Saturday, June 16, 2012

muhasabah : how the internet ruins your future with your past

you see, the problem with our people is that they are not that forgiving. they forget your kindness and good deed, but they remember your sin forever. Which is why, you should not, one, share your sin on your facebook profile, two, share other people's sin. 

you could repent, and God might have forgiven you, but people around you, unfortunately LOVE to talk about your past. and Malays, we don't do well with accepting that people changed - it's either you're prententious or you're up to something. why why why???

when you see someone good, people will come up to you and say, "tapi dia tu dulu...". dulu is dulu la...sekarang bukak buku baru. dosa dia dengan Tuhan, bukan urusan kita nak masuk campur. mudah-mudahan taubatnya Allah terima, dia bersih macam baby baru lahir. kita?

kadang-kadang takut kan mengenangkan habit suka bercakap pasal orang. I honestly think it's very difficult to have self-control, but kita sama-sama cuba, inshaAllah... yang penting, kita jangan biasakan bukak aib orang, kita kenangkan je la yang "Kalau kita tutup aib orang, Allah tutup aib kita". and I believe, we all have the need for that. for Allah to cover our wrongdoing and stuff.

anyhow, alhamdulillah, because more and more people are accepting the fact that people DO change for better. so, kesimpulannya, kita jangan buka ruang untuk orang sebarkan aib kita, kita pun tak perlu buka aib orang.. ada orang, suka share dosa di facebook - i swear i've encountered a few - no need! kita bukan macam agama yang kena buat pengakuan depan orang lain, baru Allah terima taubat kita. you go direct to Him la.. i don't have to know about your sin, orang lain pun tak perlu tahu.

pernah tak kita fikir, benda-benda kita post kat facebook, satu hari nanti bila kita patah balik, kita menyesal that those thing even go up on our facebook page... sebab tu, always THINK before you post. and kalau benda-benda tunjuk dosa orang tu, tak payah rajin sangat nak share.. esok-esok orang tu bertaubat, kesian dia sebab kita dah jaja cerita dia, and we both agree kan orang kita ni doesn't forgive and forget. 

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