Saturday, July 9, 2011

just because a blogger seems/sounds smart...

...doesn't mean you can take his/her word 100%.

It's year 2011. We have every single medium available to access information be it news or academic article. The thing is with our youth, we tend to go to sites/blogs of famous people, whom we consider as an example (to some extent - idol) and we live to that particular person stand and perceive things from his/her POV.

Obviously, this is not healthy.

We have all too many source of information. What makes our stand different is the way we perceive the information, and we definitely are going to see things we wanted to see and believe, and that's that. For me, the best way to build the way of perceiving things is through reading neutral articles of the academics and scholars, then build our perception and stand from there. Then we observe the real situation and analyze which is which. Simple.

But never start with tendency to any particular side, because that is never healthy. Ikut-ikutan, is never healthy. Kita mesti kena tahu what's the rational and of course the reason for doing/supporting something. If you don't know the purpose of doing something, then don't do it. And this is the way we keep our high standard and not be lured to the filthy low stage of other people. We know what we want to do, and why we are doing it. :-)

All I'm trying to say in this post is that everyone should have a stand. Don't simply agree with others, or do anything without research. This is the era where all the resources is one click away. Don't waste it. You pay a lot of money for great internet connection. Use it wise.

Malaysians should be proud. We've proven we're finally 1Malaysia today.

p/s : I think, people who thinks Malays are being used by other race, is purely racist and absolutely paranoid.


Aswadsky said...

I also have a problem seeing people "follow blindly" without looking at both pros and cons, left and right of the situation.

we are humans, we are created to always think and bandingkan..even dalam Al-Qur'an, Allah has asked us to always compare ourselves with the kafirrun..and see the wonders of Islam. ;)

nice post!

kueh bakar said...

dalam demokrasi itulah lemahnya..

undi itu power. tapi orang bodoh lagi ramai dari orang cerdik.

hehe.ada jugak sebaris kuning.

Maicher said...

oh man.. u have no idea how much in love i am with your comment on mr. K post about bersih.

that brings me here.

well,i'm at your side.

and heyt, i like your p/s. people who thinks malays are being used by other race, is purely racist and absolutely paranoid.

i like it berry multi berry much kot!

go! go!

one_munawwarah said...

@Nafeesa : thank you for sharing your thought with us. think. think. think, itulah kate kuncinye kan?

@Kueh bakar : sebaris je mampu..haha

@Maicher : well, other comments on that particular post inspired this entry. :-) thank u for dropping by