Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my 1st postcard

okay. I AM A HUGE FAN of postsecret - this is not a secret.

exam is on saturday - please pray for me.

i read sunday secrets like - every week ( they do come out once a week)

it is just great to see what everyone else in this world had in mind.

i made mine, but i dont plan on mailing. i'm building a collection of postcards.

do comment on this. basically it's a typical thing u see on PSC tho.


paie said...

one dah pndai buat postcard skrg..haha
but i luv those words on juz naturally u...i tot soo..

one said...

huhu....thanx paie.

it is something from inside tho.

qisti said...

dan aku ingt aku sorang je yg bace postsecret tiap2 mggu.
poskad ko cantek. kata2 pn cantek. hehe.

ps: rupenye org2 yg send poskad kt sane tu bsemangat buat ye.

milimilo said...

yeah..seronok bace secret org dkt post secret tuh..ade yg menarik hehe..postcard ko cumel ok :D

one said...

lols. good to know there's more people i know who read postsecret. haha.

i wont post my secret here tho. nanti kantoi la kan.

@m|eN said...

one!!! =P

good luck and all the best for the exams.
i have mine too.
its mid-term.

one said...


good luck to u too.

sempliciotto said...

i see.
never knew of it b4

All da best for the exams! la3allahu yusahhil 3alak :)