked, if possible.

In the beginning, I still wasn't very confident - I admit I am skeptic about the situation until this morning when I check my account I saw this.

Well, I guess they meant what they said, and that's something I'd appreciate. So, we'll see how things will go after this.

Being a regular online shopper, I know how important it is for a online shopping service to have a good customer service that respond quickly to their buyer. Even though they kinda disappointed me in the first place, they did apologize and try to correct things, and I believe they deserve a second chance. 

Will update more on the issue, inshaAllah. :-)

p.s : I think it's something great that some vendor in Jordan really care about what their customer have to say about them outside of their suggestion box. In 2009 I got a pizza re-made because I posted the picture on my blog and the owner was not satisfied about it. Salute!


SuMaiYaH said...

Malaysia? Zzzz ~

Noorul said...

bagus2... itulah kuasa suara pengguna... and respect buat markavip sbb dia bagi refund after kena complain .. hahaha isn't the ealier they take the responsible the better?