Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tips perantau #2 : doing laundry

okay, i seriously need to jot down my thoughts whenever i'm having them because this morning i have an idea on what to write, but when i got home i went totally blank! urghhh.

so, i did this post earlier and set it on auto publish =)

one weird thing i tried and proven to work recently is removing oil stain effectively from your clothes. one day i was preparing dinner and the oil splashed on my favorite PJs and guess what I did - I wash them with the dish detergent. is that what is it called. i meant sabun basuh pinggan. and as if nothing ever happens. hihi

FOR OIL STAIN ON YOUR CLOTHES : PRE-WASH THEM WITH SABUN BASUH PINGGAN, they work on the dishes, why not on out clothes kan! 

so, kalau balik dari gotong royong kenduri  tu, baju gets dirty, boleh lah cuba ya.

in winter, I prefer doing my laundry with shower gel. for two reasons, because I like the matching scents and they clean perfectly. Plus, they don't make my baju too soapy, they clean better than normal detergent, and doesn't clog my washing machine. and you know in winter kadang-kadang baju susah nak kering and they have this disturbing smell, well - DOESN'T happen with shower gels. hee hee. and there's no need for fabric softener afterwards.

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