Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Running With Nike+ : Part One

It's been almost a month since I've been running with Nike+ Pegasus 27 and perhaps 3 weeks running with the Nike+ SportBand. Exhilarating. The only word to describe my feeling after every run. 

I have been asking along to but me the shoes and the sportband since last year, and the deal was made, it was an almost impossible to achieve, but being along, all that matters is the effort, not the result. So, according to my effort, all I'm entitled to is the SportBand. The shoes on the other hand - I'ma have to pay him back when I get my allowance. Good enough for me. So I dragged him to Nike outlet in ipoh parade as soon as he came back and get the shoes. a week later, he took me to MidValley Nike for the sportband sebab ipoh dah tak ada stok. 

My AdiCool by Adidas running shoes of three years age are undeniably more comfortable. I've never owned a pair of nike shoes before, but for the sake of tracking-make-easy I bought it anyway. I don't spend much on my clothes, bags or gadgets, but shoes is something I'd invest on. It has never disappoint me before, and last quite long. Well, obviously 3 years because I dont use them to run. haha. Pegasus is good for trail, and road and of course treadmill. So, good if you want to join marathon as well. Fit, Flexible and Cushioning. what else I would ask for from a running shoes.

Masa mula-mula tu, my aim was just to have nike+ shoes so that I can track my workout, more inspired to lebih rajin berlari, lose more weight? But that doesn't last long. I haven't lost much weight, and I don't think about them as much nowadays. All I want to do is run further, run faster, and perhaps win some challenges. The weight will come off sooner or later.

Let's take a look at

track all my runs

Inspired to beat myself each time

Achieve my goals :-)

and you can also join challenges... so far tangga corot-corot lagi i ni... ye lah bukan hari-hari pegi jogging kan... and there's this coach program, and I started with "walk to run". 1.25 km sehari je sepatutnya, but since I went with abah - we'll talk about it in part two - kalau buat 1.25 je mau kena tinggal je kat padang polo tu. haha. letak goal 30km for a month pun abah was like, "hek eleh..." je kan.. so others i'm going to finish is to run at 9'00" pace - which I managed to do today, yeay me!!! and complete few more runs to run at least 10 times in a month.

My achievement is not something I can brag about, but I'm feeling great because running is no longer as hard as they used to be when I first started running again. I stopped running in 2007, run again 2009, terjatuh, injured dan never run outdoor ever since. Hopefully I will lead a healthier life after this. :-) The thing about running is that, I get to feel good about myself for things I do, not for things I own. and God knows how liberating that feels.

I learn to eat healthily. When you start running you need fuel. And I've learnt I need healthy food, junk food, fast food will never be good fuel for me. And I drink plenty of water - something you don't see me doing, unless I have a sore throat.I eat A LOT. but thank God abah change our rice to mixed brown rice. so, takdelah guilty sangat makan nasi. One day, at the end of my run, rasa naaaaak sangat minum pepsi. haaaa... But I told myself, "kau dah lari penat-penat ni, free-free kau nak minum pepsi???". tak jadi terus. 

Harap-harap berkekalan lah semangat nak berlari ni... I started reading about running and learnt some new things. Along tell me after some time, I should start training for my first 5k, then my first half-marathon, of course it's a long way to go. But i'm looking forward for that :-)

Ok lah. So next in Part Two : Abah, The Best Running Partner

oh ye. finally.
 yellow sportband tajaan along

Dah sebulan...kasut pun comot-comot....


kueh bakar said...

teringat citer tomhanks....

nike-just do it.
adidas-imposible is nothing

Amin Jamil said...

Jeles ah. Haha

Btw don't wait to start running in events. 5k will make u feel much better as a starting. Running in a large crowds would be much easier, thus u'll find 5k is actually pretty fine.

Start joining events now.

one_munawwarah said...

amin : no events nearby in the nearest time... maklumlah dah dekat2 puasa...