Sunday, April 26, 2009

saye tidak auta~

auta : menurut kamus hidup aku adalah perlakuan kelentong ataupun perlakuan-perlakuan yang ada muslihat mendapatkan sesuatu yang dihajati.

aku rasa x ramai pun tahu perkataan auta nih. tapi, aku dari kecik lagi dah dengar auta2 seme nih... sebab i was nounced the "budak banyak auta".

setiap hari, syukuri setiap nikmat yang kau perolehi.

aku dikurniakan parents yang knows me too well. waaaaaaay too well.

my teeth aches so badly, so i called and tell abah n mama. and somehow i can feel they must think this is an auta - because i said i wanna go back this holiday to extract the teeth surgically in malaysia. so i called again few hours later.

"ma, mesti mama ingat ikah auta kan."

"haha...haha... mama tak kata...abah yang kata..."

"abah...abah cakap ikah auta eh..."

"eleh..anak abah...dari kecik lagi abah dah tau...kenal sangat..."

"ni bukan auta la bah... betul2 ni sakit gigi...doktor pun ckp sakit ni"

my 1st auta, as told by abah is on my very 1st day in the world. born c-sec due to fetal distress, i was placed with other babies, under the purple light away from mama. and according to sources i was crying like hell so they have to call mama to come over, and i would be tersedu-sedan. ( so that when mama walk away i can be super ready to scream.)lol. then they move me to be with mama in her room.

and of course, followed by many other tricks. and i never win everytime i do reverse psychology. cause abah n mama is always ahead.

to make things worse, even my other siblings can detect this. kakak used to say, "heiiii...kamu ni...dahsyat! akal banyak sangat" or along, " hoh...ikah tu..kelentong la tu..." angah sometimes would say the same, "ye la tu...kamu tu auta kuat"

kakak i love u. she posted me CDs of upin-ipin for my birthday + 10gm vicks. yeay. thanks. and will be postin more CDs. last year she posted me games. gosh, i love you

few days before, i lost my tumbler biru bertutup pink. (now,located in exora) it was hers. she was packing and i saw the tumblers, and i was like, "cantiknyeee...nak satu" and she was like, "ambikla," and being her only sister i go, " tapi, kalau biru ni tutup pink lg cantik ni" and she was "tapi...akak kumpul ni...x cantik la tukar2 penutup," and again, me being an ungrateful sister, "ala...kakak beli la lain..." and she gave it to me. just like that. kakak, im so sorry and thanks for loving me.

my sister is my ultimate bestfriend. i like everything she likes. and must have everything she has. (well, this was back when im a tiny little girl) and i told her, how much i adore her. the thing is, elder sister, they usually feel annoyed by us - the young ones. because we always want what you have. the thing is, it is not bacause we want to mess with your life. WE THINK U'RE COOL! that's why!

she's gonna be a mom soon, in few weeks time. and i'm praying hard for her to be safe and to deliver a healthy baby inshaAllah.

p/s: muaz somehow, kuat auta jugak. hopefully kakak's baby will join my club as well. maksu is opening the all new AUTA club.

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