Thursday, April 30, 2009

if you feel what i feel

okay, it's been a long day. assalamualaikum all.

woke up this morning, went to new apartment and get ready for furniture shopping. super exhausting...and then we have to wait for the 5azzane to be put on. i even got myself a new place to store summaries for this semester. lol. my room was already paint pink. i intended to paint my room white and make some black stensil, but i dont think i'd do it in the nearest time. hell i can't wait to move out... hahahah... (not that i dont like the current CSI- i love it! because it is reaaaaaly near to zamzam and we somehow think the place is safe)

anyway. what i'm trying to say tonight is about what i feel after the boycott. well, honestly, the boycott had been an issue to us (the CSIs) simply because we eat out A LOT... we might go like the least of twice a weeks. or even more cuz there were times when we even had lunch outside... hahah... we love food! and it just get worse during the "moving-to-new-apartment" period. lols. sometimes, i crave for mcFlurry (this is before i can make my own, tho) and would tell the girls "can't we just go and buy mcFlurry...just mcFlurry" and i thank God that at this kind of moment i have friends who would say, "tak boleh tiqah...sabar..."

and sometimes other girls would feel the same too. una n dijah likes pizza hut, sometimes ain wants McD. and me, i sometimes miss my double cheese burger and sometimes i miss the aroma of pizza hut's pizza.-i really do-
sometimes we tell each other , "we can't answer to Allah - I only buy mc Flurry, so basically I contributed in a very little portion" haha. sounds funny to laugh at, but this kind of talk made u cancel any intention to dine in boycott hangouts-look at new McD - luring!

our biggest challenge was pepsi. because they were sell like -EVERYWHERE- you can run but you can't hide from it. for pizza hut, we have italian pizza or sbarro to replace it. but pepsi...? yeay we have ugarit. but it was susah like hell to find ugarit. but i located ugarit in abu ain supermarket -so i never miss ugarit when i go to abu ain- and also sometimes ghazzawi supermarket have them. in unfortunately, when u go to diners like italian pizza they dont have much choices for beverages. so, WE BUY UGARIT AND TAKE IT TO THE DINERS. haha. haha.

i thank ALLAH for the boycott, we can even make our own mashed potato - will upload recipes soon! and mcFlurry oreo. gosh, life is sooooo much better since that. no more "impossible-to-satisfy-crave" we can do it, YES WE CAN!!! were all burnt out, and have no idea where to go for food. and it is sooooo annoying that evertime we wanna go out we would be stuck with the ultimate Qs "WHERE ARE WE GONNA EAT TONITE???" because, you can't exceed twice a week to italian's pizza. so tonite we decided TASTY CORNER. heck, it was closed. so, let's try golden spoon - we made fun of it from the very 1st day we saw the place. haha.

so, i order double cheese and the guy over the counter suggested i try Golden Special (it's golden spoon, so all menu starts with golden..???) "It's like double cheese but with special sauce" . i agreed. golden spoon was not bad at all. they serve the burgers like hardeez -in that black basket, the sandwiches tasted good. and if u don't want pepsi, u can tell them, u don't want pepsi. i mean, u can opt not to take pepsi in your meal. cool huh?

so. here i come with this thought about arabs. they are waaaay in front in some aspects. i dont wanna talk about education fiels, tho i think they're better, i had no idea what's going on in malaysian educational development. so, 5allihaa. but when it comes to business, they are way better than MALAYS in general. they are open for competition. they work hard, tho they sleep on fridays. (erkh?)

they have places that can compete with american franchise. did i ever mention they have donuts houses whose signs are almost 90% similar to dunkin's? yep they do. i enjoy gloria donuts or donut house company. they're just amazing. and you dont have to go to baskin robbins to have blueberry cheese ice-cream. to make things even better, their people are very supportive. people actually do go to places like mango, golden spoon or simsimah fried chicken (we never been in simsimah FC tho, or mango) it's like seeing people going to KLG = people in KFC. seriously. exceptional case for chic KING which is now closed.

so, what is our problem in Malaysia.

numero uno - we are not supportive.
#2 - vendors think of this too much. "people won't come to my restaurant" - you're actually attracting this forces. so, it is now made true - people wont come!
#3 - we're too afraid to kick-start something like gloria donuts or golden spoon. we dont want people to laugh at us because, we're somehow being a copycat. CRAP!!!! if u dreamed of opening a fastfood chain, now is the time. they're many people out there like the CSIs. ou fav's need to be boycott. we need new place to eat...!!!

i'm sleepy. nitey!

p/s: we're going through rough times to boycott. we're like little children whom had been told to stop hisap botol. if you're feeling the same - think of it as a JIHAD. works all the time.

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