Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pelik Tapi Benar

I didn't write anything regarding the recent Bersih 2.0 Rally. I didn't get to go neither. We just follow the updates at home, I purposely start a twitter account so I could follow the updates more efficiently. Of all videos about the historical event for the nation, this is the one I'd put here on my blog, in case people haven't seen them.

when i was a little girl, I think the federal reserved unit were awesome. i know they protect us from the bad people. but today, I'm just disgusted. and I totally don't get it, and neither can I accept how shallow it is for people to say, "Polis dah kata jangan buat, memang padan lah kena macam tu". Like, seriously? Are you even human when you make such comments?

No one deserves to be treated like that. This is just embarrassing. And it doesn't make sense when you say, "Korang nak negara luar tahu ke negara kita ni macam ni? Pelancong takut nak datang, harga barang naik sebab ekonomi negara tak stabil, aku taknak negara kita kena jajah." hello.. The most contributing factor that causes foreign investors to hesitate to invest in our country is the corruption index. Please do some research on what's our country corruption index. How would a one-day event scares all the tourist away? Those people from developed countries are of first-class minds, they know how to analyze thing and see what's really going on, and that there's no need to panic over it.

We are well informed on how other countries treated peaceful rally, but our country choose to go with what we can see from the previous video. Then when we say, it's normal to have peaceful rally overseas. There will be people who says "Dekat sana memanglah...buat apa kita nak ikut sangat negara luar tu..." Now, this one is weird tau. We want to follow the western countries in almost everything, apa saja gameshow dia, semua kita nak ikut, style dia, music dia, movies dia, and when it comes to the part they respect people's right, kita kata buat apa nak ikut? Kita ni pelik ke ape?

orang kata kita tak bersyukur. but do u guys even know what are u being grateful for? the fact that the country is so corrupted? that our children's education is jeopardized? that we're denied a clean election? that our mainstream media is bullshitting on our face 24/7? people wants to bring change for a better future. if you don't want to, at least don't bring them down. well, not that they're gonna be affected by you anyway. and as for me, i just want to create awareness. 

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Hazirah Mustaffa Kamal said...

thank you for writing this post and choose not to be silent