Monday, April 27, 2009

postcards to fly

i recently joined a postcards exchanging community. so these are among the earliest postcards of mine, slightly blurred cuz i already cover them with some plastic -so that there'll be no smudges- enjoy! (though the images are not really that clear) AM NOT planning for anymore postcards until my spring break - unless i really need to make one. weee~

destination : USA

image : credits to nia lamka ajerrrr (sounding a lot javanese), very blurry - when i print + even worse during the scanning

wording : inspired while walking around my housing area
p/s: dedicated to all my friends, as well. and people who had to face lotsa exam
this is flying to Japan as direct swaps - meaning not via the post-crossing system.

image : from flickr, originally black and white, again - it's the scanning that makes it sepia

wording - i just like it, so i put it on.

this postcard is flying Finland to a retired educator.

wording : may be interpreted differently by different people

image : i just wanna be a minimalist and simple. and use less ink. lols


paie said...

wey!nk postcard satu! hahah..bestnyer...
ak pon nk buat la! weee~

sempliciotto said...

rajinnya awak huhu. fly to irbid too boleh? :D

one_munawwarah said...

fly to irbid, by request...ngeh3